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The coach told Gu Ning that his wife had always been short of energy for the last two years and her face was always pale too.

They had done many checks in different hospitals, but his wifes condition didnt improve at all.

Gu Ning then told him to visit Colaine to buy some medicine for his wifes condition.

“Yeah, Colaine is really famous for its effective medicines,” Tang Jiakai said, in case the coach didnt believe her.

The coach thanked Gu Ning at once and decided to buy some Colaine medicines later.

He didnt ask Gu Ning for her background, so he missed the chance to know her real identity.

Actually, he still had doubts about Colaine, because his wife had already taken so many different kinds of medicines.

However, he still had hope.

Since Gu Ning was able to cure Teng Xiaoyu, it was possible that she could help his wife too.

When they were leaving for the restaurant, some onlookers uploaded videos of Gu Ning playing the basketball match against several professional basketball players to the Internet.

They didnt know Gu Nings name, so the videos spread out slowly.

After a short time, however, someone recognized Gu Ning and soon reposted the videos to Weibo and @(mentioned) many entertainment influencers.

Followers of those entertainment influencers noticed this news at once.

Within minutes, the videos went viral and Gu Nings name gained a lot of attention once more.

Some haters were jealous of Gu Ning and criticized her for continuously attracting public attention.

Some also said that as a highschool student, she should study hard for the National College Entrance Examination.

Nevertheless, Gu Nings fans defended her without hesitation.

Because Gu Ning was already super popular and famous, there was no need for her to deliberately attract public attention.

Besides, the title made it very clear that someone challenged Gu Ning, so Gu Ning had the match against them.

In addition, Gu Ning was well-known to be an excellent student in her school, and she could easily pass the National College Entrance Examination with high scores.

At the same time, the Bulls were amid criticisms.

The national college basketball competition was an important game and it was held by the government, so there was a lot of news about it on TV and newspapers.

As a result, many people werent unfamiliar with the names of those basketball teams.

The finals were divided into three levels: the preliminary finals, semifinals and finals.

For now, the semi finals had just ended and it was only five days away from the finals.

The finals actually gained a lot of attention from a lot of people, especially from college students and those who were involved in the sports industry.

Because all the basketball teams were selected from major universities, most college students were aware of this competition.

The schoolmates of the teams that successfully entered the finals also paid special attention to this game, because it was related to the honor of their school

Some of them who knew a lot about Gu Ning blamed the Bulls for its stupid aggressive behavior.

In their eyes, Gu Ning was someone they couldnt mess with.

The Bulls soon heard this news, and its members finally figured out who Gu Ning was.

They were surprised by Gu Nings influence, but hated her more, because they believed that it was Gu Ning who damaged the reputation of their team.

Therefore, they began to attack Gu Ning on the Internet, but were attacked back by Gu Nings fans.

They were annoyed and didnt understand why Gu Ning had so many loyal fans to defend her.

They thought that Gu Ning was only a beautiful girl who had several profitable stores.

In fact, they didnt know much about Gu Ning and now they were full of hatred against her as well.

Nevertheless, even though they were furious, they could do nothing to hurt Gu Ning.

All in all, the Bulls lost the game and its reputation was damaged too.

Gu Ning didnt pay much attention to the news, and she left after having a meal with her new friends.

Tang Jiakai also had to go back to his school so Gu Ning drove him there.

Tang Jiakai normally didnt drive, unless he needed to go home on weekends by himself.

Tang Jiakai lived in his school, because he wanted to make friends with his schoolmates.

Moreover, the Tang familys house was a little far from Tang Jiakais school.

Although he was born in a super-rich family, he still kept a very low profile.

He was studying in a highly prestigious university, so his schoolmates all had a bright future.

When the members of the Warriors got back, someone asked them whether they had noticed the latest trending news on the Internet.

They shook their heads, then read the news at once.

After reading the news, the members of the Warriors were only surprised that it caused a great sensation on the Internet.

Their coach, on the other hand, was shocked by Gu Nings influence and real identity.

He had heard a little about Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, and he knew that their founder was a very important figure.

However, to his astonishment, their founder turned out to be Gu Ning.

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