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When the python saw the jiao, it was scared and withdrew in fear.“Jiao, kill it now, I need to find my friend,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, master,” Jiao said and Gu Ning left without delay.

Once Gu Ning left, the cavern was full of darkness again, but it wasnt a problem for the python and the jiao.

The python wanted to escape, but it was impossible in front of the jiao.

The jiao wrapped it up with its tail so it failed to run away.

The python was very threatening before an ordinary person or even a soldier, but it was too weak compared with the jiao.

Before long, the python was swallowed by the jiao.

Gu Ning, at the same time, finally found Sun Chao and Guo Yiyang after searching for them for five minutes.

There was a small stream 10 meters away from Gu Ning, and a waterfall stood ahead of it.

Inside the waterfall there was a space that could accommodate three or four people, and Guo Yiyang and Sun Chao were hiding in it.

The water flowed violently, so it was hard to see the space with a pair of ordinary eyes.

Although Gu Ning found them, she couldnt see their conditions clearly.

She only saw Sun Chaos body moving, which meant that he was fine, but she wasnt sure whether Guo Yiyang was still alive.

Gu Ning didnt have much time to think about it.

The second she saw them, she ran to rescue them.

“Hey, Uncle Sun, its Gu Ning.

I know youre behind the waterfall.

Hows Yiyang now” Gu Ning shouted to Sun Chao.

“Miss Gu”

Sun Chao had heard the noise from outside, but he thought it was the python, so he didnt dare to show his face.

Therefore, when he heard Gu Nings voice, he was thrilled.

If Gu Ning came, it meant that Guo Yiyangs life could be saved.

Sun Chao had that idea because Guo Yiyang was still alive.

Guo Yiyang survived, but he was seriously injured.

Luckily, the python wasnt poisonous, so Guo Yiyang remained alive till now.

Without hesitation, Sun Chao carried Guo Yiyang in his arms and walked out.

Gu Ning stepped over to help him at once.

Because Sun Chao had already seen Gu Nings night-luminescent pearl before, he wasnt surprised this time.

“Yiyang is still alive, but hes dying.

Miss Gu, can you rescue him” Sun Chao asked.

“Probably.” Gu Ning didnt give him an affirmative answer, because she wasnt sure whether she could do it.

Sun Chao also understood that Guo Yiyang was in a very dangerous situation now.

No matter what happened to Guo Yiyang, Sun Chao had to accept the result.

The moment Gu Nings hand touched Guo Yiyang, she secretly put her magical power into his body.

She seized Guo Yiyangs hand in hers the entire time to help him recover.

Sun Chao stayed aside and let Gu Ning do whatever she needed to do.

Gu Ning held the night-luminescent pearl with another hand.

Afterwards, she put it down and took out a box from her backpack.

“Uncle Sun, please open it for me.

There are two bottles of medicine inside.

The white one is solid, and you should take a pill first before you help Yiyang take one.

The blue one is liquid.

You can apply it to Yiyangs wounds after I deal with them.”

In addition to two bottles of medicine, there was a pack of cotton swabs, a pair of scissors, a roll of gauze, and a small towel in the box.

Gu Ning had prepared all of them well in advance.

The python had bitten Guo Yiyangs lap, so it was more appropriate for Sun Chao to cut his pants apart.

“No problem.” Sun Chao took the box right away.

He poured a magical pill out first, but he didnt take it.

Instead, he helped Guo Yiyang take it.

It showed their friendship.

After helping Guo Yiyang take a magical pill, Sun Chao also took one himself.

Once he took a magical pill, he felt an obvious change in his body.

He soon calmed down and got his energy back.

The next second, Sun Chao hurriedly applied the liquid medicine to Guo Yiyangs wounds.

He cut Guo Yiyangs pants open where the python had bitten him, and a large area of bloody skin was bare in the air.

It clearly hadnt been easy for Guo Yiyang to stay alive till now.

Sun Chao cleaned Guo Yiyangs wound with the towel before he applied the magical liquid medicine to it.

The wound wasnt big, but it was very deep.

As time went by, Guo Yiyangs face gradually went back to normal with the help of Gu Nings magical power.

The wound also healed rapidly.

Although Sun Chao already knew that Gu Ning had a very effective medicine, he was still amazed by its effect when he witnessed it.

However, he didnt ask Gu Ning any questions, because he knew what he should ask and what he shouldnt.

After that, Sun Chao began to dress Guo Yiyangs wound.

A few minutes later, Guo Yiyang got his consciousness back.

His eyelids moved a little and he slowly opened his eyes.

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