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Chapter 1287: Emotions Dont Lie

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There were many extras waiting for a chance outside the Hengdian World Studios.

Many people had a dream of becoming a star, but they lacked connections and luck, so they could only be extras.

It was hard for an extra to show his or her face in a film, let alone be famous.

Everyone needed to buy a ticket to get into the Hengdian World Studios, and a parking ticket for a car.

Hengdian World Studios was very large, and each site was far from another, so Gu Ning also bought a map, this was the first time she was here after all.

Before long, Gu Ning and her two bodyguards arrived at the film site of An Empress of Military Blood, but their car couldnt enter, so they could only walk inside.

Because Gu Ning came here as the investor, she didnt dress casually today.

When she put on a pair of high-heels, she was too noticeable and attractive to be ignored.

So once she stepped out of the car, she attracted a lot of attention from the people around her.

Several people took out their phones to take photos of Gu Ning at once.

“Wow, shes so beautiful.”

“No idea, but shes even prettier than all the actresses Ive seen before.”

“I think that given her outstanding appearance she can be popular soon if shes really an actress.”

There were countless beautiful men and women in the entertainment industry, but Gu Ning was still more noticeable than them.

Gu Ning and her two bodyguards soon walked inside.

The film site of An Empress of Military Blood was in a palace.

Gu Ning didnt see its crew until she had walked through many gates.

They were going to shoot a dining scene today, so many major roles were waiting in the lounge.

Extras and unimportant actors, however, could only wait outside.

Therefore, Lu Zhan didnt see Gu Ning when she came over because there were too many people around them.

The current scene was an action scene.

A woman disguised herself as a maid to murder one of emperors concubines.

Both of them were good at kung fu, so they needed to use wires.

However, the actress who played the role of the assassin had acrophobia, so she made mistakes once she was lifted up high in the air.

Lu Zhan was displeased and lost his patience.

Although this assassin wasnt an important role, it was shown many times in the scene.

The actress actually acted well normally, but she couldnt conquer her fear when she was in the air.

Because this actress was a contributing actor, there was no body double for her so she had to finish the scene on her own.

Lu Zhan was the director, and he normally didnt allow actors to use a body double in his crew unless it was necessary.

Gu Ning walked into the crowd and watched aside, then she heard a girl saying.

“Come on, if shes afraid of wire work, she shouldnt be an actress.

You were the top one on the list, but she used a dirty trick to make you miss the chance.

You took her as your friend, but she didnt hesitate to set you up once you have a conflict of interest…”

This girl was a little fat, but wasnt ugly.

Instead, she looked quite adorable.

She was talking to another girl who was tall and beautiful.

Both of them were very young and in their early twenties.

Before this fat girl could finish, the other girl interrupted her.

“Alright, alright, stop saying that again.

I dont want other people to hear it.

Although I lost a role, I got a great chance to clearly see what kind of person she is.”

In fact, she was unwilling to accept the result, but it was what it was now.

Even though this role wasnt important, the actress could show her face in front of the camera, which was a great opportunity for contributing actors.

Most importantly, it was a fair game to choose actors in the crew of An Empress of Military Blood, and she was the top one on the list, while her friend was ranked next to her, so she became the stumbling block in her friends eyes.

In the beginning, she didnt understand why her friend went to the audition of the same role as her, but she said nothing, because everyone had a chance to compete for the roles.

However, to her astonishment, her friend trapped her in order to get the role.

Gu Ning squinted at the actress who kept making mistakes after hearing their conversation.

She didnt expect that someone would play a dirty trick to get a role in the film invested by her.

Gu Ning didnt doubt the fat girls words, because the fat girl said it in a very low voice.

In addition, emotions didnt lie, and the fat girl was obviously very mad.

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