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Even though Peng Xinghao had almost made a full recovery, he made an excuse that he was still seriously injured and couldnt show up in order to show the gravity of this case.

If Peng Xinghao showed up fine at the court, Zeng Kai might be lightly sentenced.

Actually, if it hadnt been for Gu Nings help, Peng Xinghao might still be unconscious.

Therefore, Gu Nings arrangement was understandable.

Facing clear evidence of Zeng Kai committing the crime, he would be sentenced today.

In the end, he was sentenced to seven years in jail.

Peng Xinghao, at the same time, had a compensation of 1.2 million yuan.

Zeng Kais mother couldnt accept that her only son would be put in jail for seven years, so she cried at the court.

Zeng Lichang then told Liu Yue to take her out, in case her behavior caused them more trouble.

He was unwilling to accept the result too, but there was nothing they could do now.

Before the trial began, Zeng Lichang had a talk with his friend who worked in the court, trying to

lighten the gravity of the situation, but his friend told him that there was a more powerful figure behind the injured victim so they had to deal with this case according to the law.

As a result, Zeng Lichang had to face reality.

In the afternoon, Jiang Shuyuan stayed alone in Leng Shaojias ward.

Leng Shaojia moaned as usual and kept cursing the attacker.

She also blamed Master Leng because he didnt ask Gu Ning for the pill right away.

Jiang Shuyuan was also displeased, but she couldnt do anything about it.

In fact, Leng Shaojia still had the energy to criticize other people, which meant the pain wasnt very serious.

She simply lost her patience.

It was like a toothache, which wouldnt kill you nor damage your health, but it was annoying.

Although they listened to Master Leng on the surface, they still tried to find out who the attacker was, behind Master Lengs back.

The Jiang family wasnt comparable to the Leng family, but it wasnt weak either.

It was easy for them to investigate a person as long as he or she wasnt very important.

Gu Ning, however, wasnt simple at all, so the Jiang family failed to find out the truth.

Leng Shaojia kept cursing when her phone rang all of a sudden.

Once she saw Smiths name on the screen, her eyes lit up with excitement.

“Hey, how is it Did you succeed”

Because she had to stay in the hospital now, her other phone was left in her home.

Leng Shaojias words raised Jiang Shuyuans suspicions, but she said nothing because Leng Shaojia was talking on the phone.

Smith said, “Well, Im sorry to tell you a piece of bad news.

The killer is already dead and he was sentenced to death by his country because he attacked a senior officer in your country.”

“What” Leng Shaojia was shocked.

“Why” she asked without delay.

She knew nothing about the car accident in City B.

“A car accident happened at the road outside the airport in City B about a week ago.

A senior officer was sitting in a car at the scene,” Smith said.

He actually didnt know who the senior official was.

He read this news on the Internet, but there wasnt any more information about the senior officer.

Since it was a senior officer who was involved in the car accident, it couldnt be fake news.

Smith was actually confused about why the senior officer was attacked, because their target was Gu Ning.

Maybe it had been an accident

Leng Shaojia, however, got nervous.

She knew that Leng Shaoting had been to City B along with other important members of the Leng family about a week ago.

“Who is that senior officer” she asked right away.

“No idea, I cant find more information about him on the Internet in my country.

You should try it yourself,” Smith said.

Leng Shaojia hung up the call in a hurry and went to search for the news on the Internet.

“Shaojia, whats wrong” Jiang Shuyuan asked with concern, because it seemed to be something serious.

Leng Shaojia ignored Jiang Shuyuan and focused on her phone.

She typed several key words and pressed the search button.

The next second, she read many pieces of news about the car accident.

There was no need for her to read the content, because she already saw Gu Nings name in the headlines, which meant that Gu Ning had something to do with this car accident.

In that case, the senior officer could be Leng Shaoting.

The killer chose to take action at that key moment and he was caught!

Leng Shaojia felt scared.

She could only hope that the killer didnt betray her.

If Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting found out, she would be seriously punished.

Besides, she only told the killer to disable Gu Ning.

Why did he choose to hit her with a car Gu Ning could have been killed!

Thinking of that, Leng Shaojia trembled in fear.


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