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Chapter 64

Vampire Princess, the Four Demon Generals, and the Sacred Artifact

Translated by AmaLynne


「…Gentlemen, I am gathered here today for one thing only.

New executive positions… To announce the personnel for the creation of the Four Demon General.」


New executive position… Three days after the announcement of the creation of the Four Demon Generals of the Demon Army.

Currently, among the Demon King, the upper echelons of each race have gathered, just as they did when Yomi joined the Demon Army, and are waiting impatiently for the announcement.


「Let me make the announcement right away.

First…Fourth seat, Gray Christ.」


At the same time, Mr.

Gray stepped forward, and simultaneously there were loud cheers and applause.

Gray-san is a popular guy, isn’t he I heard there is a fan club that says they can’t get enough of that taciturnity.


「Gray, I appoint you as the fourth seat of the Four Demon General of the Demon Army… You, who was once said to be the strongest in the Demon Army, may be dissatisfied with the fourth seat, though.」

「Such…I, not……the one who is above me…Three of them were……stronger…..That’s just the way it……is.」

「Mm, yeah」

「……But……I, too, am a warrior……I have no……intention of stagnating……」

「Kukuk, good attitude.

I like it.  From now on, continue to serve the Demon Army with all your might.」

「I accept……」


Loud cheers once again.

……Gray-san, you’re so cool.

I admire you so much!


「Next up……Sakura Forrester.」



You are the third seat.

Until now, Tiana has been there, and mainly because that……not have the talent to lead an army……just a little……That’s why I held you from joining the executive.」


I wonder how much lack of talent is at the level that makes the Demon King-sama falter in her speech, Sakura-kun.


「…But your magical abilities are undoubtedly the best in the Demon Army.

I hope you will continue to use your power to the fullest.」

「Y-Yes! I-I will continue to burn, blow up, drown, and do many other things to humans!」

「O-Oh……Well, then, in honor of your rare talent and wisdom in magic, I give you the name of『Wise God General』.」

「Y-You’re so kind to say that!」


I chewed.


「Now on to the next……Lean Bloodlord.」


Oh, it’s me.

I went up to the front of the Demon King-sama and straightened my posture, just like the previous two.

Then, the cheers were as loud as Gray-san and Sakura-kun.

Ugh, embarrassing.



The sole survivor of my people.

You shall be the second seat… I never thought you would be this strong.」

「It is only because of the help of the executive and all the other members of the demon tribe that I have been able to do this.

If it were up to me alone, I would already be dead.」

「…Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re humble or greedy.」


I think it’s both.


「Well, good.

I have heard of your rampage on the battlefield.

Just a few days ago, you and Rain took down a whole country.

Not just anyone can do that.」


The Kingdom of Alvera

When I heard this, there was a cry of admiration from behind.

So embarrassing.


「You will be given the new name of『Demon God General』.

From now on, you will continue to fulfill your role as a Vampire Princess.」



As soon as I stepped back, there was a cheer that sounded more like an angry shout.

Stop it, I’m not good at being praised or admired!


「And lastly, as I’m sure everyone here knows……Yomi, come here.」

「Yes, Demon King-sama.」


Oh, Yomi’s here.

What’s with that nervous face She’s cute.

Someone get a camera.


「Yomi, You the first seat……In other words, the top.

I recognize you as the second most powerful in the Demon Army, after me.」

「Yes… I can’t thank you enough for letting me join the Demon Army even though I am a human being.

I really can’t thank you enough.

This life that was picked up by the Demon King-sama and Lean, I will use it all for the sake of the Demon Army.」

「Kukuku, save a little life for yourself.

Well, Yomi.

your peerless fighting prowess deserves this name…『Warlord』.

I give you this name.

From now on, let your mightiest power be the power of the Demon Army.」

「Of course!」


Then, the loudest cheer of the day went up.

It was Yomi, after all.

What’s with that shy face Super cute.


Thus, a new position was created――the Four Demon General of the Demon Army.


Fourth seat――『Warrior God General』Gray Christ.


Third seat――『Wise God General』Sakura Forrester.


Second seat――『Demon God General』Lean Bloodlord.


First seat――『Warlord』Yomi.




The next day after the founding of the Four Demon General, the four of us were summoned by the Demon King-sama.


「Umm…Demon King-sama, is there something I can do for you」


This time, you and the others will be active as the best of the Demon Army.

