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Leng Shaoting had told Fang Dongcheng not to reveal that they werent strangers, so Fang Dongcheng pretended that he didnt know Leng Shaoting and asked directly, “Who called the police”“Its me,” Leng Shaoting said and stood out.

“I called the police for the boss of this store.”

“Nice to see you, sir.

Im the boss of this store, Gu Ning.” Gu Ning greeted Fang Dongcheng of her own accord, then continued, “The thing is…”

However, before Gu Ning could finish her sentence, the woman interrupted her.

“Sir, let me tell you what has happened.”

“Since Miss Gu is the boss of this store, I think she should tell the story first,” Fang Dongcheng said.

The woman was struck dumb for a second, and felt like something was wrong, but she didnt dare say it aloud.

Anyway, she still believed that the policemen would side with her.

“Miss Gu, please,” Fang Dongcheng politely said to Gu Ning for the sake of Leng Shaoting.

Although he didnt know Gu Nings relationship with Leng Shaoting, he understood that Gu Ning must be important too since Leng Shaoting was willing to make the call for her.

Maybe they were a couple.

Fang Dongcheng didnt know much about Leng Shaoting, and he only knew that Leng Shaoting was Lord Leng, the heir of the Leng family in the capital.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

“This maam bought a dress in our store today, and she came back after an hour with a group of reporters.

She accused us of selling low quality gowns, but it isnt the truth.”

“All the saleswomen in our store check the dresses when the customers pay at the counter, so I think this must be a trap aiming to ruin the reputation of our store.”

“Nonsense! Why should I do that Do you have any proof” The woman raised her voice with confidence.

She believed that the policemen would side with her, so she had nothing to be worried about.

“Do you want proof” Gu Ning smiled.

“Great, if you insist, I can show you what proof I have, but I still need to ask you a question first.

Are you sure there are quality problems with Charm gowns If not, we can sue you for slander.”

“Im very sure there are quality problems with your dresses!” The woman insisted.

“Very well, sir, I believe you clearly heard it too.

Since this maam insists, I need to sue her if it proves to be slander,” Gu Ning said to Fang Dongcheng.

She looked very confident and was determined to put the woman in jail.

Even though Gu Ning didnt know who Fang Dongcheng was, she knew that he must be an important figure in the Public Security Bureau since Leng Shaoting called him.

“Sure, no problem,” Fang Dongcheng said.

He was more than willing to do Gu Ning a favor.

Moreover, seeing Gu Ning being so confident, he tended to believe her account.

Even if he didnt believe Gu Ning, he should believe Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning then turned to look at the woman again.

“Maam, I really feel sorry for you, because I do have enough proof to sue you.”

Hearing that, the woman stiffened and rounded her eyes in shock.

Without delay, Gu Ning walked to the reception and began to play the videos on the computer.

The woman finally felt scared now.

Those reporters who stood behind her also got nervous.

If this woman was really guilty, they would be accomplices.

Gu Ning moved the screen to face them and said, “Please watch this video and youll know the truth.”

She played the third video K sent her.

On the screen, the woman was cutting the dress with scissors in a car.

“No, no, no, impossible!” The woman couldnt believe her eyes.

Not only the woman, but other people in the store were also shocked.

“OMG, this woman cut the dress on purpose!”

“How dare she blame Charm for it”

“Shes so shameless.”

“Is she jealous of Charms popularity”

“Shes hateful given what she has done.”

“These reporters are disgusting too!”

“Theyre accomplices.”

“They should be put in jail!”

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