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Although there were no Colaine stores in City F, Colaine medicines were on shelves of many big pharmacies in every major city.

“I will,” Yu Mixi said.

Other female staff members remembered it as well, and they decided to buy Colaine medicine for menstrual cramps too.

They subconsciously believed that the Colaine medicine recommended by Gu Ning was very effective.

Within a minute, the pain went away and Yu Mixi went back to normal and her face became ruddy.

“You can have a rest and Ill have a tour outside.

We can go to meet the others together when you are done,” Gu Ning said to Yu Mixi.

“Sure.” Yu Mixi nodded.

Afterwards, Gu Ning walked out.

Once she was gone, the staff in the finance department all surrounded Yu Mixi and asked about their relationship.

Yu Mixi hesitated for a while, then told them that she and Gu Ning were classmates and both of them had just written the National College Entrance Examination this year.

Nobody believed that Gu Ning was able to become a director of Shenghua Real Estate on her own, so they all believed that Gu Nings family must be very rich.

They also asked Yu Mixi for Gu Nings total score in the exam.

When Yu Mixi told them that Gu Ning got the highest total score around the country this year, everyone was shocked.

In case that they didnt believe it, Yu Mixi told them to check it on the Internet.

Several people ran to search for the news at once.

However, they got to know more shocking information about Gu Ning on the Internet.

Gu Ning wasnt only the top scorer with a full score this year, but also had billions of yuan in wealth.

And she was only 19!

Actually, they had heard of some of Gu Nings companies before, but they didnt pay much attention to them.

Now it turned out that the owner of those companies was a 19-year-old girl!

The girl was also a director of their company.

“OMG!” A female staffer exclaimed in shock.

Right at this moment, their finance manager walked inside.

“What are you doing Its work time so you shouldnt waste time on gossiping!” He snapped at them.

“You should have a look!” A staff member waved his hand towards their finance manager.

Their finance manager was a very kind man, and they got along well.

“Whats wrong” He walked over at once.

“Read the news yourself!” A staffer pointed at the screen of his computer.

After reading the news, the finance controller was shocked too.

“I thought that she was just a director of our company, but it turns out that she has many other companies under her name!” another staffer said with excitement.

“What Shes a director of our company” The finance manager rounded his eyes in shock.

Other junior staffers might not know it, but he knew that there were only two directors in Shenghua Real Estate.

Gu Ning was the chairwoman of Shenghua Real Estate!

He wouldnt believe it if someone told him that earlier on, but now, after knowing that Gu Ning actually had many other successful companies under her name, he had to accept it.

However, he was still amazed by the truth, because Gu Ning was too young in his eyes.

Yu Mixi was also surprised when she heard their discussion, and she understood why Gu Ning arranged for her to have the internship in Shenghua Real Estate.

Gu Ning already had many businesses under her name, so it wasnt very shocking that she was also a director of Shenghua Real Estate.

However, she still didnt know that Gu Ning was the owner of Shenghua Real Estate now.

“Well, she just came here,” a staffer suddenly said.

“Where is she right now” the finance controller asked.

“No idea, she said that she would have a tour outside, and…” The staffer turned to point at Yu Mixi.

“Shes Yu Mixis classmate, and theyll be leaving together later.”

They were all envious of Yu Mixi now.

If Gu Ning was her friend, she could have much support and help from Gu Ning.

They also realized that it was Gu Nings arrangement that allowed Yu Mixi to work as an intern in their company.

The finance manager stared at Yu Mixi with surprise.

He thought that Yu Mixi might be the daughter of An Guangyaos friend, but it turned out that she was Gu Nings friend.

Gu Ning was obviously more successful than An Guangyao.

Yu Mixi felt a little uneasy when so many people were looking at her.

“Is Gu Ning a director of Shenghua Real Estate” the finance manager asked Yu Mixi.

If Gu Ning was really the other director of Shenghua Real Estate, she must be the chairwoman.

“I-I just found out from their discussion,” Yu Mixi said with sincerity.

Hearing that, the finance manager looked confused.

“Oh, I just stopped her when she walked inside, and she showed me her director certificate,” a staff member said.

The finance manager was now very sure that Gu Ning was the chairwoman of Shenghua Real Estate, because other than An Guangyao, the other director was the owner of Shenghua Real Estate.

Unexpectedly, their real boss was a young girl!

“Alright, go back to your work now!” The finance manager urged them to work, then walked back to his own office to digest this piece of shocking news.


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