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Chapter 986 Ning Caixian Raved Like Mad…

“Why dont you die” Ning Xueqings face glowed with rage.

She grabbed Ning Caixian over by the hair and slapped her hard on both sides of her face.

She had exerted all her strength, so almost instantly, there was blood coming out of Ning Caixians nose and the corner of her mouth.

She was in a terrible mess.

Wang Shengxue was also stunned by Ning Xueqings sudden appearance.

Originally, he felt a little guilty.

But when he saw that she grasped Ning Caixians hair and beat her up, his face turned ugly.

Ning Xueqing was just a concubine after all.

“Did she really think she could manage his business”

“Let go of her now! Its so embarrassing! How dare you!” Wang Shengxue scolded her harshly.

Ning Xueqing was so angry that she was shaking all over.

With Ning Caixians hair in her firm grasp, she turned around and said to Wang Shengxue with a sneer, “Embarrassing! You have an affair with my sister.

Is that not embarrassing”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Seeing that the jailer was still looking on, Wang Shengxue couldnt stand it anymore.

“Dont you know whether I am talking nonsense or not What is the relationship between you two When did you get so close to each other Since when did she become your woman Why didnt I know it Didnt you say that you were out to help your uncle…” Ning Xueqing snapped in a sharp voice, her hands still tightly pulling Ning Caixian against the fence by the hair.

It hurt Ning Caixian so much that she desperately tried to get rid of her.

“Bull**!” Wang Shengxue shouted, interrupting Ning Xueqing.

Then his face softened a little when he said to her, “Go back first.

Ill explain it to you when I get back!”

His words sounded as peaceful and tender as usual.

“You two have been deeply in love with each other.

How can you talk it through with me” Ning Xueqing said angrily.

As she loosened the grip in a rage, Ning Caixian managed to pull herself free and rolled inside, covering her head with the sleeves.

Finally, she was no longer in her hand.

Ning Caixian wiped her face and saw the blood on her sleeve.

With anger and hatred, she glared at Ning Xueqing and said in a sharp voice, “Ning Xueqing, are you crazy”

“Not yet, but Im going to be driven crazy by you two.

My good sister slept with my husband behind my back, and you two united to bully me! Do you have any sense of shame You must have lost all sense of shame!” Ning Xueqing sneered, curling up her lips with sarcasm.

Looking at Ning Caixian in a mess, she felt so relieved.

The more embarrassed Ning Caixian became, the happier she was.

Ning Xueqing felt disgusted as if she had swallowed a fly when she recalled the affectionate words they had just exchanged.

“Xueqing, go home first.

Its not what you think!” Wang Shengxue reached out to pull Ning Xueqings sleeve, but Ning Xueqing shook him off.

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“Serious Ive heard everything with my own ears.

This woman had shamelessly entrusted herself to you, and you promised to take her in as your wife.

You said you fell for her a long time ago.

You married me only because you couldnt get her.

Wang Shengxue, you are so damn nice to her.

Not only have you helped…”

Ning Xueqing gnashed her teeth in anger and accused him.

Her sharp and high-pitched voice startled many people in the prison.

There seemed to be jailers from other places coming to see what was happening.

The jailer who had been enjoying the bustling scene couldnt stand still any longer and said, “Have you done with the visit Youve seen the woman and must leave now.

If you disturb anyone, Ill also have to bear the consequences!”

“Officer, please wait!” Wang Shengxue hurried to greet him and then turned to Ning Xueqing, “Xueqing, you go back first.

The things here are not as you see.

Go to the Marquis Xings Mansion and ask my uncle for help.

Let him get to the bottom of this matter and think of a way out for me!”

Wang Shengxue winked at Ning Xueqing as he spoke.

If it were in the past, with such a hint, Ning Xueqing would immediately understand that he was asking her to send the news secretly to the Marquis Xings Mansion.

But now, Ning Xueqing didnt want to do it for him at all.

Thinking of the sweet words between Ning Caixian and Wang Shengxue, she snorted and said coldly, “No, I wont go.

What does it have to do with me”

“What makes you think so You are my wife.

We share the same fate!” Wang Shengxue hurriedly soothed her.

“If were husband and wife, then who is she to you Your lover Your mistress kept outside For a cheap shameless mistress living outside, you abandoned me, your wife, and was put into prison with her! Wang Shengxue, you are a good-for-nothing!” Ning Xueqing laughed sarcastically, not intending to let go of them easily.

Since Wang Shengxue admitted she was his wife, it would be perfectly justifiable for her to scold Ning Caixian.

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Ning Caixian was ashamed and angry.

Not only had she been humiliated by Ning Xueqing, but people in other cells had also been disturbed.

At this time, hearing abusive words like “shameless mistress” and “living outside” from Ning Xueqing, she flew into a great rage.

Regardless of the blood on her face, she screamed, “Wang Shengxue, is she your wife or me What did you promise me You said she was nobody but a concubine who could be traded at will!”

“Cut the crap!” Ning Xueqing was so furious that she wanted to pull her hair again.

Ning Caixian, already in a great panic, had already hidden in the innermost corner.

Hearing the increasingly louder voice of Ning Xueqing, she seemed to be on the verge of total derangement.

“Ning Xueqing! You are just a concubine.

