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Chapter 984 The Wronged Daughter-in-law

“Not bother, its not a big deal.

I happened to see her,” Shao Wanru said gently, with a smile.

“Princess Chen, may I ask what Wang Shengxue is like” Yan Xi tried hard to pacify himself and asked.

“He has a good relationship with Marquis Xings Mansion.

In the very beginning, he was sent to frame me.

Before and after I entered the mansion and returned to my original family, he and his sister were in cahoots against me.

Later, because of me, his success and fame gained from the exam were gone!”

Shao Wanru recalled the past and said calmly.

She should not have told these secretive things to others, which might damage the reputation of the Marquis Xings Mansion.

However, in Shao Wanrus heart, Marquis Xings Mansion didnt really matter.

Although she and Yan Xi didnt know each other in her previous life, they were framed together.

Even before their deaths, they couldnt figure out why they would end up like this.

In her present life, Shao Wanru stood on the eminence and became farsighted.

Hence, the thoughts of the second branch of Marquis Xings Mansion turned much clearer in her mind.

Because of the tragic fate that they shared in her last life, Shao Wanru lent Yan Xi a hand.

Hearing Shao Wanrus words, Yan Xi was stunned at first, and then his face changed drastically.

He was smart enough to understand what it meant.

If not for others orders or acquiescence, Wang Shengxue would not dare to do such things.

Shao Wanrus status was special.

Her misfortunes would be the most beneficial things that ever happened to the second branch of Marquis Xings Mansion, which was the current branch of Marquis Xing.

It sounded not very reasonable that Wang Shengxue wanted to set him up out of jealousy, but it might happen.

However, he had no reason at all to frame Shao Wanru, a woman in the inner court.

In addition, she was the only legitimate daughter of Infanta Qinghua and the heir of Duke Xing in her previous life.

Also, her grandma was Ruian Great Elder Princess.

To target Shao Wanru, Wang Shengxue had to be tremendously brave.

There was another thing that was indeed queer! Wang Shengxue, who had been against Shao Wanru, had maintained a good relationship with Marquis Xings Mansion.


“Was there anyone secretly protecting him”

The identity of this person was fairly obvious.


“Why would Marquis Xing want to deal with me” Even if he didnt want to admit it, Yan Xi had to accept the fact.

In the past, it might also be the Madam of Marquis Xing, but now she was not in the manor.

It was said that she was sent to the Yuhui Nunnery.

Therefore, except for Marquis Xing, no one else in the manor could give orders to Wang Shengxue and allow him to freely get in and out of the Marquis Xings Mansion.

Thinking of Marquis Xings sympathy words for Wang Shengxue, Yan Xi understood that Marquis Xing wanted him to let him go this time.

It became much clearer to Yan Xi that this should be the truth.

“Childe Yan, I dont know what has happened to you.

Did you offend anyone when you entered the capital” Shao Wanru smiled slightly and raised her watery eyes to look at him.

In fact, she was also curious.

Shao Jing was determined to ruin Yan Xis future, whether in her last life or in this life.

Why did he have to do that

“This trap was set up even before I came to the capital.

At that time, I just arrived in the capital and didnt even see Marquis Xing!” Yan Xis hoarse voice trailed off in disappointment.

It really puzzled him, and he couldnt figure out why.

“Then, maybe, its because of your family” Shao Wanru asked tentatively.

“Our two mansions have been friends for generations.

I heard from my father that he had the best relationship with your father and was an ordinary friend of Marquis Xing.

But even so, he shouldnt have framed me like this!” Yan Xis face was pale.

The kind elder whom he respected turned out to be a man playing many deceitful tricks.

It was hard for him to accept the fact.

“Childe Yan, you can ask your father!” Shao Wanru shook her head.

She really didnt know about it, but she was sure that it had something to do with his family.

“Thank you for your help, Princess Chen.” Yan Xi stood up, bowed deeply to Shao Wanru, and said goodbye.

Shao Wanru asked Yujie to send him to the gate.

Since Chu Liuchen was not in the mansion, Yan Xi couldnt stay any longer.

He left early after saying thanks, which was appropriate for everyone.

“Your Highness, Wang Shengxue is doomed this time, isnt he” Qu Le happily asked, for she was also very disgusted with Wang Shengxue.

In her opinion, Wang Shengxue was excessively tenacious and annoying, who could go on scheming despite repeated setbacks.

It was really depressing.

“Do you know Wang Shengxues home address” Shao Wanru asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Qu Le nodded.

“Send a letter to Ning Xueqing, telling her to visit Wang Shengxue in the yamen!” Shao Wanru stood up and walked to one side of the flower hall.

There was a table by the window with a complete set of writing brushes, ink sticks, paper, and inkstones.

She picked up the writing brush and dipped it in thick ink.

After thinking for a moment, she wrote a letter and put it in the window, letting it dry out in the wind.

Then she put the letter into an ordinary envelope and handed it to Qu Le.

“Ask someone to send it to Ning Xueqing, telling her that someone from the Ministry of Justice asked her to go there!”

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

Ill go now!” Qu Le understood and nodded.

She took the letter and left in a hurry to find someone to deliver the letter.

After seeing Yan Xi off, Yujie happened to see Qu Le walk out.

