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Shen Baixiang gathered with several of his schoolmates that night, and he mentioned Gu Ning.The others didnt know Gu Ning, but Shen Baixiang told them how unbelievable Gu Ning was.

After that, Shen Baixiang also talked about Xu Qinyin, whom they were familiar with.

Most of them were Shen Baixiangs close friends, so they were aware that Shen Baixiang had rejected Xu Qinyin.

They also knew the real reason why he had done it.

However, they didnt think that it was wrong, because it was Shen Baixiangs choice.

Different people had different values and aims.

It was not just Shen Baixiang, they also preferred to have a marriage between families of equal social status.

One of Shen Baixiangs schoolmates didnt know them before, so he wasnt aware of what had happened between Xu Qinyin and Shen Baixiang.

After knowing that Shen Baixiang had rejected Xu Qinyin, he was surprised.

“What Why”

The others, instead, didnt understand why he looked so surprised.

“Why are you so surprised” Shen Baixiang asked, and somehow felt that something wasnt right.

Maybe it had been a bad decision to reject Xu Qinyin, but even though he had a bad feeling, he still refused to believe it.

“Come on, Xu Qinyin was born in the famous Xu family in the capital.

You were quite lucky that she liked you,” Shen Baixiangs schoolmate said.

She was born in the Xu family in the capital

Everyone else was astonished.

“What Xu family” someone asked at once.

“There is only one famous Xu family in the capital.

The owner of the Jinlin Organization!” Shen Baixiangs schoolmate said.

“What” Everyone was totally shocked this time, including Shen Baixiang.

If Xu Qinyins family was the famous Xu family in the capital, he had missed a great chance to improve his familys social status.

At the same time, he wondered why Xu Qinqin didnt tell him the truth.

If she had told him her real family background, he wouldnt have rejected her.

Anyway, Shen Baixiang couldnt tell his schoolmates his real thoughts, or his schoolmates would dislike him.

The moment they learned the truth, they all turned to look at Shen Baixiang with sympathy.

“Wow, what a shame!”

“Actually, even if Xu Qinyin is an ordinary girl, shes very beautiful.”

Some people cared about benefits most, while others didnt.

“Um, I think it was fate.” Shen Baixiang raised a smile.

“Is Xu Qinyin still single now Baixiang, you can get her back!” Someone proposed.

Shen Baixiang smiled, but said nothing.

He absolutely wanted to get Xu Qinyin back, but Xu Qinyin didnt bother to pay attention to him now.

Even though it wasnt very likely, Shen Baixiang still decided to try after knowing about Xu Qinyins real family background.

Nevertheless, he lost his appetite.

Gu Ning and her friends left the food street later.

She drove Xu Qinyin home first before she sent Zi Beiying, Mengda and Nan to the hotel, then she drove back to Leng Shaotings house alone.

Zi Beiying could rent a car from the hotel if she needed one, and it would be also convenient for Gu Ning to have a car.

Shortly after Gu Ning was back in the house, she received Gu Mans call.

Gu Man and Tang Yunfan already came back home from their honeymoon.

Once they were home, Tang Haifeng told them what Master Leng had said to him on the phone.

Both Tang Yunfan and Gu Man thought that Master Leng really took it seriously.

After that, Gu Man called Gu Ning and told her that Master Leng planned to let her be engaged to Leng Shaoting first.

Gu Ning was amused by Master Lengs impatience for the engagement, but she could understand it, because it was very hard for Leng Shaoting to fall in love with a girl.

Master Leng was worried that Gu Ning might change her mind and dump Leng Shaoting one day.

Although Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were determined to marry each other, nobody knew what would happen in the future.

In addition, Leng Shaoting was a soldier, and it wasnt easy to divorce a soldier.

“Mom, how was your trip” Gu Ning asked.

“Not bad, but I couldnt communicate with the local people, and it caused a little trouble,” Gu Man said.

Gu Man didnt speak English, so it was indeed a problem for her to communicate with foreign people.

Tang Yunfan could help her if she needed it, but she still felt more comfortable at home.

Gu Man was a little tired after the long-distance flight, so they didnt talk on the phone for long.

After hanging up the call with Gu Man, Gu Ning lay on the sofa to watch TV.

She suddenly realised that she hadnt watched TV in a long time.

She kept changing the television channels, but failed to find any interesting programs.

When she was about to turn it off, she found an entertainment show about movies.

Several movie experts were making their comments on the latest films, which includes Infinite Horror.

Most of them greatly complimented it, which cheered Gu Ning up.

It was good news for Gu Ning that both the audience and movie critics liked the film she made.

She had heard many compliments on Infinite Horror from different people, but she still felt happy every time she heard it.

When it was about 12 am, Leng Shaoting was finally back.

He looked a little tired, so Gu Ning gave him a power crystal at once to refresh him.

Gu Ning didnt ask him where he went and what he had done, because she knew it was confidential.

“Shaoting, my mom just told me that Grandpa Leng has called my grandpa, and we can get engaged if you want,” Gu Ning said.

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