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After calling Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu, Master Leng gave a call to a man named Cai Qinghua.

“Leng, why are you calling me this early in the morning Do you still want that calligraphy from me Let me tell you what, no matter how much you pay, I wont sell it to you! Im very busy now, so you can end this call if you dont have anything important to talk to me about,” Cai Qinghua said.

Cai Qinghua wasnt as close to Master Leng as Master Xu and Jiang Zhongyu were, but he was an old friend of Master Leng too.

“Whatre you busy with” Master Leng asked.

“There is a student who has a full score in City F this year, and I need to invite her to have a meeting with me right away.

It has never happened before!” Cai Qinghua said with great excitement in his voice.

Cai Qinghua was the principal of the Capital University.

Actually, every principal of each prestigious university was attracted by Gu Nings total score of the exam.

Therefore, Cai Qinghua planned to see Gu Ning as soon as possible.

“Do you mean Gu Ning” Master Leng said with a smile on his lips.

“How do you know that” Cai Qinghua was surprised.

“Do you want her to study in your university” Master Leng asked on purpose.

“Of course!” Cai Qinghua said.

“If you sell that calligraphy to me, Ill help you get her into your university, or youll lose her,” Master Leng said in a threatening tone.

He was using Gu Ning to threaten Cai Qinghua.

Although Gu Nings dream university was precisely the Capital University and nobody could change her mind, Master Leng still purposely said that, trying to get the calligraphy from Cai Qinghua.

He knew that that calligraphy was very precious in Cai Qinghuas eyes, so he could only try it without a better idea.

Cai Qinghua got anxious.

“Leng, do you want to threaten that student Its unacceptable! The girl must have studied very hard in order to have a bright future, and you cant stop her from getting into the Capital University!”

“Its not clear whether shell choose the Capital University or not, and there are other highly prestigious universities in the capital as well,” Master Leng said with disdain.

“You…” Cai Qinghua was annoyed, because Master Leng was right.

There were other prestigious universities in the capital, so the top students still had choices.

“Wait a second, do you know the student very well” Cai Qinghua asked.

“Yes, shes my future grand daughter-in-law, so Ill tell her to study in another prestigious university in the capital if you dont sell the calligraphy to me,” Master Leng said with pride.

“What Gu Ning is your future grand daughter-in-law Are you kidding me” Cai Qinghua couldnt believe it.

Gu Ning was in City F, while the Leng family was in the capital, and Gu Ning was very young this year.

It was normal for a girl of 18 to have a boyfriend, but it was still unbelievable.

“Do you feel its hard to believe She called me early this morning and shared the good news with me,” Master Leng said.

“Believe it or not, Gu Ning is my grandsons girlfriend, and were already talking about their engagement.”

After that, Master Leng hung up the call before Cai Qinghua could say another word.

However, a few seconds later, his phone rang and the caller was Cai Qinghua.

Master Leng didnt answer it right away, and waited for another few seconds.

It torture for Cai Qinghua to wait during these seconds.

“What Didnt you refuse to believe it” Master Leng said.

“Is Gu Ning really your future grand daughter-in-law Is she really Shaotings girlfriend” Cai Qinghua asked.

“Right, do you want to learn more about her You can search her name on the Internet yourself.

Call me again when youve made your decision,” Master Leng said and hung up once more.

In order to get that calligraphy, Master Leng made full use of Gu Ning.

However, it wasnt a bad thing for Gu Ning, because Cai Qinghua would pay more attention to her because of his relationship with the Leng family.

Gu Ning was a student and a businesswoman, so she couldnt stay in their school every day.

Therefore, if she didnt have connections, it would be inconvenient for her to run her companies in the future, because although Gu Ning had indeed achieved a lot, the Capital University was a top university in their country.

Cai Qinghua immediately searched Gu Nings name on the Internet, and after reading the news about her, he was totally shocked.

He thought that Gu Ning was already unbelievable when she got the full score, but it turned out that she had done a lot of amazing things before.


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