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Chapter 1001 Qinggong

when the private pleasure boat gu ning was on moved near to the pleasure boat where the man was, she told leng shaoting to sail parallel to it.

“sir, why dont you get aboard my boat so that we can have a nice talk” gu ning said to the man of the evil practice.

leng shaoting didnt realize that gu ning aimed to meet the man until now, and he also recognized the man when he saw him.

the man was obviously covered in yin.

ordinary people might not feel it, but leng shaoting could.

the man knew that gu ning came here because of him, but he willingly accepted gu nings invitation since he was looking for her too.

“why not!” the man said, then directly jumped to the boat where gu ning was.

many people were shocked by the scene.

“jesus, he just jumped to the boat over there!”

“is it qinggong”

it was indeed qinggong.

people who practiced his or her inner discipline hoped to become gods or goddesses one day in the future.

and without a doubt gods and goddesses could fly.

although the man hadnt finished practicing his inner discipline yet, he was good at qinggong at his level right now.

however, he couldnt fly up high, just the height of two to three stories.

ordinary people had never seen qinggong with their own eyes before, so they couldnt believe that it was real.

leng shaoting understood that gu ning was going to catch the man, so he sailed the boat away in case innocent people were hurt.

“did you come here for me” the man asked gu ning, although he already had the answer.

“yes,” gu ning replied.

“how did you find me” he asked again with curiosity.

“i smelt you.” gu ning didnt bother to hide it.

the man was displeased.

“who are you whats your aim”

“im simply an ordinary person, and i aim to destroy you because youre harmful,” gu ning said.

she didnt take herself as the saviour, but she couldnt stand aside since she already found a member of the evil practice.

she would probably be the next victim.

even if she stayed away from them, they would still come to her for her magical power.

it was also possible that she was reborn for a reason, but she wasnt aware of the reason right now.

she had seen so many strange things which she didnt believe in at all during the previous incarnation, so she thought that they might be hints of what would happen to her in the future.

she also sensed that she was going to have a fierce fight against the evil practice.

gu ning cared a lot about her premonitions, because they were always right.

she wanted to be prepared so that she could protect herself.

“its none of your business,” the man said.

his target wasnt gu ning at the beginning, but gu ning had interrupted him again and again.

“well, it indeed wasnt my business before, but now its different because you want my magical power,” gu ning said, then hid her magical power away, which surprised the man.

he soon figured out why he couldnt find her before, because she was able to hide her magical power!

hearing that, the man squinted with his eyes full of greed.

“youre right, i do want the magical power around your body, so you better give it to me right now,” the man said, and attacked gu ning without delay.

even though the man wasnt confident that he could win in the fight against gu ning, he was left with no choice.

leng shaoting was worried about gu ning, but he knew that the man couldnt hurt her right now, so he didnt get involved in the fight and sailed the boat far away from other pleasure boats.

gu ning wouldnt hesitate to attack the man either, and she used her magical power to enhance her strength.

within a short time, she got control of the situation.

the man gradually felt hard pressed to gain advantage in the fight.

because of their violent fight, the private pleasure boat was shaking heavily.

luckily, they were far away from people now, and nobody could see them.

the man was furious when gu ning got the better of him.

he couldnt believe that she was simply an ordinary girl.

she was covered in magical power, and unusually good at fighting, but had no smell of those who were practicing their inner discipline.

the man was confused, but it wasnt the right time for him to think further about it.

he was good at swimming, so jumped into the river without delay when he realized that it was impossible for him to win.

gu ning, however, was unwilling to let him escape like that.

she could breathe and talk in the water, so she jumped into the river after the man at once.

leng shaoting didnt know that gu ning had the help of her magical power, and got anxious the second she jumped into the river.

without hesitation, he followed her.

gu ning didnt see leng shaoting jumping into the water, but heard the sound.

she knew that leng shaoting was also good at swimming, but he was just a normal human being.

she was worried about his safety, but had to focus on the man at this key moment.

it was very dark under the water at night, so leng shaoting couldnt clearly see gu ning and the man, nor move with agility to reach gu nings side.

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