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“Great, very well!” Tang Haifeng was pleased.Before long, Jiang Lihua got home, and she was happy to see Gu Ning too.

“Hi, Ningning!”

“Nice to see you, Aunt Lihua,” Gu Ning said.

Tang Yunfan came back a while later, but Tang Yunhang was busy that night so he wouldnt join them for dinner.

Tang Jiayang had also already gone back to Country Y.

“Hi, everyone, Im back!” Tang Jiakais voice suddenly sounded.

It wasnt a weekend today, so they were surprised that Tang Jiakai was back home.

“Why did you come back home today” Jiang Lihua asked with confusion.

“I heard that Ningning would be home, so I came back too,” Tang Jiakai said.

“How did you know” Gu Ning asked.

“Grandpa told me,” Tang Jiakai replied.

“If I didnt tell him Ningning will be home today, he wouldnt agree to come back!” Tang Haifeng said.

Tang Haifeng called Tang Jiakai today and told him to dine at home tonight, but Tang Jiakai made an excuse and rejected it at first.

Afterwards, Tang Haifeng told him that Gu Ning would be home for dinner, and Tang Jiakai agreed at once.

Tang Haifeng was a little displeased because of that.

Jiang Lihua turned to look at Tang Jiakai and blamed him for doing that.

Tang Jiakai then explained with a serious face.

“I did have an appointment with my friends, but I need to talk to Ningning about something, so I came back.

Its very important.”

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng asked, “What do you want to talk to Ningning about”

The others also looked at Tang Jiakai for the answer.

“One of my close friends broke his leg when he played basketball, but their team is going to attend the final round next week.

If they can win the game, they can go abroad and take part in the international basketball competition for college students.

Its a great chance for them to get into the national team.

My friend is a key member of their team, and I hoped that Ningning could help him,” Tang Jiakai said.

“Well, since hes a close friend of yours, Im willing to help.

We can go visit him after dinner,” Gu Ning said.

Tang Jiakai was a member of the Tang family too, so she would definitely help him.

“Thanks!” Tang Jiakai was thrilled.

The Tang family was supportive, especially because the person was Tang Jiakais close friend.

During the meal, Tang Jiakai seemed impatient, because he ached to visit his friend, but he didnt urge Gu Ning.

Gu Ning noticed his behavior, so she sped up eating.

After dinner, Gu Ning left with Tang Jiakai.

She stopped at the door all of a sudden and turned around, then said to Tang Yunfan, “Oh, dad, I really want a younger brother or sister, so you and mom can work on it without any worries.”

Tang Yunfan was shocked when he heard that.

Gu Ning walked out before he could say anything.

Gu Man flushed crimson again.

“D-Did I hear correctly” Tang Yunfan still couldnt believe his ears.

“Of course, Ningning just told me that she wants you and Man to have another child when shes absent from beside you,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Shes going to study in the capital after all, and shes afraid that youll feel lonely.”

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan was happier.

He actually wanted another child too, but was afraid that Gu Ning might disagree.

Since Gu Ning said it herself, he wouldnt be worried any longer.

“I think its a good idea.

Both Jiayang and Jiakai have grown up and left us.

Our home has been too quiet for too long! We need a baby to break the silence,” Jiang Lihua said with excitement.

The Tang family valued familial relationships above anything else.

Because Gu Ning needed to go to Huafu Hills later, she drove her own car.

Tang Jiakai asked Gu Ning the moment they were in the car, “Do you really want a brother and sister who is so much younger than you”

It wasnt easy for two children to get along with each other if there was a huge age gap.

Moreover, the Tang family was a super-rich family.

If Gu Ning had a younger brother or sister, her family wealth would be divided into several parts.

Tang Jiakai would dislike having a brother or sister who was much younger than him.

He thought that it was irresponsible for parents to have another child at an old age without their first childs agreement.

Luckily, both Tang Yunfan and Gu Man werent very old, and Gu Ning was super-rich, so she didnt mind sharing the family wealth with her brother or sister.

She cared more about her parents happiness.

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