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Before they walked out, Gu Ning told Mrs.

Qin and Qin Yifan to keep it secret from Qin Haozheng and other people for the time being, in case they worried.

Although they already found the evidence, there could be more of it in their home.

Gu Ning called K later and told K the basic information about Shen Guangli, because she needed him to collect more useful information about Shen Guangli.

Qin Haozheng asked them whether they had found anything inappropriate in the study, they said no and Qin Haozheng felt relieved.

After that, they sat down in the living room to drink tea together.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was investigating into this case at this time, but they still wanted Gu Ning to help them discover the truth.

They werent sure whether the mastermind was Shen Guangli or other people behind his back.

It would take a while for them to discover the truth, but Gu Ning promised to do her best.

After a short while, someone rang the bell of Qin Haozhis home.

Two police cars stopped outside, and several people walked towards the door.

Qin Zixun went to open the door, and eight policemen walked inside.

Seeing the policemen, everyone was scared, and only Gu Ning stayed calm.

The leading policeman showed them his officer certificate and the search permit, then said, “We just received an order to search Qin Haozhis home for bribes, and we expect your cooperation.”


Qin got nervous again.

They just took out the evidence, and the police came the next second.

Qin Yifan also felt scared in retrospect, and thanked Gu Ning in his heart.

Because Qin Haozheng and the others werent aware of the evidence, they didnt have many reactions.

Qin Haozhi was the suspect now, so they couldnt stop the police from searching for bribes.

Two policemen were left in the living room, while the other policemen began to search the house.


Qin, Gu Ning, and Qin Yifan followed them.

They mainly searched the master bedroom and the study, especially the study.

Luckily, they had manners, and didnt throw stuff around when they were doing their job.

After searching around, they still didnt find any bribes.

At this time, a policeman wanted to check the safe and told Mrs.

Qin to open it.


Qin did what he told her to do, but the policemans face changed the second he failed to see what he was looking for.

He was told that there were three gold bars in a wooden box, but there was no wooden box!

Since the wooden box was absent, the police didnt have the evidence.

Without evidence, the police could do nothing about Qin Haozhi.

The police found nothing useful in Qin Haozhis home, and what Gu Ning worried about didnt happen either.

Because the mastermind was too confident, he didnt prepare a plan B.

Although the police had already found the file folder in Qin Haozhis office, Qin Haozhi insisted on saying that he was innocent, so the police had to come to get more evidence.

Qin Haozhi admitted that he told his secretary to take the file folder on his behalf, but it wasnt a bribe.

It was one of his friends stuff, and he took care of it for his friend.

He had no idea what was in the file folder.

In addition, if it was really a bribe, he wouldnt put it in his office.

And even if he wanted to accept a bribe, he wouldnt accept a house transferred from its owner.

He could directly accept a new house, which was safer.

Moreover, cash was better than a check if he wanted to accept money.

Undoubtedly, Shen Guangli was the person who told him to take care of the file folder.

Qin Haozhi thought that Shen Guangli would defend him when he was accused of accepting bribes, but Shen Guangli claimed that he knew nothing about it, which annoyed Qin Haozhi.

To Qin Haozhi astonishment, Shen Guangli denied the whole thing, so he realized that it must have been a trap set by Shen Guangli.

After realizing that, Qin Haozhi got more and more nervous, because he had just told Shen Guangli to help him exchange gold bars five days ago.

There might be a problem with the gold bars too.

Shen Guangli was his old friend and schoolmate in university.

They also kept in touch with each other throughout the years.

However, his old friend still betrayed him.

In fact, Shen Guangli indeed had a long friendship with Qin Haozhi, but he was also jealous of Qin Haozhi.

Qin Haozhi was always more noticeable than him when they were in the university and the workplace.

Shen Guangli couldnt accept it, and his jealousy got the better of him in the end.

Even though Qin Haozhi had helped Shen Guangli a lot in his life, he still returned kindness with ingratitude.

Qin Haozhi fell into his trap this time, but he had his connections in politics to help him out.

It wasnt easy for Shen Guangli to unseat him without solid evidence.

Yuan Jisong also stood out for Qin Haozhi this time.

Qin Haozhis argument was persuasive, so he wasnt punished yet.

However, the investigation was still going on, so he needed to wait for the final result.

Shen Guangli was involved in this case, so he was under investigation too.

Nevertheless, he wasnt afraid at all, because he had already found a scapegoat.

Therefore, he was able to stay free during the investigation, while Qin Haozhi was under the control of the police.


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