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Chapter 1326: Han Wenlings Invitation

Although some Internet users still thought that Hu Jiali was hypocritical, they also stopped attacking her.

Anyway, fewer and fewer people paid attention to it.

Gu Ning didnt care about the comments on the Internet, and she directly booked a presidential suite with her Black Card at the Huangdeng Hotel.

Normally a Black Card was bound with a presidential suite.

Once Gu Ning walked into her room, she sent a message to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

She didnt call them because she was afraid that they might be in the middle of the mission.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had almost finished their missions when they saw Gu Nings message so they came back at once.

About a dozen minutes later, Qiao Ya arrived and reported what she had found to Gu Ning.

Five minutes later, Gao Yi showed up too.

Gao Yi slipped into the factory of Corydalis Makeup last night and took photos of the production line of the fake Kouzi.

Because Corydalis Makeup didnt have surveillance cameras around the production line of the fake Kouzi, K hadnt found anything useful when Gu Ning told him to investigate the other day.

Besides, Corydalis Makeup was secretly producing fake Kouzi, so not many people were aware of it.

“Its been a few days.

Why are they still so quiet” Gu Ning felt like it was a little strange.

Not many people paid attention to the quality scandal of Kouzi now, especially after Kouzi posted an official explanation on Weibo.

In addition, there were too many pieces of news being released every day, and only a few of them could attract peoples attention.

Therefore, if Corydalis Makeup stopped attacking Kouzi, the quality scandal would be ignored by the public.

Although it indeed affected the reputation of Kouzi, it wasnt serious.

Even internationally famous make-up brands had received many negative comments.

Different people had different preferences.

As long as customers bought from direct-sale stores, it was impossible for them to buy fake products.

Since Corydalis Makeup remained silent, Gu Ning decided to wait and they left to dine together.

However, right as they walked out of the hotel, Han Wenling called Gu Ning.

Gu Ning thought that Han Wenling probably knew that she was in City Q now, so she called her.

Han Wenling had left a good impression on Gu Ning, so Gu Ning picked up her call.

“Hi, Miss Han.” Gu Ning was very polite.

Even though they had conflict before, they were kind of friends now.

There were many kinds of friends actually, for example normal friends, close friends, business partners and so on.

Han Wenling and Gu Ning were friends in business.

In other words, they might help each other in business.

“Miss Gu, I just saw a piece of news and saw that you are in City Q now,” Han Wenling said.

“Yeah, I come to City Q to deal with something,” Gu Ning said.

“Are you free now Since youre in City Q, can we dine together” Han Wenling asked politely.

“I am free, but Im afraid Ill waste your time,” Gu Ning said, because she knew Han Wenling was also a busy businesswoman.

“No way! Im free all day.

To be honest with you, Miss Gu, my niece is a big fan of yours, and she really admires you.

She begged me to bring her to meet you after knowing that were friends,” Han Wenling said.

In fact, Han Wenling heard from her niece that Gu Ning was in City Q now.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was amused.

It wasnt appropriate for her to reject again.

“Well, I dont think I should say no to that,” Gu Ning said.

She was free tonight and was on her way to dine outside anyway.

Since Han Wenling attached importance to her arrival, she didnt mind sharing a meal with her.

“Great, Miss Gu, are you staying in the Huangdeng Hotel” Han Wenling asked, because she knew that the Huangdeng Hotel was owned by Gu Nings family.

“Yeah,” Gu Ning said.

“Please wait for a while.

I need to make some arrangements, and Ill call you again later,” Han Wenling said.

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed.

After hanging up the call with Han Wenling, Gu Ning went back to her room with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

It wasnt late now actually, it was only 5:30 pm.

It was still a little early for dinner, so Gu Ning didnt mind waiting for a while.

Han Wenling didnt keep Gu Ning waiting for her for long, and arrived at the Huangdeng Hotel in 20 minutes.

After that, she called Gu Ning.

She had booked a private room before she made the call, so she decided to go there together with Gu Ning who was her guest tonight.

Han Wenling didnt call Gu Ning until she had parked her car.

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