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Chapter 30: Press Conference

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Jeannes words moved Alexander a little.

He did not expect Jeanne to be so broad-minded at such a critical moment.

Alexander let Jeanne make her choice because he wanted to give himself a way out. Nonetheless, no matter her choice, in the end, she would have to follow his way and face the reporters together with Thedus to resolve this matter.

Jeanne is much more mature than before, Alexander thought.

At that moment, Jenifer was also deep in thought about Jeannes actions today.

Jeanne was not as simple as she thought! Originally, Jenifer had also come to see Jeanne make a fool out of herself and to see how she would be humiliated by the Lockes. Who knew, the plot was reversed. The Lockes knelt and apologized to Jeanne instead, and Jeanne even brought a huge amount of benefits to the Lawrences... As such, would Alexander and Jonathan have no choice but to change their opinion of Jeanne!

Jenifer secretly clenched her teeth.

She could not allow Jeanne to continue to act like this.

This woman is going to be a disaster! She thought

“Alex, since Jeanne has agreed...” Damian opened his mouth and asked.

Alexander came back to his senses and said, “Since Jeanne has agreed, I believe that Thedus has also learned his lesson. This matter will be done according to Jeannes instructions.”

What he said was rather grandiose, but in reality, it was only because of benefits.

“Since thats the case, lets take advantage of the fact that the matter hasnt escalated. Lets resolve it as soon as possible,” Damian said, “I want to convene a press conference in the afternoon.”

“That urgent” Alexander asked.

“We cant delay this matter. If it drags on for too long, I dont know how the news will spread. Moreover, the collaboration with MUK is imminent, so I want to settle this as soon as possible. I dont want other matters to affect the progress of my negotiations.”

“Its just that I have something to do in the afternoon... To tell you the truth, the Swans are coming to talk about Jasmine and Edens marriage in the afternoon. I have to be there.”

“Thats fine. Jeanne and Thedus will go to meet the reporters in the afternoon. We dont need to accompany them. The young ones can settle their matters by themselves. We shouldnt get involved.”

“Thats true. Once we get involved, things will change. Perhaps the media will insist that were doing it for profit or something.”

“You dont have to worry about other things. Just leave it to me,” Damian said, “You should prepare for your daughters wedding with the Swans. Thats the most important matter for you. Once you become in-laws of the Swans, the Lockes will also benefit from it...”

“Look what youre saying...” Alexander said humbly but looked proud.

The two of them complimented each other again.

Alexander and Jenifer had lunch at the Locke familys residence and left in a hurry.

Jeanne and George stayed.

The Lockes hired a public relations team to prepare a response plan for them.

At 4:00 pm.

Jeanne brought George along with Thedus and went to a private banquet hall of the Lockes for the press conference.

Before the press conference began, Jeanne gave Monica a call.

The moment the call was connected, a loud voice came from the other end. “Jeanne, why didnt you pick up my call!”

Jeanne rubbed her ear.

It was deafening.

Jeanne knew Monica too well. She did not even need to think to know what Monica was going to say. Besides, it was not suitable for her to talk to Monica at the Locke familys residence, so she put her phone on vibration and let her call her as much as she wanted!

At this moment, Jeanne was only calling Monica because she went to the toilet.

She said, “It wasnt convenient for me.”

“Why! Are the Lawrences threatening you!”


“Tell me honestly, are you currently under house arrest by the Lawrences”

“Dont let your imagination run wild. Im fine. Im going to face the reporters together with Thedus now...”

“What did you say!” Monica shouted at the top of her lungs!

“Dont be agitated. Its not what you think.” Jeanne did not explain because she could not explain it. She said, “Just drive to the entrance of the address I sent you and wait for me. Im afraid that I wont have a car to leave later.”

“What” Monica was confused.

She felt as if her heart and lungs were exploding!

When she saw the news of Thedus fooling around with some other woman outside, she fumed with rage.

How could Jeanne be so indifferent

Jeanne did not say anything more and hung up the phone.

She quickly sent the address to Monica and wrote a text message: [Wait for me here.]

Following that, she turned off her phone and walked out of the bathroom.

When she walked out, Thedus was already waiting for her outside. His expression was extremely ugly. Due to the situation, he endured and did not throw a tantrum.

“Its about time,” Thedus said coldly.

“Okay.” Jeanne held Georges hand and followed Thedus to the venue.

George stayed at the entrance and waited for her.

Jeanne and Thedus went in. Clicking sounds could be heard continuously.

Thedus and Jeanne sat in the middle.

Thedus said, “Im very grateful to the media for attending this press conference. First of all, I would like to express my deep apology for my personal misconduct that caused a negative impact on the public.”

As he spoke, Thedus stood up and bowed.

He would first apologize to gain sympathy.

Everything was arranged according to what the crisis public relations had arranged.

Thedus sat down and continued, “Everything reported on the news is true. Ive indeed done something to let Jeanne down. Although I was framed and drugged, what happened happened. A mistake is a mistake. Ill bear the responsibility for this mistake. Ill...”

Thedus secretly pinched his thigh, so his eyes turned red.

He looked like he was very regretful.

“I only hope that Jeanne can give me a chance... I really love Jeanne. The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. Ive been looking forward to our wedding, and I also treat George as my own son. I never thought that I would make such a mistake. I really wanted to kill myself for a second!” Thedus was trying to gain sympathy.

The reporters looked at him.

They did not sympathize with him, but they were not very harsh with him either.

There was even a few seconds of awkwardness at the scene.

A paid reporter hurriedly asked, “Second Young Master Locke, did you cheat this time because you were drugged by the other party”

“Yes, I didnt expect her to treat me like that. She has always liked me, but Ive told her clearly that I like Jeanne. Im getting married, so I asked her not to pester me. Who knew, she threatened me by saying that shed commit suicide. I didnt expect her to drug me when I went to find her. Right now, I regret that I was too kind toward her. I even suspect that all the bad things I did with her were her schemes to destroy the relationship between me and Jeanne!” Thedus looked like he was in pain.

“Ms. Lawrence, will you forgive Thedus” The reporter looked at Jeanne.

According to the script, she would forgive Thedus and even say many good things about him.

However, she said, “I wont forgive him!”

She uttered those words strongly.


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