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Chapter 1267: Hao Rans Bitter Enemy

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Some students who watched the news about Gu Ning thought that the National College Entrance Examination was different from the math competition.

Even though Gu Ning was the champion this year, it didnt mean that she could also get high scores in the National College Entrance Examination.

Besides, the results of the National College Entrance Examination werent out yet, so many people said that Gu Ning was bragging.

They believed that it would be super embarrassing if Gu Ning failed to get into the Capital University.

At the same time, many people were willing to support Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning could win the championship in this years math competition, it showed her outstanding ability.

Anyway, Gu Ning could always cause discussions on the Internet.

Once the National College Entrance Examination was over, Gu Ning called Master Leng again to update him about how things went.

Master Leng invited Gu Ning to visit the capital city, because he missed her.

After the National College Entrance Examination Gu Ning received many calls and messages from her friends, and she replied to them with patience.

Chu Peihan and the others also proposed to hang out together to celebrate.

Although the National College Entrance Examination was indeed more difficult than normal tests, they werent afraid that they might not get into a good university.

They had many choices after all.

Tang Yunfan and the others were going to leave the next morning, because Tang Yunfan was still busy with his business, so Gu Ning stayed home for dinner.

She would meet her friends later in a bar.

Chu Peihan and the others understood, so they decided to gather together after dinner.

Gu Ning was still going to have a meal at Yu Mixis home, so she wouldnt leave for City B along with Tang Yunfan tomorrow.

She would go back to City B the day after tomorrow.

Tang Yunfan said nothing about it, and let Gu Ning make decisions on her own.

After dinner, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning walked outside together and Tang Yunfan didnt bother to ask when they would come back.

In fact, even if Gu Ning didnt come back home tonight, they wouldnt be worried.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were about to be engaged after all.

They decided that they were going to Dihao Clubhouse which was owned by the Qing Gang for fun.

Chu Peihan had booked a private room for them.

However, although it was Chu Peihan who booked the room, Gu Ning would pay the bill, because she was leaving again.

However, there was a lucky draw activity in Dihao Clubhouse, and Gu Ning won the special prize again, so she only needed to pay hundreds of yuan for the private room fee.

The others were very surprised that Gu Ning was able to win the special prize again, because they knew that it was very hard to get it.

Leng Shaoting, however, was aware that Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, so it was very easy for her to do it.

“Boss, I think you must have a pair of special eyes! How is it possible that you can win the special prize every time” Hao Ran said in shock.

Gu Ning laughed and joked, “Do you believe that I have a pair of Jade Eyes”

“I want to, but I cant believe it.” Hao Ran shook his head.

The others also believed that Gu Ning was simply very lucky.

There were many high school students in the bar tonight, and they all wanted to relax after the exam.

Unfortunately, it was easier to encounter trouble when a lot of teenagers gathered together.

Hao Ran and Qin Zixun left for the washroom, but somehow had a fight with several other young men.

Both of them were strong boys, but they drank too much and because there were only two of them, they failed to win the fight against five young men.

Therefore, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun were injured in the end.

The person who caused Hao Ran the trouble was Hao Rans bitter enemy, Wu Shaojie.

Wu Shaojies family was a super-rich family in City F, and he studied in the No.1 High School.

He was 20 this year, but he was still a senior student, because he had failed to get into a university last year and had to study for a year longer in high school.

Wu Shaojie had a long-standing grudge against Hao Ran ever since they were in junior school.

Wu Shaojie and Hao Ran had been to the same junior school back then, but Wu Shaojie was a grade higher than Hao Ran.

Both of them were troublemakers and they often fought against each other.

They had had a violent fight once and stayed in the hospital for nearly half a month to have a full recovery.

After Wu Shaojie got into high school, they seldom met one another, but they still fought against each other as long as they met.

Hao Ran was better than Wu Shaojie at fighting, so Wu Shaojie was the loser all the time.

Therefore, when Wu Shaojie found out that Hao Ran only had one friend by his side this time, he decided to seize this chance and beat Hao Ran.

Wu Shaojie had four people with him, so he had an advantage.

He even forgot that the club was owned by the Qing Gang after drinking some alcohol.

Gu Ning and the others didnt know that they were fighting in the washroom, but the security guards in Dihao Clubhouse went to separate them.

Without delay, a security guard reported it to Chu Peihan.

Once Gu Ning and the others heard, they went to help Hao Ran.

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