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“You…” The old man understood that it was the truth, but he still didnt move at all.

On the contrary, he questioned Gu Ning, “What can you do to help him What if he dies in your hands”When he said that, he panicked a little because of his guilty conscience, but soon looked determined to stop Gu Ning from rescuing the old man lying on the ground.

Seeing that, Gu Ning realized that this old man must hope for Old Man Qiao to be in trouble.

She was right.

Old Man Sha was indeed unwilling to help Old Man Qiao.

To be specific, Old Man Qiaos sudden fall had something to do with him!

Gu Ning didnt know which one of them was the good man, nor why Old Man Sha was reluctant to help Old Man Qiao, but she couldnt give up right now since she was already involved in this.

Even if Old Man Qiao was a bad person, only a judge could sentence him.

If Old Man Qiao wasnt a bad person, it would be a shame for him to die like this.

“I can take the responsibility if anything terrible happens,” Gu Ning said with determination.

“You can take the responsibility Who do you think you are, and do you know who Old Man Qiao is” Old Man Sha said with obvious disdain.

“Sha, let this girl do what she can.

Maybe she can really help Qiao.” Old Man Di interrupted them.

Gu Ning looked very confident, and he thought that she might have a way to help Old Man Qiao.

“Di, do you really trust her I dont.

I think we should call an ambulance right now,” Old Man Sha said.

It would take at least five minutes for an ambulance to get here, and Old Man Qiao could be dead by then.

“Well…” Old Man Di hesitated, because Gu Ning was a stranger after all.

Gu Ning, however, had no time to waste on arguing with them.

She directly moved their hands which stopped her from approaching Old Man Qiao, then quickly squeezed a power crystal into Old Man Qiaos mouth.

At the same time, she held his wrist to secretly put her magical power into his body.

Old Man Qiao was in a bad condition now, so a power crystal wasnt enough to save his life.

The two old men werent strong, and couldnt stop Gu Ning.

They were mad, but didnt know what to do now.

“How dare you!” Old Man Sha was furious.

“How can you be so rude to the elderly Dont you have manners”

“Sha, forget it.” Old Man Di understood why Gu Ning did it.

She simply wanted to help Old Man Qiao.

Time mattered most when a mans life was in danger.

“Why This girl is so rude and bold.

We dont know what she just squeezed into Qiaos mouth!”

Old Man Sha was unwilling to forgive Gu Ning.

In fact, he stopped Gu Ning because he thought that Gu Ning might really have the ability to rescue Old Man Qiao, which was the last thing he wanted to see right now.

Old Man Di was worried about Old Man Qiaos safety, but he still trusted Gu Ning because she looked very confident.

“No, I must call the police now,” Old Man Sha said, and took out his phone.

No matter what happened, he had to punish this young girl.

However, before he could finish the call, Old Man Di interrupted him with excitement.

“Qiao opened his eyes! Hes awake!” Old Man Di was thrilled.

“What” Hearing that, Old Man Sha was surprised and disappointed.

Why How is it possible What medicine did this girl make Qiao swallow How could he wake up so soon

Gu Ning didnt miss the disappointment in Old Man Shas eyes, but she said nothing about it.

She moved aside when Old Man Qiao woke up.

Old Man Qiao wore a dazed expression, and didnt realize what had just happened to him.

Since Old Man Qiao was awake now, Old Man Sha had to pretend to be happy for him.

“Qiao, are you alright”

Things didnt go the way he hoped, so he was full of hatred towards Gu Ning now.

If it hadnt been for her, Old Man Qiao would have been dead already! Nevertheless, he didnt dare to show his real feelings on his face.

“Qiao Qiao” Old Man Di called Old Man Qiao to help him wake up.

Hearing Old Man Sha and Old Man Dis voices, Old Man Qiao gradually became conscious.

“W-What happened”

He remembered that he had been running just then.

“You fainted and fell all of a sudden,” Old Man Di said.

I just fainted and fell Why

Old Man Qiao was confused.

His body was always in a good condition, and he often ran in the morning to stay healthy.

Why would he suddenly faint and fall

“Oh, this young girl just saved your life!” Old Man Di pointed at Gu Ning.

Old Man Qiao turned to look at Gu Ning at once.

“Thank you so much, miss.”

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