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Although Gu Ning never got along with Lin Lijuan, Lin Lijuan was mentally ill now and Gu Ning didnt want to see her being bullied in public.

Therefore, Gu Ning told the taxi driver to stop the car and she paid him the fee and got out of the car.


“Stop it, now!” Gu Ning snapped at the two naughty kids.


The two naughty kids were scared by Gu Nings angry tone and cried loudly.


“What are you doing My kids are scared by you!” A woman was mad and shouted at Gu Ning.


Gu Ning turned to coldly look at her.

“Your kids are throwing trash at this woman, and you dont stop them, instead you support them to do it”


The woman felt a little embarrassed, but didnt think that it was a big deal.

“So what Theyre just kids, and they wont hurt her.”


“Right, kids arent strong anyway.”


“Can kids bully others as they want”


“Kids should be educated to behave themselves too!”


Other people stood by and expressed their opinions.


Gu Ning said, “Youre a mother with bad manners, its no wonder your kids are so rude.

If you dont think their behavior is bad, can I do the same thing to you”


“How can you say that Its none of your business what my kids are doing!” The woman was angry.


“Your kids are throwing rubbish to my aunt, so it is my business to stop them! To be honest with you, my aunt is mentally ill, but that doesnt mean that you can bully her,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt mind admitting her relationship with Lin Lijuan.


“You…” The woman didnt know what to say.


Right at this moment, a naughty kid was about to throw another marble at Lin Lijuan.


Gu Ning noticed it, but she couldnt beat a kid, so she pulled the kids mother to protect Lin Lijuan from being hit.

The next second, the marble ball hit the womans eyes, and she shouted from the pain.


“How do you feel now Dont you think its not a big deal You were hit by your own son,” Gu Ning mocked.


Other people all laughed at the woman.


“You…” The woman was ablaze with fury.

“How dare you pull me over to protect her”


“How dare your son throw trash to my aunt” Gu Ning said.


“My kids didnt hurt you!” The woman didnt think that Gu Ning should be involved because her kids only hurt Lin Lijuan.

She was unkind and stupid.


“Fine, you can let your kids continue to do that, but theyll end up in jail one day,” Gu Ning said.

She hated naughty kids, but naughty kids mothers were even more hateful.

Kids werent dumb, they were simply spoiled by their parents.


In other words, naughty kids needed to learn a lesson to behave themselves.


“How dare you curse my kids!” The woman pointed a finger at Gu Ning in great anger.


With a loud sound, Gu Ning slapped her hand away.

She hated it when unkind people pointed their fingers at her.

“Dont point your finger at me.”


“Youre a bi*ch!” The woman went crazy, and wanted to slap Gu Ning.


However, the moment she approached Gu Ning, Gu Ning caught her hand and she wasnt able to escape at all.

“Let me go.

Let me go!”


Other people were also shocked by Gu Nings strength.


“Mom, mom!” The two naughty kids burst into tears when they saw that their mother was caught by a stranger.


Gu Ning coldly warned the woman.

“If you dare to cause trouble again, Ill call the police.” Afterwards, she let the woman go.

In fact, if the woman didnt have two kids, Gu Ning wouldnt let her go so easily.


The woman was terrified by Gu Nings sudden movement, and had to listen to her.

Even though she was unwilling to give it up, she still took her kids and left in a hurry.


“This woman is so rude and lacks manners.”


“Her kids are as rude as her.”


“I think her kids might really break the law in the future if she doesnt teach them to behave.”


“Right, if kids are used to causing trouble when they are young, they might commit serious crimes when they grow older.”


“I agree.”


“Its not easy to be parents.”




People continued talking about them when they were gone.



Gu Ning relaxed after seeing that Lin Lijuan was fine.

She called Gu Qing at once and told her that she encountered Lin Lijuan outside the shopping mall.


Because Gu Ning didnt have Gu Qinxiangs phone number, she could only call Gu Qing.


In five minutes, Gu Qing came and on her way, she gave Gu Qinxiang a call.


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