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Emilys eyes widened.

She was in a sour mood.

She knew that it would be easy for these people to deal with her.

Killing her woud be as easy as killing an ant.

Finally, her face fell like a deflated rubber ball.

She collapsed to the ground.

“I-I love Mr.

Duke very much.


Duke is the most handsome, gentlemanly, best, most elegant, richest, and most powerful man Ive ever met in my life.”

“You dont have to give me so many superlatives.

You can just say that Im the richest and most powerful man that youve ever met.


Emily was so agitated by Duke Etons words that she began to cry again.

She said, “I want to leave my previous life! I want to hold onto Mr.

Dukes heart.

I want to live in this beautiful Dukes mansion forever and become a duchess, but I have no background and no money.

Even in college, my grades werent that good.

I was afraid that the royal family would object to the Duke being with me, so I tampered with the condom.

“At first, I just wanted to be pregnant with the Dukes child and hold the key to entering the royal family.

When I got pregnant, I thought that the Duke would be happy for our child.

But he wasnt.

He stopped liking me.

“I was very sad.

I did not understand why the Duke didnt want a child.

All he did was talk about you and Selina all day long.

“When my relationship was unstable, I wanted to have a child to stabilize it.

But after getting pregnant, I learned that my sons inheritance was in great danger.

I found out too late.

The Duke had already written a will, saying that he would give you all his inheritance.

Even after I kept the pregnancy for a while, he had no intention of changing his will.

“I was so sad.

My child was the Dukes biological child, yet he was going to be treated unfairly.

I was depressed and wanted to talk to the Duke about this, but I was afraid that he would think I was a gold digger only with him for his money, so… So I did what I did.”

With that, Emily knelt on the ground and said to Duke Eton, “Mr.

Duke, please spare me for the sake of our biological child! I really didnt do it for your property.

I just felt wronged on our childs behalf!”

“You really didnt do it for my fathers money You just happen to like old men in their forties, and not men your own age”

Duke Eton glared at his daughter.

He was an old man

“You really didnt do it for my fathers money Thats why you set him up and got yourself pregnant You really didnt do it for my fathers money Thats why you planned to get rid of me, who was going to get the inheritance, before you got married Miss Emily, youre a terrible liar.

Never mind.

Nothing you say will save you from the crime of setting up the Duke and trying to disrupt the royal bloodline.

No matter how truthful you want to be now, you wont be able to change the fact that you found a murderer and tried to kill the daughter of the Dukes mansion.

Miss Emily, Ive given you the choice before.

Leave on your own and abort the child youre carrying.

But you refused.”

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