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Chapter 1312: A Car Accident

Since Gu Ning chose to do that, she must have confidence in herself and Leng Shaoting chose to trust her.

The three cars were started and drove forward.

Although Master Leng and the others chose to trust Gu Ning, they were still worried and kept turning to look at the car that Gu Ning was in.

Gu Ning sat on the rear seats and fixed her eyes on the foreign man.

To her surprise, the foreign man drove a large truck behind them.

She thought that he might plan to knock into them with the big truck.

Because a big truck was heavy and had greater power, it could easily knock a smaller car over.

In that case, Gu Ning wasnt worried, because she could use her magical power as a defense to stop the truck.

Gu Nings magical power was strong enough to be used as a defense now, but it would cost her a lot of strength, so she only did it when her life was in great danger.

Although there wasnt a lot of traffic on the road and it wasnt difficult for them to avoid the truck, Gu Ning was still left with no choice.

If she moved out of the way, the truck might hit the car that Master Leng was in, which was unacceptable in her eyes.

They arrived at an overpass and drove in a line.

Finally, the foreign man seized the chance and accelerated.

Leng Shaoting and the others still had no idea what they big truck was going to do because they werent on the same lane.

When the big truck was only a meter away from them, it suddenly changed its course and turned to hit the car that Gu Ning was in.

It was too late for the chauffeur to avoid it.

Gu Ning, at the same time, used her magical power and made a defense to protect them.

She couldnt make sure that the car would be fine, but only hoped that the people inside would be safe.

Leng Shaoting also realized the problem and told the chauffeur in his car to stop at once, but it was too late and he could only watch the big truck hitting the MPV that Gu Ning was in.

With a loud crash, the big truck hit the MPV and pushed it towards guardrails.

It seemed that the MPV was going to fall from the overpass.

The scene scared everyone in the other cars on the overpass.

This overpass was about 20 meters high, and people in the car would be dead once it fell.

At this moment, a middle-aged man sitting on the rear seat of a taxi which was 100 meters away from the scene opened his eyes in an instant, and looked shocked.

He sensed unusually strong magical power!

Only cultivators or ghosts could figure out that it was magical power.

However, this middle-aged man wasnt a ghost, so he was a cultivator.

In addition, his face looked normal, which meant that he was a member of the Good Practice.

This middle-aged man was shocked by the magical power because it was pure magical power instead of mysterious power from cultivators.

There must be a treasure filled with magical power.

Unfortunately, he was far from the scene, so he didnt know what was happening there.

The MPV stopped in front of the guardrails, and didnt fall.

The big truck didnt move forward either in case it fell as well, so it stopped two meters away from the guardrails.

In fact, even if the big truck continued to push the MPV forward, Gu Ning was still able to stop it with her magical power.

Gu Ning actually allowed the big truck to push the MPV aside on purpose, because it would be strange if the MPV was fine after the heavy hit.

The foreign man was stunned by the scene when the MPV didnt fall from the overpass but stayed mostly fine.

It wasnt in accordance with scientific law.

The bodyguards in the MPV were also astonished, but Gu Ning remained calm and jumped out of the broken rear window at once.

The side of the car was blocked by the big truck, but the rear glass wasnt.

Although the bodyguards were greatly surprised, they soon got their mind back and began to do their job.

They got out of the car right away.

Only the chauffeur was still in a lot of shock.

Leng Shaoting also ran to see Gu Ning without hesitation, but he saw her jumping out of the car, so he knew that she was fine, then he turned to catch the driver of the big truck.

The foreign man was angry when he saw that Gu Ning survived.

He was disappointed and wanted to escape but was stopped by Leng Shaoting and they began to fight.

Seeing that, everyone realized that it had to be a murder attempt.

They were also surprised that Gu Ning and the other people in the MPV were fine.

The car accident looked too scary, and they felt it was unbelievable that the people in the car could survive.

Because Leng Shaoting was fighting against the foreign man, Gu Ning ran to comfort and to tell Master Leng that she was fine.

Master Leng almost cried when he saw Gu Nings face.

“Grandpa, uncle and aunt, Im fine,” Gu Ning said to them.

“Great, great…” Master Lengs voice was still trembling.

They didnt want anything terrible to happen to Gu Ning.

To the foreign mans astonishment, Leng Shaoting was so strong and skilled at fighting that he couldnt get rid of him at all.

He also understood that Leng Shaoting must be aware of his aim because Leng Shaoting ran to stop him without delay.

The foreign man wasnt weak actually, but he was no match for Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting soon caught him and left him to two bodyguards.

At this time, the middle-aged male cultivator arrived at the scene of the accident, but the magical power was already gone.

He was confused and curious to know where the magical power came from.

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