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The sunlight radiated throughout the tent and was accompanied by a chilly wind.

Hou Tielong was shocked to the point of shouting but abruptly went silent after seeing the smile on Su Mos face.

His series of expressions of panic, fear, and shock seemed to become non-existent in an instant.

Ultimately, he was unable to call out that name that he was screaming out loud in his heart.

It was not that he was not afraid to say the name, but he thought of the person as a myth of the Huaxia people.

Suddenly, this person was standing right before him when he had been thinking about capturing this man and torturing him just a few moments ago.

“Boss, do you know this person”


The person named “Leo” who had scolded the others earlier asked in surprise after noticing that the man who came in looked familiar.

In the wasteland, it was common for him to see many familiar faces.

However, those people looked familiar because they had a very common appearance, and it was hard to recall in specific where they were seen before.

This person before them was different, though.

He was extremely tall, probably at least 190 centimeters, and his domineering face was incredibly handsome.

He had an extraordinary charisma that an ordinary person could never have.

‘He has a few similarities with Almighty Su when looked at from a certain angle and if I squint my eyes.


‘Almighty Su

Leos face froze like Hou Tielong as if he had turned into a marble sculpture when he saw the black-and-white Oreo at Su Mos feet.

Heavy breathing could still be heard in the tent before Su Mo entered.

However, it turned into dead silence after Su Mo appeared.


Feng Long, untie him and bring him to my tent!”

Seeing Hou Tielong suddenly slumped down, Su Mo immediately understood that the other party had already seen through his identity.

However, he did not care.

It was not the first time he used his identity to attempt to convince other people.

Sometimes, it was very efficient and could save a lot of trouble.

Sometimes, it was useless and even counterproductive.

Under the current circumstances, it seemed to be very useful for Hou Tielong.

Thus, Su Mo did not plan to deny his identity.

After all, these people were still detained at his campsite, so even if they knew about it, it was impossible for them to inform Sun Bahu.

There was no need to deny it since they would not have the chance either.

Su Mo went back to his tent to sit down and wait.

After a while, Feng Long finally arrived with Hou Tielong.

However, before he could say anything, Hou Tielong immediately knelt on one knee and slapped himself until his left face was swollen as soon as they met.

“Almighty Su, I was a fool not to recognize you! Its an unforgivable mistake for me to have troubled you!”

He slapped his left cheek, apologized, and then started to slap his right cheek.

This time, he slapped himself even harder until there was blood oozing from the corner of his lips.

Despite that, he did not mean to stop any time soon.

Su Mo coughed lightly, and Feng Long who was standing beside him took two steps forward.

“Thats enough, Hou Tielong.

Since you recognized our shelter leader, you should already know that youll have to repent for your sins with death.”

“I deserve it! I was able to survive the welfare disaster because of Almighty Su.

I would have been long dead and decomposed on the grounds of the wasteland if it were not for Almighty Su, who had spread seeds in the market.

I would have never had the opportunity to come and witness the scenery of the New World,” Hou Tielong hurriedly stopped his actions and said hurriedly.

“Almighty Su is my benefactor and is my savior.

Yet, Ive repaid his kindness with only trouble.

Feng Long, I deserve to die.



Suddenly, Hou Tielongs other leg, which was supporting him fell to the ground, and he switched to kneeling on both legs.

“Almighty Su, please grant me my death sentence…”

Hou Tielong had to be somewhat competent to put together such a large group of people alone and become the leader of a bounty hunter team from scratch.

He knew exactly what to say and do on different occasions.

Most importantly, he knew what to do to save his life.

Although he was scolding himself and saying he deserved to die to redeem himself for his sins, it was obvious that he was deliberately creating an invisible relationship between himself and Su Mo— the rescued and the savior.

Evidently, he understood that Su Mo needed something from him, and he took the initiative to offer his value.


I couldnt tell that youre a smart one!

“Alright, thats enough.

You can stop the show.

Ive already recorded everything you said just now.

You should understand what these words mean, right”

Feng Long shook the recording pen in his hand after seeing Hou Tielong become increasingly invested in his performance.

“The sin youve committed is not too big, nor is it a small one.

“You dont have to die to redeem yourself, but you will need to redeem yourself through action.

As long as you help us to deal with Sun Bahu and his group of cunning subordinates that only care about their own lives…

“Maybe our shelter leader will spare you if he is satisfied, right”


I am willing to redeem myself with my strength!”

He secretly raised his head and glanced at Su Mo, who still wore a smile while sitting in front of him.


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