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Chapter 29: Ms. Bai Took the Front Line

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Although a flying sword was very expensive, Lu Ping felt that he needed to practice some self-defense skills. What he knew now were the basic five elemental spells and basic sword control.

First of all, the school did not teach too many spells to the students.

Generally speaking, there were no spells in primary school.

Secondary schools began to learn the basic five elemental spells, which were common spells such as Palm Thunder, Spirit Fireball, and so on.

Most of these spells were not of high quality.

Their power was naturally mediocre. Although the power of the spells would increase with the increase in cultivation level.

Compared to the sword control technique, their power was still quite inferior.

The basic five elemental spells did not even have a grade.

Lu Ping came out of Qingzhou Academy and came to the front of the public carriage.

He waited quietly.

This scene was witnessed by many people.

Most of the children who were able to attend Qingzhou Academy were not particularly poor.

When their parents came to pick them up, some were flying on their swords, some were flying on their magic treasures, and at the very least, there was an energy bus.

Even the children did not take the public bus...

Needless to say, the teachers and staff, as soon as they left the school gate, most of them flew away on their swords.

Lu Ping stood alone at the bus stop, looking rather conspicuous.

Moreover, Lu Ping could be considered a celebrity in the school. After all, many parents had paid attention to him before!

He was the swordsmanship teacher with the worst results in the graduation examination!

Now that they saw him waiting for the bus, there was even more discussion.

“Thats the swordsmanship teacher from Class 21, Lu Ping, right Why is he still waiting for the bus”

“I dont know. Whats wrong with this guy”

“Who cares My daughter is here. Well take our leave first.”

The parents discussed animatedly...

Basically, the current public buses were only prepared for some Qi Cultivation stage cultivators.

Most Foundation Establishment stage cultivators rarely took public buses.

Lu Ping also heard what they were saying, but he didnt care. When the public bus arrived, he directly got on the bus.

At this moment, a photo was suddenly sent out in the parents group. It was a photo of Lu Ping standing at the bus stop.

There were only fourteen people in this group, including four teachers and ten parents.

Shi Hus father typed, “This is Mr. Lu. Why is he waiting for the bus Why didnt he ride his sword and leave”

He even tagged Lu Ping.

When Lu Ping saw it, he immediately replied: “I havent bought a flying sword for the time being. I also dont have any other transportation equipment, so I can only take the bus.”

He didnt feel that he had to hide anything.

Shi Hus father asked, “Then can I ask why you didnt purchase a flying sword”

Lu Ping replied, “Because Im poor.”

Shi Hus father directly opened fire in the group chat. “A cultivator who doesnt even have a flying sword can also become a swordsmanship teacher in Qingzhou Academy”

To be honest, these parents were already very dissatisfied with their child being under Lu Pings instruction. After all, Lu Pings dazzling B grade in swordsmanship was right there.

This time, when they heard that Lu Ping didnt even have a flying sword, they were even angrier.

In their eyes, this was the schools irresponsibility, and Lu Ping had sneaked in.

Just as he said that, Bai Xiruo immediately silenced everyone. She said, “Mr. Lu is a teacher who has passed our schools professional assessment and entered the school. I hope that all the parents dont have a suspicious attitude, and dont discuss this matter in the group. If you have any doubts, you can come to me in private. Next time, I will directly kick you out of the group.”

Although Bai Xiruo was suspicious of Lu Ping, she stood by Lu Pings side as soon as he faced the doubts of the parents.

The group was closed, and when it was opened again, no parents spoke in the group.

There was silence.

If one was kicked out, the loss outweighed the gain.

At this moment, Lu Ping received a message from Bai Xiruo.

“Mr. Lu, I want to ask you, is it true that you said you didnt have the money to buy a flying sword”

Lu Ping replied, “Its true.”

“I can lend you the money to buy a flying sword.” Bai Xiruo suggested.

“No thank you.”

Lu Ping did want to buy a flying sword, but in his opinion, he was not in a hurry.

He just had to wait for a month!

After he replied, Bai Xiruo did not reply. A moment later, his phone rang.

Bai Xiruo called him.

The phone was picked up, she said very seriously, “Mr. Lu, I have to make it clear to you. I lent you the money not because of personal feelings, but because you, as a teacher of our Qingzhou Academy and the swordsmanship teacher of Class 21, dont even have a flying sword. It will greatly affect the trust of the students parents in our school and class. I hope you can realize this.”

Lu Ping said nothing.

What she said was right. The distrust of the students parents had already been shown.

Lu Ping thought for a moment and said, “Then what do you mean, Ms. Bai”

“Now, I will lend you a sum of money and ask you to use this money to buy a flying sword and slowly return it to me. You have to understand that this is not a personal matter, but for the trust of the students parents in our class and school.”

Lu Ping was speechless. She had a good point.

He didnt like to borrow money, and he didnt like to be helped by others.

But he had to reconsider his position.

To be honest, Lu Ping was still grateful towards Qingzhou Academy.

In Lu Pings opinion, if the academy didnt give him an interview invitation, he wouldnt have had the chance to obtain this job, nor would he have had the chance to activate the system.

Now that he was a teacher of Qingzhou Academy, he had to consider the academys reputation!

“Alright! Thank you, Ms. Bai!” Lu Ping agreed.

Bai Xiruo breathed a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that Lu Ping would be stubborn, so she quickly asked, “How much do you need Ill transfer it to you.”

Lu Ping thought for a moment and said, “Then, Ms. Bai, lend me 5,000 star dollars first.”

“Is that enough” Bai Xiruo was a little puzzled. “A more expensive flying sword is more than 5,000 star dollars, right”

Lu Ping smiled and said, “Just let me buy one and use it. In any case, there are very few situations where we need to fight in school.”

Bai Xiruo thought for a moment. This was a very normal situation. Generally speaking, many people would not spend too much money on flying swords in the early stage.

Those expensive high-end flying swords were sold to people who were rich.

After all, with the improvement of cultivation, many expensive flying swords would be gradually eliminated.


Bai Xiruo hung up the phone and transferred 5,000 star dollars to Lu Ping.

Lu Ping smiled. This woman was really responsible.

This was actually a quality that a teacher should have.

In that case, when I win the bet, Ill only charge her 5,000 star dollars.

Lu Ping still planned to pay back the money next month but one thing led to another.


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