As a reward for all the hard work and effort that went into getting selected, I thought I’d give you a little present.」

「A present What is it, money Sweets The right to hug Yomi as much as you want」

「What was the last one!」

「No, it’s not.

Well, it’s nothing much.

I was just going to give you some Sacred Artifact.」


Oh, a sacred artifact~

Sacred artifact~



Sacred Artifact!


「S-Sacred Artifact! …That Sacred Artifact!」

「I don’t know what else it could be, but maybe that.」

「What…sacred artifact…」


Sacred Artifact.

There was once a time when demons and humans did not fight, but coexisted and prospered together.

The king of a great nation at that time had 99 magic items created to protect and prosper his nation.

Each one of them is the most powerful item that has a unique and terrifying performance.

That’s a Sacred Artifact.


「However, there are still many Sacred Artifacts that have been lost in the long history of the kingdom.

There are currently only thirteen Sacred Artifacts in the possession of the Demon Army.

From among them, I will give you the one that suits you best.」


「It would be a shame to let it rot.

I leave it to you.」



Is it really okay

On my wrist, a Vessel, a degraded version of a Sacred Artifact, the Maintenance Bracelet』is gleaming.

This is another one of my deepest secrets, but if it can further strengthen me, there’s no reason not to take it.


「First of all, Gray.

This is for you.」

「This is……clothes……」

「It’s called『Strong Clothing Gravolas』.

The effect is quite simple.

It raises your muscular strength and defense several times.

It also has the effect of allowing you to change the design as you wish, so modify it as you like.」



Sacred Artifact is amazing.

It’s a status correction with no disadvantages.


「Sakura, this is for you.

The『King’s Staff Hearty』.

Use it with care.」

「Umm, what does this do」

「It improves the magic power and reduces the magic power required.

Not only that, it can simplify magic completely.」


「No matter what kind of large-scale magic it is, or what kind of preparation magic it requires.

With that staff, even magic that takes an irritatingly long time to work can be done in seconds, if you know what I mean.」



A cheat person has been bestowed a cheat magic item.


「Lean, for you…Oh, here it is.

It’s called『Heavenly Eye Ars』.」


Heavenly Eye Ars

What is this, a pendant


「What does it do」

「It gives you an absolute boost to all aspects of your vision.」

「……What does that mean」

「It means you’ll be able to see through smoke screens and flashes of light that even vampire eyes can’t see through.」


…Hmm Well, it’s useful but not as good as the last two, right


「That’s not all.

It also has Clairvoyance, which allows you to look ahead from 1 second to 10 seconds into the future, and mind-reading, which allows you to see into the mind of your opponent in fragments.

And to top it all off, it has the power to steal a person’s『Status』.」


I take back what I said before, it’s a cheat item.

Holy crap, you’re really going to give me this




「The last one is Yomi…This is for you.」

「This…a sword」


…Hmm I’ve seen this sword somewhere before…



「This is the『Magic Sword Diaz』isn’t it The one Yomi used when she was a Hero.」


「Yes, it is.

The effect is extremely powerful.

It has the power to cut through an opponent’s defenses, the power to cut through insubstantial objects such as fire and water, and the power to make it difficult to heal the cut area.

Those are three effects.」


I think it’s a real cheat to hear it again.

Especially the defense penetration.

It’s the natural enemy for a defensive vanguard.


「I’ll give it back to you.

Wield it to your heart’s content.」

「…Yes, thank you very much…」

「And I’ll give you this.」




Somehow, Demon King-sama has another sword.


「The Magic Sword Diaz originally belonged to you, so I simply returned it.

Apart from that, I said I’ll give you another one.」

「Ehh…! Wait, that…two swords! I can’t accept two swords!」

「I told you, it would be a shame to let it rot.

You can do dual wield, can’t you」

「No, well, I can…I can but……」


You can!

I’ve heard it’s super hard!


「The name of the sword is『Arius the Last Sword』.

The effect is――」


…Everyone in the room opened their mouths when they heard the effect.

That’s terrible.

If Yomi uses it, there really won’t be anyone left to call an enemy, will there


Learn more


「Well, that’s it then.

I’m sorry I called you out here.



After saying all that, the Demon King-sama transferred.

We looked at each other, having gained unexpected power…The first thing to do is to go to the arena to test each other’s strengths.


An hour later, I was immensely impressed by its extraordinary performance.


In addition, the arena broke down and Zedd-san screamed like he had never been.


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