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“Theyre so unbelievable that they could add Goddess Gu as their friend within such a short time!”

“Goddess Gu is my idol!”


Another game player later posted a video of Gu Ning fighting against a beast in the game, which attracted more compliments.

“Wow, Goddess Gus skills are so impressive.”

“Its so cool.”


“Is the role in the game really Goddess Gu”

“Of course, we even talked with each other by voice chatting.”


Leng Shaoming went to visit Leng Shaojia on Saturday, once he was back in the capital.

His heart ached for her after knowing what she had been through, but he also thought that she asked for it herself.

Leng Shaojia had a bad temper, and she had to learn to behave herself.

They had reminded her not to be so aggressive before, but she wouldnt listen.

If Leng Shaojia still couldnt change her attitude towards others, her future might be ruined by herself.

Leng Shaojia had been lying in the bed for two days, but her waist was as painful as always.

She kept moaning in pain, but the doctor failed to find the reason.

In the night, she relied on anesthetic to fall asleep, but it wasnt good for her body, so her family was very worried about her.

“No, its so painful!” Leng Shaojia complained.

“Why What should we do now The doctor said that shes fine, but shes moaning all day long.” Jiang Shuyuan felt heart-broken, seeing Leng Shaojias

miserable expression.

“Her waist is hurting, but the doctor cant tell why” Leng Shaoming felt it was strange.

“Should we transfer her to another hospital”

This hospital actually wasnt the best hospital in the capital, but it was the closest one to where Leng Shaojia got injured.

It was located in the city center, so it wasnt a bad hospital, but Leng Shaoming thought that it didnt mean that this hospital wouldnt make mistakes.

If they transferred Leng Shaojia to a better hospital, they might find out why her waist was always hurting.

Jiang Shuyuan thought about it, then agreed with Leng Shaoming.

“Great, we should go to another hospital for the medical exam,” Jiang Shuyuan said.

After that, Leng Shaojia was transferred to the best hospital in the capital.

Unfortunately, the doctor there still failed to find out why Leng Shaojia still had a painful waist.

Her waist looked totally fine on the medical equipment.

If they couldnt find out the reason, they didnt know how to treat Leng Shaojia.

As a result, the doctor could only advise Leng Shaojia to apply an ointment to the painful part of her waist to see whether it was effective.

Jiang Shuyuan and the others didnt know what else they could do now, so they listened to the doctor.

Because it was Saturday, Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi were back in the Leng familys house too, and they learned what had happened to Leng Shaojia.

Leng Shaoxun had no sympathy for Leng Shaojia.

Leng Shaoxi disliked Leng Shaojia as well.

Both of them believed that Leng Shaojia deserved it.

Leng Shaojia was too aggressive in her daily life, so she had to learn a lesson sooner or later.

In fact, she should have learned the lesson earlier on.

Although Leng Shaoxi was comparatively quieter and was always bullied by Leng Shaojia, it didnt mean that she was a coward.

Instead, she clearly remembered what Leng Shaojia had done to her, but she didnt dare to get revenge on Leng Shaojia.

Only Leng Shaoxun dared to act against Leng Shaojia.

Although Leng Shaoxi hated Leng Shaojia, she had no intention to hurt or kill her.

They were a family after all.

Yu Yin told them to visit Leng Shaojia when they were free.

Although Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi were unwilling to do that, they still had to visit Leng Shaojia to show their manners.

However, they didnt know that Leng Shaojia was already transferred to another hospital, so they didnt see her.

Leng Shaoxun was annoyed and called his mother at once.

Yu Yin told him to ask Jiang Shuyuan, but Leng Shaoxun refused, and since Leng Shaoxun refused to visit Leng Shaojia, Leng Shaoxi wouldnt go either.

Yu Yin understood their feelings, so she didnt force them to do it again.

They wouldnt go to visit Leng Shaojia, but they knew that Gu Ning was in the capital now, so they decided to dine with her.

Gu Ning was their idol, and they didnt think they were strangers even though they had only met each other a few times.

Without delay, Leng Shaoxun called Gu Ning and invited her to dine together.

Gu Ning was free that afternoon, so she accepted their invitation.

The capital was very large, so Leng Shaoxun asked for Gu Nings location in order to save some time.

Gu Ning gave him the address, and Leng Shaoxun thought of a famous restaurant which was near to her, then they decided to meet there.

It was almost 5 pm, so they decided to meet at 6 pm.

After hanging up the call with Gu Ning, Leng Shaoxun made a call to book a private room right away.

He then sent Gu Ning a message to tell her its number.

Gu Ning had been to the restaurant before, and it only took her about 20 minutes to get there.

She didnt go with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya this time.

When she arrived, it was about 5:40 pm.


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