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Zhang Yanni wasnt as attractive as Zhao Fulin, but she was pretty too.After that, Jiang Ze invited Zhang Yanni to share a meal and watch a film together.

Zhang Yanni understood that she successfully attracted Jiang Zes attention, but she pretended to be shy and waited for Jiang Zes confession.

Jiang Ze invited her to have a drink once.

He was drunk and finally confessed his love to Zhang Yanni.

Zhang Yanni absolutely accepted his love.

In addition, they went to book a room and slept with each other that night.

However, they didnt tell Zhao Fulin that they were boyfriend and girlfriend now.

Zhang Yanni was a mean girl, so she planned to make fun of Zhao Fulin first before she ended her friendship with her.

Therefore, she teamed up with Jiang Ze to make Zhao Fulin a joke.

“Is the girl very beautiful and wearing a loose white T-shirt with a high ponytail” Zhang Yanni asked.

She was describing Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Jiang Ze was surprised.

“Yeah, how do you know that”

With his affirmative answer, Zhang Yanni suddenly felt like something wasnt right.

“When we were on the launching pad, Zhao Fulin was scared and didnt want to jump.

I tried to persuade her to have a try, but the girl stood out and stopped me.

Afterwards, a staff member directly pushed Zhao Fulin down and the girl ran into the elevator without delay.

I didnt think further back then, but now I feel its a little strange.

How come the girl knew that Zhao Fulin was going to be in danger”

Jiang Ze realized that there must be something wrong too.

“Maybe because she saw that Zhao Fulin was so scared and she was worried that an accident might happen.”

“Its possible.” Zhang Yanni shrugged.

“Do we need to find Zhao Fulin now” Zhang Yanni asked.

They came here together after all, and it wasnt appropriate to dump her here alone.

“You can go if you want to find her, Ill wait for you outside,” Jiang Ze said.

He didnt say that he was annoyed by Gu Ning in the teahouse.

Zhang Yanni agreed and left.

Even though Zhao Fulin hated them now, she still went back with them.

She walked out of the amusement park along with them, then took a taxi home herself.

Zhao Fulin said nothing along the way.

Zhang Yanni and Jiang Ze didnt feel like anything was wrong, because they thought that she must be too scared.

When Zhang Yanni went to find Zhao Fulin, Gu Ning and her friends went back to the launching pad.

Gao Chengyun was the first one to jump.

Gao Chengyun had done it many times before, but he still felt a little scared this time.

He also screamed when he fell from such a high height.

It was actually a good way to release his unpleasant feelings.

An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen stayed by the river.

They didnt know when Cao Wenxin and the others would finish, so they chose to wait for them at the shore.

When Gao Chengyun screamed, An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen recognized him.

They got nervous, but were somewhat amused by Gao Chengyuns reaction too.

While Gao Chengyun jumped, other people could put on the equipment to save some time.

“Um, Zezheng, you can do it before me,” Cao Wenxin said.

She was too nervous to bungee jump right now.

“Why dont you do it first” Jiang Zezheng asked.

“Im too nervous right now, and I need some time,” Cao Wenxin said.

Since she said that, Jiang Zezheng had to stand up.

Gu Ning noticed that both of them were very nervous, so she said, “Gao Yi can do it first if youre too nervous.”

“No problem.” Gao Yi agreed.

“Great!” Jiang Zezhengs face lit up at once and he sat back down.

Although he would jump sooner or later, he still wanted to relax for a while longer.

Gao Chengyun soon finished bungee jumping and a staff member began to fasten the large elastic cord to Gao Yis body.

As soon as Gao Chengyun went back to the shore, An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen went to support him.

Although Gao Chengyun didnt feel much fear, his body was a little sore, so he couldnt move smoothly.

Luckily, it wasnt serious, and he would be fine as time went by or he could take a warm bath or go to a spa.

Gao Yi was ready to jump, and this was the first time he had tried this.

On a staff members instructions, Gao Yi jumped down without hesitation and he didnt shout aloud.

Normally, people screamed during the jumping either because they were scared, or because they simply wanted to release their pressure.

Gao Yi, however, didnt do that, because he wasnt scared and was introverted.

“Jesus, Gao Yi didnt scream at all!” Cao Wenxin was very surprised.

“It seems that he isnt afraid of it,” Jiang Zezheng said.

In their eyes, if jumpers didnt scream aloud, it meant that they werent scared of it.

Cao Wenxin was the next one to jump.

Gao Yi was physically strong so he didnt feel uncomfortable after jumping.

His face looked as fine as usual, which surprised the staff members who were waiting for him in the boat.

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