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Gu Ning stayed in the warehouse for a few minutes, then went back to Burma with Leng Shaoting.…

It took a long time for the hostess to finish reading the list of jade raw materials that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting won, while others only won dozens of jade raw materials.

When it was about 1 pm, the hostess finally finished reading all the numbers.

The Zhang family won about 20 jade raw materials, including some that Gu Ning left for them.

The Lu family won the same amount of jade raw materials, but there were only a few pieces of low quality jade in them.

The Zhang family and the Lu family mainly came to strike up a relationship with their potential clients and partners in business, so they didnt care much about the results.

Zhao Yuefeng won 10 jade raw materials in all, and five of them had jade inside.

All of them chose to send their jade raw materials back, while they would stay in Burma for the next days auction.

At 2 pm, some people began to cut jade out of their jade raw materials, but there wasnt much jade of high quality.

That being the case, people began to bid crazily for a violet jade once it was cut out.

Zi Beiying came there for fun, but she couldnt sit still when Ayumi Yamaguchi joined the auction.

Dongfang Ziyu was also competing for the violet jade.

The violet jade was covered in dense magical power, but she couldnt absorb it with her eyes like Gu Ning usually did, so she had to buy it.

After absorbing the magical power, she could make jewelry with it and sell it.

The violet jade was the size of half a football, and someone offered a million dollars for it at the very beginning.

“1.5 million dollars,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

“1.6 million dollars,” Zi Beiying said.

“1.7 million dollars,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

As the price of the violet jade went up, more and more people stopped bidding for it.

In the end, only Ayumi Yamaguchi, Zi Beiying and Dongfang Ziyu were still bidding for it.

“Five million dollars,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

Although it wasnt the highest price the violet jade could reach, it was almost there.

If the price went higher, it wouldnt be a profitable deal.

“5.1 million dollars,” Zi Beiying said.

She was challenging Ayumi Yamaguchi.

Zi Beiying enjoyed it when Ayumi Yamaguchi was mad at her.

She didnt lack money at all.

If the price was too high, she would probably quit.

“5.2 million dollars,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

Ayumi Yamaguchi and Zi Beiying were competing against one another, but Dongfang Ziyu really wanted the jade.

Dongfang Ziyu knew that they were enemies, but couldnt stop them from raising the price.

“5.3 million dollars,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

“5.4 million dollars,” Zi Beiying said.

Dongfang Ziyu stopped bidding this time.

She didnt give up, but wanted to see how high the price was reaching.

She was unwilling to waste too much money on it.

“5.5 million dollars,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

“5.6 million dollars,” Zi Beiying said.

“Six million dollars,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said.

“6.2 million dollars,” Zi Beiying said.

“Seven million dollars!” Ayumi Yamaguchi lost her patience.

“Well, fine, its yours.” Zi Beiying decided to quit.

She didnt think it was embarrassing, because the jade wasnt worth that amount of money in any case.

Ayumi Yamaguchi paid seven million dollars for it in the end, which wasnt a profitable deal.

“You…!” Ayumi Yamaguchi was furious, but she still laughed at Zi Beiying.

“You simply cant afford it.”

She didnt lack money either.

“7.2 million dollars.” Dongfang Ziyu interrupted them.

Hearing that, Zi Beiying was surprised and looked at Dongfang Ziyu.

She thought that Ayumi Yamaguchi was stupid to pay so much money for a piece of jade, but didnt expect that there would be another person willing to pay a higher price for it.

“7.3 million dollars,” Ayumi Yamaguchi said without thinking further.

“7.4 million dollars,” Dongfang Ziyu said with determination.

Ayumi Yamaguchi opened her mouth, but said nothing.

She knew that it was meaningless to raise the price now.

She competed against Zi Beiying not because she liked jade.

In fact, compared with jade, she liked diamonds more.

She bid for the jade only because Shouta Minamino wanted it.

Shouta Minamino had told her that the jade was worth only six million dollars.

If the price was higher than six million dollars, she could give it up.

She didnt do that because Zi Beiying was unwilling to quit.

Since Zi Beiying already quit now, there was no need for Ayumi Yamaguchi to compete for it.

Ayumi Yamaguchi looked to Shouta Minamino for his opinion, and Shouta Minamino shook his head, so Ayumi Yamaguchi stopped bidding.

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