She went into the room, got some water for Shao Wanru to wash her hands, and asked, “Miss, why did you send a letter to Ning Xueqing She is not a good one either!”

Shao Wanru wiped off the water on her hands with her handkerchief and said lazily, “This matter is not yet a big deal.

Lets muddy the waters so that others wont dare to make any trouble out of it.”

“Ning Xueqing and Wang Shengxue are on the same boat, so she will save him.

Your Highness, you are not helping Wang Shengxue, are you” Yujie took the handkerchief and blinked in confusion while asking.

She really didnt understand why Shao Wanru did this.

No one would know it if Wang Shengxue was locked up.

Now that Ning Xueqing knew it, she would find a way to save him.

“If it were something else, Ning Xueqing would definitely save him.

But now, not only did Wang Shengxue commit this crime, but he also has something to do with another woman, who is Ning Xueqings biological sister!” Shao Wanru said coldly, with a sharp cold light flashing in her eyes.

Ning Caixian and Ning Xueqing were a pair of evil sisters full of vicious wiles.

At this time, how could they care about each other Ning Xueqing must not know Ning Caixian and Wang Shengxue had an affair.

“Your Highness, as long as Ning Xueqing makes an ugly scene, the whole matter will come to light, right” Yujies eyes lit up, and she was delighted.

She did not like this pair of sisters.

“Lets wait and see!” Shao Wanru said meaningfully with a light smile.

Of course, the targets that she cared about the most were not just the sisters.

Only when all of them were mixed up with this **ing mess could the truth be revealed little by little.

It had been a long time.

She was more than willing to fling up the past things one after another by making such a mess…

A long time after Ning Xueqing received the letter, she finally made up her mind to go to the Ministry of Justice.

She took a servant girl and an old maid to the prison of the Ministry of Justice, telling the jailer she wanted to see Wang Shengxue.

“Whats your relationship with him” The jailer looked up and down at Ning Xueqing and asked.

Yesterday, Wang Shengxue was sent here with two women, the process of which sounded like an amorous story.

All sorts of fantastic rumors about them quickly filtered through the Ministry of Justice.

He didnt expect another woman to appear at this moment.

“Im his wife.

I came here specially to see him!” Ning Xueqing gently pressed the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief when her tears fell.

Indeed, she looked like a delicate little wife.

“Really” the jailer asked in disbelief.

Then, he muttered to himself, “Wasnt his wife the one who came in with him Thats weird.

How could a liar have so many wives”

Ning Xueqings face changed.

She was now Wang Shengxues concubine, so she was most sensitive to the topics about Wang Shengxues wife.

“Please tell me what do you mean Was there anyone else who has come to visit him How, how could it be possible I am his only wife!” One by one, Ning Xueqings tears dropped.

She appeared very miserable, looking at the jailer with tearful eyes.

“Im his only one.

You must have made a mistake!”

“How could it be There must be an unusual relationship between him and the woman.

Dont you know it” The jailer sized Ning Xueqing up pitifully, thinking she must be another woman who had been cheated on by Wang Shengxue, who was still a perfect husband in her eyes!

“Officer, can you let me… see that woman A mistake.

Its definitely a mistake!” Ning Xueqing cried out.

At this time, she was no longer that eager to see Wang Shengxue.

The woman became the person she wanted to meet the most.

Recently, Wang Shengxue had been acting abnormally.

What kind of woman could seduce him into going out so frequently

Whenever Wang Shengxue was free, he would definitely stay in her room.

Although she was merely his concubine, she was treated as his principal wife in the mansion.

However, Wang Shengxue did behave suspiciously these days.

Many times, he would go out and wouldnt come back even at night, saying that he had to do some jobs for Marquis Xing.

The next day, he usually appeared exhausted when he came back.

He couldnt tell Ning Xueqing what he had done because the things that Marquis Xing sent him to do were all conspiracy and hideous.

Although Ning Xueqing had doubts, Wang Shengxue seemed to be normal in any other aspects.

So, she just kept the doubts to herself.

Upon hearing this news from the jailer, she immediately realized that Wang Shengxue had been cheating on her all the time.

Now, she wanted so much to scratch his face.

Of course, she was in a hurry to do the most urgent thing for her: find out her who dared to seduce Wang Shengxue.

“Since you are Wang Shengxues wife, its not suitable for you to see the other woman!” The jailer coughed in a low voice and refused her request.

Ning Xueqing took a purse from her maid and handed it to the jailer.

Then, she cried and bowed sideways.

Officer, I just want to see… what kind of person she is.

Why… why would my husband have a crush on another woman I must have done something wrong.

Otherwise, why would he do such a thing to me Or, maybe, is there anything super good about that woman I… Ill go and have a look…

At the end of her words, she almost choked with sobs.

It was obvious that she was very willing to compromise out of consideration for her beloved man.

She was trying her best to win back her husbands heart, even when he deceived her.

Such a virtuous and magnanimous woman would certainly not do anything harmful to the woman in the cell.

The jailer felt the fat purse in his hand and looked at the tearful woman, thinking there would be nothing wrong.

Thus, he nodded and exhorted her to be careful, “You can go in and have a look.

But dont say anything.

The woman might not know there is a principal wife!”

“Yes, thank you, officer!” Ning Xueqing saluted him gracefully!

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