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Gu Qinxiang went on to the bed, and got ready to sleep.

Lin Lijuan was upset.

“Honey, we havent made love in a long time.”

“Im exhausted.

Lets do it another day,” Gu Qinxiang said.

Lin Lijuan was annoyed.

She raised her voice in anger, “Gu Qinxiang, what do you mean Youve said that every time! Youre never active, but you always refuse to make love to me whenever I want.

Do you have a mistress behind my back Did you lose your sexual desire for me”

“Lin Lijuan, thats insane!” Gu Qinxiang was mad too.

Even if Lin Lijuan hit the point, it was impossible for him to admit it.

“I have to work and socialize all day.

Why do I do that I do that for you, and for the family! And you You shop, spending my money all day.

Have I ever criticized you for that You fail to teach Xiaoxiao well.

Have I blamed you for that What have you done ever since Xiaoxiao got in trouble I am the one who needs to go find a school for her! You dont make allowances for me, and even suspect me! Since you dont like our life now, I can quit.

Lets all die in hunger!”

Lin Lijuan was stunned, but they hadnt made love even once in a whole week, which was too unacceptable.

Lin Lijuan had her sexual needs too.

Gu Qinxiang, instead, ignored her, falling asleep.

Lin Lijuan was so mad that she didnt fall asleep until it was very late.

The next morning, Gu Qinxiang contacted the principal of the No.

1 High School in City F.

He wanted Xiaoxiao to transfer to that school.

Although Gu Xiaoxiaos score wasnt high on the list in No.

1 High school, it wasnt bad anyway.

If it hadnt been for the fact that No.

1 High School was far away from his home, Gu Qinxiang wouldnt have let Gu Xiaoxiao study in No.

3 High School.

Therefore, it shouldnt be hard for Gu Xiaoxiao to transfer, but unfortunately, what Gu Xiaoxiao had done went across the high schools in City F.

The principal of No.

1 High School declined Gu Xiaoxiaos request.

The No.

2 High School and No.

4 High School did the same thing.

Gu Qinxiang was so annoyed that he almost smashed his phone.

He didnt expect that the news would spread so fast and so far.

Someone did it on purpose to force Gu Xiaoxiao to leave City F.

Gu Ning.

It had to be Gu Ning.

Gu Qinxiang couldnt think of anyone else.

Although he didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to do it herself, Gu Nings friends had the ability to do so.

Nevertheless, it was Gu Xiaoxiaos fault after all, so Gu Qinxiang could only bear the result.

He also didnt dare to cause Gu Ning any trouble.

If Gu Ning called the police, Gu Xiaoxiao would be in a more dangerous situation.

In the end, Gu Qinxiang could only call Gu Qinyang.

He told Gu Qinyang to find a school for Gu Xiaoxiao in City G.

Gu Qinxiang didnt tell Gu Qinyang the real reason.

He only explained that Gu Xiaoxiao had a conflict with one of her schoolmates.

The student was from a powerful family, and Gu Qinxiang was worried about Gu Xiaoxiaos safety, so he decided to let Gu Xiaoxiao transfer to City G.

It wasnt hard for Gu Xiaoxiao to transfer because of her good score.

Most importantly, the school in City G didnt know about what Gu Xiaoxiao had done.

Gu Xiaoxiao herself was fine with the result, but Lin Lijuan felt reluctant to do so.

However, she had to face the reality that Gu Xiaoxiao couldnt study in any of the high schools in City F.

Lin Lijuan hated Gu Ning to the death, but she was also worried that Gu Ning would call the police, so she kept a distance from Gu Ning for now.

Gu Ning hadnt told Gu Man about it.

She didnt want to upset her mother.

In the afternoon, Gu Ning sent An Guangyao, Wu Guanzhongs landscape painting, The Pond and The People .

An Guangyao immediately put it in the safe for security.

After that, Gu Ning went to shop with Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi in the afternoon.

Tomorrow was Master Qins sixtieth birthday party.

They needed to prepare a formal dress for it.

Yu Mixi only had three thousand yuan.

She was on a tight budget, but she had made up her mind to spend all of her savings to buy a beautiful dress.

“I know a formal dress shop, which is suitable for us,” Chu Peihan said, once they walked inside the female clothes area.

Gu Ning and Yu Mixi agreed.

They followed Chu Peihan to get there.

“Miss Chu, Nice to meet you! Welcome to our shop!” A saleswoman walked ahead at once.

Gu Ning glanced around the shop.

Her eyes lit up.

It was a big shop which consisted of two areas.

One was full of luxurious gowns, while there were many relatively elegant dresses in another.

Those dresses in the second area were suitable for young girls to wear in a formal situation or in their daily life.

“How is it” Chu Peihan was proud to see that Gu Ning was satisfied.

“Very good,” Gu Ning complimented.

“Of course, my taste is always good,” Chu Peihan said.

“Come on and have a look.

No matter which piece you like, its on me.”

“No, no,” Yu Mixi refused.

She knew Chu Peihan was from a rich family, but she couldnt spend Chu Peihans money like that.

“I said yes.

Were close friends!” Chu Peihan said.

Yu Mixi then looked to Gu Ning.


We dont need to save money for her.

Time is limited.

Lets hurry up!” Gu Ning didnt think it was inappropriate at all.

Since Gu Ning agreed, Yu Mixi didnt insist any longer.

She went to pick one for herself.

Yu Mixi noticed a beautiful dress.

She took a look at the price tag, and was shocked.

It cost several thousand yuan!

She wanted to find a cheaper one, but failed.

There were even dresses at the price of a few dozen thousand yuan.

Yu Mixi was totally struck dumb.

Jesus, those dresses were so expensive!

“Um, Ningning, I think the dresses here are too expensive.

I…” Yu Mixi walked to Gu Ning.

She was timid.

“Dont worry.

Mixi, I understand that you dont like to spend money like that.

You probably will think were giving out alms, but please dont take it that way.

Were friends, and friends share good things,” Gu Ning comforted her.

“I know, but I…”

Yu Mixi didnt hate the rich.

She also didnt think that Gu Ning and Chu Peihan were giving out alms, but she was still self-abased.

She was the one who kept receiving good things from her friends without giving back, and she didnt feel comfortable about that.

“Hey, what youre talking about Come on and try some! We dont have much time to choose!” Chu Peihan walked out from a dressing room.

Seeing that Gu Ning and Yu Mixi were still in discussion, she reminded them to get down to business.


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