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As for the Zeng family, Zeng Kai couldnt deny what he had done because of the solid proof.

However, this case hadnt been brought to the court yet, so he was kept in the Public Security Bureau for the time being.

The HR manager was also under arrest now, and he was going to be held in detention for a few years.

Zeng Lichang was bailed out because of his good attitude of confessing to his crimes.

He would be lightly punished in the future.

Gu Ning didnt care how Zeng Lichang would be punished, because Zeng Kai was the key person in the case.

She aimed to see Zeng Kai punished according to the law.

Because the court hadnt begun yet, the amount of compensation Peng Xinghao could get wouldnt be revealed until it was over.

In order to be successfully bailed out, Zeng Lichang didnt tell his wife, and instead called his brother-in-law.

His wife wasnt a reasonable woman, and he was afraid that she might cause him more trouble.

As a result, his wife wasnt aware of the case until he was back home in the night.

Once she heard that Zeng Kai could be put in jail in the future, she argued loudly with Zeng Lichang and forced him to get Zeng Kai out.

Actually, if the Zeng family had called the police when the accident happened, it wouldnt have become a big problem later, but they hadnt done that.

The Zeng family didnt lack money at all, and it could easily afford the medical fee for Peng Xinghao.

Besides, Zeng Lichang had given Chang Bingjian a bribe of a lot of money as well.

Sometimes, people had to pay more for their stupid mistakes.

When Zeng Kai won third place in the competition with the help of Peng Xinghaos designs, Zeng Lichang didnt want to see any bad news about Zeng Kai.

He thought that Peng Xinghao was simply an ordinary citizen, so he could easily bully him.

To his astonishment, Peng Xinghao met Gu Ning this time.

If Peng Xinghao had died, there would have been no testimony of a witness, and Zeng Kai could use his designs to win the competition.

Zeng Lichang was too arrogant so he made such a stupid mistake.

He couldnt tolerate his wifes bad temper, and went to the study with his wifes younger brother, Liu Yue, to talk about it.

“What else can we do now” Liu Yue asked.

“I have an idea, but I dont know whether itll work,” Zeng Lichang said with a frown.

“What is it” Liu Yue asked.

“We can give Peng Xinghao some money to shut his mouth,” Zeng Lichang said, but he didnt have much confidence.

“We can give it a try.

Even if Zeng Kai cant be released without being punished, he could get a lighter punishment,” Liu Yue said.

“I know, but I cant do that in person right now.

Can you help” Zeng Lichang said.

“Sure!” Liu Yue agreed with alacrity.

It wasnt very late now, so Liu Yue decided to visit Peng Xinghao as early as possible.

Liu Yue was grateful to Zeng Lichang because Zeng Lichang had helped him with his business.

His business almost went bankrupt last time, and it was Zeng Lichang who lent him a lot of money to overcome the crisis.

At that time, he didnt need a small amount of money, he needed over ten million yuan.

It wasnt much for the Zeng family, but it wasnt little either.

Therefore, even though Zeng Lichang had broken the law, Liu Yue was still willing to help him.

When Liu Yue walked outside, Zeng Lichangs wife, his older sister, stopped him.

She asked whether they had a good idea to get Zeng Kai out.

Liu Yue told her that they were thinking about it.

At the beginning, Peng Xiaoman felt uncomfortable with Zhou Weifans presence, but Peng Xinghao talked to him a lot.

Both of them were men after all.

Moreover, Peng Xinghao and Zhou Weifan were playing the same game, Battle in the Sky, these days, so they soon became close.

Zhou Weifan moved up in ranks at a high speed, and Peng Xinghao admired him, but he admired Gu Ning more.

He didnt know how long Gu Ning had played the game, but he believed that it didnt cost her much time to get to a high level.

Because Peng Xinghaos head was still injured, he couldnt play the game for long, otherwise he would have a competition with Zhou Weifan.

After getting along with each other for hours, Peng Xiaoman relaxed, after which she also began to talk with Zhou Weifan.

Liu Yue knew which hospital Peng Xinghao stayed, but he didnt know the ward number, so he went to ask the receptionist.

Ordinary wards werent confidential, so the receptionist told him.

Only special wards were kept secret.

Liu Yue came to offer an olive branch, so he brought some gifts with him.

He went to Peng Xinghaos ward and knocked on the door.


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