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“Im not showing off my ability, because all the evidence is collected by one of my subordinates.

I alone am not able to unseat Chang Bingjian, and I simply provided his enemies in politics with clear evidence.

All in all, you dont need to be worried, everything will be fine,” Gu Ning said.

Knowing that, everyone was shocked.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning was able to unseat a member of the Chang family in the capital.

She was right.

No one dared to defend Zhao Hongwen in front of solid evidence, unless he wanted to be in trouble as well.

The powerful figure behind Zhao Hongwens back couldnt be an idiot.

“Wow, boss, youre so amazing!” Qin Zixuns eyes lit up with excitement.

He admired Gu Ning more than ever now.

Gu Ning smiled and said nothing.

“There are too many corrupt officials, and I wish they could all be put in jail,” Qin Zixun said.

It wasnt a bad idea, but was too naive in todays society.

Qin Zixun also understood that it was impossible, and it was only his wish.

“There are too many corrupt officials in this world, and theyll never become extinct.

We cant save the whole world, but we can behave ourselves.

Whenever you need my help in the future, feel free to tell me and Ill spare no effort to help you as long as its legal,” Gu Ning said to Qin Zixun.

She cherished Qin Zixun, Chu Peihan, and her other close friends, and she was willing to help them without asking for anything in return.

Hearing that, Qin Zixun felt touched and tears welled up in his eyes.

Thanks to Gu Ning, his father was able to get rid of this big trouble.

Although his father was still under the polices control now, he believed that his father would be released sooner or later.

If they relied on the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to discover the truth and enough evidence, it might take a very long time, but luckily, Gu Ning also had the criminal evidence of his fathers enemies in politics, so his fathers enemies would be punished.

Qin Zixun was cheered up upon thinking that.

The other members of his family were also touched by Gu Nings words.

Gu Ning interrupted them in case they suddenly started crying.

“Alright, its not early now, so I think we should enjoy our dinner.”

The others didnt realize that Gu Ning was still hungry until she said that.

“Right, we should eat first!” Mrs.

Qin said.

They were too worried about Qin Haozhis safety just then, and totally forgot to eat, but since they were aware that Qin Haozhi would be fine now, they regained their appetite.

Right at the same time, Chu Peihan and Qin Zixuns other good friends learned about what had happened to his family.

They asked Qin Zixun and Gu Ning about the current situation in the WeChat group.

They knew that Gu Ning was reliable, but they were still concerned because Qin Zixun was their good friend.

Qin Zixun didnt see the message until he finished dinner.

He told them that everything was fine with Gu Nings help, and his father was innocent, but he didnt tell them more details, because this case was still ongoing.

Even if he wanted to share more information with them, he had to wait when it was settled.

After reading Qin Zixuns reply, his friends were relieved.

Gu Ning left Qin Zixuns home later, and said that she would come to visit them tomorrow morning.

Qin Zixun wanted to drive Gu Ning home, but Gu Ning declined, so he didnt insist.

Shortly after Gu Ning left, Qin Yiqing and her husband came.

Because they werent in the city today, they werent able to come back when they heard what happened to Qin Haozhi.

“Father, hows my uncle now” Qin Yiqing asked with concern once she arrived.

“Relax, your uncle is fine, and hell be released in a few days,” Qin Haozheng said.

“The man who schemed against your uncle will be put in jail instead.”

“Really” Qin Yiqings face lit up at once.

Qin Yiqings husband asked, “Who schemed against uncle”

“Shen Guangli, one of your uncles friends.

He was transferred here from City D to be the deputy director of the National Railway Administration not long ago and his supporter is Zhao Hongwen,” Qin Haozheng said.

“What Zhao Hongwen” Both Qin Yiqing and her husband were surprised.

They were aware of the long-standing grudge between Qin Haozhi and Zhao Hongwen, so they soon realized that it was revenge taken by Zhao Hongwen against Qin Haozhi.

“Well, since Zhao Hongwen was so easily exposed, hes too weak in politics,” Qin Yiqing said with disdain.

Although she knew that there must be someone else behind Zhao Hongwens back too, she knew little about politics.

Everyone knew that Zhao Hongwen had tried to scheme against Qin Haozhi once three years ago, but they didnt have clear evidence, so Zhao Hongwen got away with it.

This time, however, was different.

“Do you think the Qin family or the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will be able to find out who the mastermind is within such a short time” Qin Haozheng stared at Qin Yiqing.

He remembered what Qin Yiqing had done to Gu Ning before, and felt guilty because Gu Ning was very tolerant.

“Neither of them” Qin Yiqing sensed something unusual in Qin Haozhengs tone.


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