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After the meal, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left, while Xu Qinyin and Zi Beiying separated too.

They would gather together again that evening.Xu Qinyin called Xu Jinchen without delay, and told him that Zi Beiying was about to leave tomorrow.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen felt a little upset.

He actually had an appointment with his friends that afternoon, but he thought that he could cancel it for Zi Beiying.

Therefore, Xu Jinchen agreed to meet them that night.

At this time, he was in Xu Jinlins office.

He had never been involved in his familys business before, but Xu Jinlin left a document at home today, so he brought it.

After hanging up the call, Xu Jinchen wore an absent look.

Xu Jinlin noticed it and asked him with concern, “What happened”


Um, Ill leave you to do your work.

I should go back now,” Xu Jinchen said and left.

Since Xu Jinchen was unwilling to tell him, Xu Jinlin didnt ask further.

When Leng Shaojia got home, she told her mother about what had happened with Gu Ning, and Jiang Shuyuan got mad at Gu Nings behavior.

She hated Gu Ning as much as Leng Shaojia did, so she believed every word Leng Shaojia said.

“Gu Ning is really annoying.

I think we should teach her a lesson,” Jiang Shuyuan said with hatred.

“Since the Charm store is owned by her, Ill figure out a way to close it!”

“Mom, what can you do to close it” Leng Shaojias eyes lit up at once.

“I dont have any ideas yet, but Ill think of a good way later,” Jiang Shuyuan said.

She was determined to punish Gu Ning.

Leng Shaojia beamed with satisfaction, because she knew her mother was more influential than her.

Leng Shaojia didnt tell Jiang Shuyuan what Gu Ning had achieved before.

She didnt want her mother to know how outstanding Gu Ning was.

However, if Jiang Shuyuan didnt know how powerful Gu Ning was, she would take Gu Ning lightly, which would cause them to fail.

At 4 pm, Charm store encountered trouble.

A woman bought a gown in the Charm store, but soon came back with a group of reporters.

She accused Charm of making low quality dresses.

Other customers in the store put the dresses in their hands down at once, then surrounded the woman to see whether Charm gowns indeed had quality problems.

Yu Zi thought that it was impossible, because they had checked every gown before they put it on the shelves.

When customers decided to buy any of the dresses in the store, they would check it again before wrapping it up.

“Madam, we checked this gown right in front of your eyes when you paid for it at the counter, and we all knew it was fine.

Its obvious that someone cut and damaged this dress on purpose afterwards.

Im afraid its your own problem,” Yu Zi was annoyed after checking the gown once more.

She was always polite to customers, but couldnt stand liars.

The woman came here with so many reporters in order to cause Charm trouble and ruin its reputation.

People then turned to look at the woman in surprise.

“How could you say that to me I didnt do it!” The woman panicked a little, but refused to admit it.

She absolutely wouldnt admit it.

Instead, she acted innocent and aggrieved.

“Nobody cut or damaged this dress on purpose after I left this store.

Its your gowns quality that is the problem!”

When Yu Zi was about to say something again, those reporters began to bombard her with sharp questions.

“Miss, is it true that Charm gowns have quality problems”

“If its true, isnt the price too high”

“Dont you feel guilty for doing that”


Facing all kinds of accusations and criticisms, Yu Zi told herself that she had to stay calm.

Those reporters were all bribed by the woman, so they obviously sided with her.

Yu Zi had never encountered such trouble before, so she didnt know what to do at this moment, but she still did her best to compose herself.

“Since you dont believe my explanation, I can call my boss and let her explain it to you.” Yu Zi thought Gu Ning must be able to handle it well.

“Sure, I can wait.” The woman agreed.

She didnt believe that the boss of Charm could be more powerful than the Leng family.

After that, Yu Zi called Gu Ning without hesitation.

When Gu Ning heard the news, she thought it must have something to do with Leng Shaojia, because she just had conflict with Leng Shaojia this morning.

It could also be her other enemies in the industry, since peers were competitors.

Nevertheless, no matter who the person was, Gu Ning decided to pay them back.

She wasnt weak at all, and wouldnt swallow the anger either.

Without delay, Gu Ning went to Charm along with Leng Shaoting

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