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Chapter 1286: Run into Baili Zongyang

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Gu Nings eyes fell across the pond on a young man who was meditating in a gazebo in front of the jungle beside the rock garden.

He looked very young and handsome, and the magical power came from his body.

He had the same magical power as Dongfang Ziyu, which meant that he was a cultivator too.

The man sensed Gu Nings gaze, but he didnt feel it was strange, because many people paid attention to him when he was meditating.

However, he couldnt help but look to Gu Ning this time.

The second he opened his eyes, he met Gu Nings eyes.

He was amazed by Gu Nings beauty the next second.

At the same time, he recognized Gu Ning as the famous Goddess Gu on the Internet.

She was also the real boss of the Colorful Jade Provider that he was looking for.

To his surprise, Gu Ning was much younger and more attractive than he thought.

Gu Ning moved her eyes away when the man noticed her and she ran ahead to avoid seeing him.

However, since Gu Ning was the person he was looking for, he definitely wouldnt let her disappear.

Before long, the man caught up with Gu Ning, which surprised Gu Ning.

“Hi, you must be the famous Goddess Gu on the Internet, right” the man asked.

“Yeah, I am.” Gu Ning stopped.

She was very famous now, so it was very normal that some people would come to strike up a conversation with her on the road.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning was aware that this man was a cultivator, so he must have come to talk to her for a reason.

Cultivators loved jade, and Gu Ning was curious to know more about them.

“I really admire you because you were able to achieve a lot at such an early age,” the man said.

“Thanks.” Gu Ning smiled at him.

“My names Baili Zongyang, and its my honor to see you today.

If you dont mind, we can be friends.

Please dont worry, Im not a bad man.

Im a businessman too, and we might cooperate in the future.” The man introduced himself.

Baili Zongyang Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

Baili Zongyang was the man Dongfang Ziyu had talked about before.

It was said that he was the sexiest, richest, and most handsome man in the cultivation world.

In Gu Nings eyes, Baili Zongyang was indeed very handsome and attractive, but she didnt know much about his family background.

Actually, Baili Zongyang was the eldest grandson of the Baili family in the cultivation world.

He was also the sole heir of the Baili family.

His younger sister, Baili Zongxue was supposed to approach Gu Ning, but he was unwilling to miss todays chance to meet Gu Ning.

Moreover, he wanted to get more quality jade from Gu Ning.

After that, they exchanged phone numbers with each other.

Baili Zongyang was the deputy manager in his family jewelry business now.

He didnt want to be the general manager because he needed a lot of time to practice his cultivation.

Although Baili Zongyang was only a deputy manager, he was more powerful than the general manager.

This jewelry company was owned by his family after all.

The senior management of the company was aware of it.

“Oh, do you live in Century City as well” Baili Zongyang asked.

Baili Zongyang already had the answer in his mind, but he needed to make sure of it.

Hearing that, Baili Zongyangs eyes lit up.

“I live here too, and I just moved in.

What a coincidence!”

Gu Ning smiled and agreed.

After chatting for a while, Gu Ning left.

She went back to her new home and took a shower.

Qiao Ya called Gu Ning and told her that the breakfast was ready.

Gu Ning then went to have breakfast with Qiao Ya.

At 9 am, they left home.

They went to the Hengdian World Studios to visit the crew of An Empress of Military Blood, and they drove Jeep this time.

The Hengdian World Studios was far from the city center, so they spent an hour on the road.

Gu Ning called Lu Zhan before she set off, because she needed to know his specific location.

Many film and TV crews were shooting in Hengdian World Studios at the same time, so it wasnt easy to find one particular crew.

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