Did I say it wrong You and Wang Shengxue followed the orders from the Madam of Marquis Xing and plotted against Fifth Miss Shao! In the end, you married into the manor as a concubine.

How could a concubine take hold of her master”

“Ning Caixian, dont talk nonsense!” Hearing this, Wang Shengxue panicked and said hurriedly.

“I am not talking nonsense, dont you know Back then, my good sister had even asked me for advice.

She told me that if you listened to the Madam of Marquis Xing, you would win her favor and gain a promising future!” Ning Caixian, caring nothing now, laughed grimly in an exaggerated way.

Ning Caixian kept screaming at the top of her voice.

With her bloody face and messy hair hanging down, she looked increasingly like a raving lunatic.

“How could she speak out these words in public” Panicked, Ning Xueqing hurriedly lowered her voice to scold her.

“Ning Caixian! Whatever bull** you say, you can never get away with the punishment!”

“Ning Xueqing, are you afraid Yes, indeed.

Both of you are scared! You two have been a perfect match to frame Fifth Miss Shao, the current Princess Chen! Again and again, you tried so hard to ruin her reputation because you wanted to drive her out of the Marquis Xings Mansion.

It was because Marquis Xing had taken a fancy to that title of nobility and didnt want to return it to the first branch! Am I right”

Her voice became sharper and sharper.

Ning Caixian had already lost her dignity as a Miss from an aristocratic family.

“Caixian, Caixian, stop talking nonsense.

Watch your mouth.

Dont be afraid.

Its okay.

Everything will be fine.

My uncle will save us, and I will also save you!” Wang Shengxue rushed to the fence between them, shook it hard, and appeased the hysterical Ning Caixian in a low voice.

“Big Sister, arent you not going out of the prison” Ning Xueqing lowered her voice too and asked in a gloomy and muted voice.

If these words reached Princess Chens ears, all of them would come to no good end.

“Have I scared you Are you terrified You two… HAHAHA! Does Prince Chen know that youve plotted against Princess Chen the whole time Just now, you sent Ning Xueqing to Marquis Xings Mansion.

Why Does this case also have anything to do with Marquis Xing Wang Shengxue, youve done so many dirty jobs for Marquis Xing, but he may not be able to help you this time!”

Ning Caixian laughed wildly.

Wang Shengxue and her sister lowered their voices, but she didnt.

Instead, she poured out those thrilling secrets blatantly.

She made such a climactic scene that had already alarmed other people in the Ministry of Justice.

Several officers came over with several guards, intending to stop the three of them from making a noisy disturbance.

However, as they coincidently heard this, they stopped and began to listen with rapt attention.

When more and more people gathered around them, Ning Xueqing, who had been calm before, panicked.

After all, if anyone in Prince Chens Mansion knew their sinister tricks, they would never be able to bear the results.

Princess Chen, who was no longer Fifth Miss Shao, would be a formidable opponent.

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“Big Sister, whats the benefit of you talking complete nonsense Cant you calm down and tell us what happened If you bother the chief officer of the Ministry of Justice, you can get more severe punishment!” Ning Xueqing said in a soft voice.

She looked at Ning Caixian with a pleading look in her eyes.

At this time, she regretted rushing here recklessly and driving Ning Caixian crazy.

If she had known that Ning Caixian would be so crazily unbridled, she would not have hit her at that time.

“I must see Princess Chen.

Is there anyone Please come here.

I want to see Princess Chen.

I have something to tell her!” Ning Caixian ignored that Ning Xueqing had softened her attitude toward her.

She walked to the other side of her cell, shook the fence hard, and pled in a shrill voice.

“Caixian, you are crazy!” Wang Shengxue cried out in horror.

How he wished he could catch Ning Caixian and silence her by force!

“Im not crazy.

Its you who are out of your minds.

You have worked for the Madam of Marquis Xing heart and soul to scheme against Princess Chen.

You will be punished for that!” Ning Caixian threatened in a shrill voice.

Initially, she lost control of her emotions and seemed to be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

But now, she sobered up a little and felt she might as well make use of the current situation.

Wang Shengxue wanted to push all the blame on her.

If she didnt want to bear it for him, she had to find another way on her own.

Wang Shengxue might ask Marquis Xing for help.

In the end, she was very likely to take the fall for all the crimes they had committed.

After all, there was no one backing her up.

However, if she used their secrets to please Princess Chen, she might lend her a hand.

After all, in previous, she merely acted on Wang Shengxues instigation, so what they had done together had nothing to do with her.

She did everything because of Wang Shengxue.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was the only way to save herself.

Therefore, she shook the fence in her hands with excessive force and looked at an officer of the Ministry of Justice standing outside with her eager eyes.

“Your Excellency, please let me see Princess Chen.

I will tell Princess Chen what they have done.

It was Marquis Xings Mansion that wanted to destroy Princess Chen and drive her away!”

“Ning Caixian, what bull** are you talking about” Seeing this, Ning Xueqing sensitively felt that things seemed to be going from bad to worse.

Almost immediately, she turned around and ran to the fence near Ning Caixian: she could not allow Ning Caixian to talk more nonsense here.

However, after running for a few steps, they heard the officer of the Ministry of Justice say coldly, “Guards, bring them out!”

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