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Tang Quanjun continued, “Let me be honest with you, the girl had a miniature camera with her when she walked into your office, and she had a video recording of everything.”

“What Impossible!” Chang Bingjian retorted.

“Why” Tang Quanjun asked.

“Are you panicking now”

“I…” Chang Bingjian felt humiliated.

“I know that you wont admit it without evidence, so we can show you,” Tang Quanjun said and a policeman, who stood by his side, took out a computer at once.

When Chang Bingjian watched the video, he was stunned.

He couldnt believe it and refused to believe it, but he knew that it was real.

Before the video even ended, Chang Bingjian was despairing.

“Yeah, I admit that I threatened Gu Ning and shot at her, but it isnt a big deal.

Shes fine now, and do you think that you all arent guilty of doing anything illegal Why cant you turn a blind eye to it”

“In addition, my family is the Chang family, and nobody can get any benefit from it if it becomes big trouble,” Chang Bingjian said.

He tried to use his familys influence to protect himself from being punished.

Although the four most powerful families in this country were at the same level, none of them was willing to act against others without gaining any benefit.

They wouldnt take action unless they had solid proof.

In that case, Chang Bingjian could be fine and he would probably just be transferred to another city to avoid trouble.

However, his notebook of bribery was also exposed this time.

Therefore, the Chang family wouldnt protect him.

“So I dont think the Chang family will protect you this time, and it will directly give you up,” said the Head of the Public Security Department.

No one could help Chang Bingjian out this time.

“Thats impossible!” Chang Bingjian said with confidence.

“Do you think that we only have this video” Tang Quanjun sneered.

Hearing that, Chang Bingjian was struck dumb for a second.

“What else do you have” he asked.

“Youre accused of having a mistress and a love child, which is totally unacceptable because youre an important official,” Tang Quanjun said.

Chang Bingjian was shocked and couldnt believe his ears.

“Do you have evidence” Chang Bingjian almost shouted.

Tang Quanjun gave a glance to a policeman and the policeman showed Chang Bingjian the evidence.

Chang Bingjian couldnt deny it right now, but he still argued.

“There are other officials who have a mistress and a love child in the government.

Why are you only targeting me”

“Look at this.” Tang Quanjun took out a notebook.

It was a copy, but Chang Bingjian grabbed it away.

“No, no, its impossible.

Its fake!” He still tried to get away with it.

He couldnt admit it, because the Chang family would abandon him once he admitted it.

“You know its your handwriting, and it was found in a safe from your house,” Tang Quanjun said.

“I…” Chang Bingjian didnt know what to say now.

He was reluctant to accept it, but there was nothing he could do now.

He was doomed to be put in jail this time.

“Alright, whether you admit it or not, were sure that youre guilty of many crimes,” said the official from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Chang Bingjian remained silent.

That afternoon, Chang Bingjians scandal erupted on Weibo, and many Internet users began to talk about him.

“Another corrupt official!”

“When can all of those corrupt officials be put in jail”

“I dont think its possible.”

“There are both corrupt and good officials in our country.”


“We cant ignore good officials just because a corrupt official is caught.”

“I doubt that.

There are too few good officials.”

“I think it might have been exposed because of the conflict among different factions.”

“I agree.”


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