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After knowing the name of the school that Tao Jiayi studied at and the place where she had been bullied, Gu Ning called K at once and asked him to help her get some useful surveillance videos.Gu Ning didnt know the girls family background, so it was better if she had evidence in her hands.

About five minutes later, K sent the surveillance videos to Gu Ning.

Tao Jiayis teacher came back later, and she told Gu Ning that the girls parents would be at the school at 9 am tomorrow.

Gu Ning nodded with satisfaction.

“Professor Zhang, let me drive you home now,” she said to Zhang Qiuhua when everything was done.

“Thanks,” Zhang Qiuhua said.

Her husband was on a business trip now, and Tao Jiayi was injured, so she needed Gu Nings help.

“Its not a big deal.” Gu Ning smiled.

After that, Gu Ning said good-bye to An Guangming and they left together.

Zhang Qiuhua also thanked An Guangming for his help.

When they walked out, Gu Ning called An Qian again.

Although An Qian wouldnt be off work until 10 minutes later, she decided to leave earlier today.

Gu Ning let Zhang Qiuhua and her daughter sit in her car, then said, “Professor Zhang, please wait a moment.

A friend of mine is leaving with us.”

“No problem,” Zhang Qiuhua said at once.

During this time, Gu Ning gave Zhang Qiuhua a power crystal.

“Professor Zhang, this is a very effective pill, and it can help your daughter recover.

It isnt bitter and your daughter can take it without water.”

“Thank you, Gu Ning,” Zhang Qiuhua said.

Even though it was hard for her to believe it, she chose to trust Gu Ning.

Tao Jiayi then took the pill without hesitation.

Within three minutes, she felt much better and was amazed.

“Mom, my head stopped aching!”

“Really” Zhang Qiuhua was also surprised.

At this time, An Qian walked out.

Because Gu Ning already told her the size and license plate number of her car, An Qian was able to find her within a short time.

“Hey, Gu Ning, been a while!” An Qian smiled at Gu Ning the moment she saw her.

“I needed to come back for the National College Entrance Examination, and Ill be busy again afterwards,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre the busiest high school senior Ive ever seen,” An Qian said and shook her head with a resigned look.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning laughed.

After that, An Qian got in Gu Nings car, and Gu Ning introduced her to Zhang Qiuhua.

An Qian was surprised when she found out that Zhang Qiuhua was Gu Nings head-teacher.

When An Qian was studying in her school, she always stayed away from her head-teacher.

Gu Ning, however, had a close relationship with her head-teacher.

Gu Ning was indeed very different from her peers.

Without delay, Gu Ning drove Zhang Qiuhua and her daughter back to their home.

A while later, Chu Peihan and the others finished their classes.

They saw Gu Nings message in the WeChat group and understood why Gu Ning would be late.

Gu Ning already booked a private room for them, so they left for it first.

City F wasnt a very large city, so Gu Ning arrived at Zhang Qiuhuas home half an hour later.

When Zhang Qiuhua was gone, An Qian said, “Gu Ning, Ive never seen a student who could have such a close relationship with her head-teacher before! You really surprised me.”

Most students were scared of their head-teacher, it was an undeniable truth.

“Im not afraid of my teachers at all, because I know that Im an excellent student in my class,” Gu Ning said.

In fact, Gu Ning had never been afraid of any important figures or officials.

She was an excellent student in her school, and a successful businesswoman in business.

There was nothing and nobody she needed to be afraid of.

“Fine, youre right.” An Qian agreed.

She knew that Gu Ning had many unbelievable achievements.

“Oh, I just met your father at the hospital, and he told me that youre not in a good mood these days.

Would you mind telling me what happened” Gu Ning asked all of a sudden.

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