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Chapter 981 Woman with a Lost Mind

The woman inside was still in her prime, delicate and pretty.

She was not supposed to frighten the waiter, who had dealt with various people in this restaurant.

How could he fear a tender young woman

Something must be wrong with her.

Her face was like a smiling mask.

The pair of livid eyes inlaid in her face appeared frantic and bewildered.

“Is she crazy Yes! Of course!”

In an instant, the waiter had an answer that she was definitely abnormal.

The weird way she looked at him and the smile on her face as she turned around showed a quirky sense of madness.

“What is she going to do” Shao Wanru somehow appeared at the door and saw the woman pushing open a window.

There was actually a small door, so she blurted anxiously.

It should be the place where the woman in her previous life rushed out.

Right there, in a very small space, the woman condemned Yan Xi for discarding her and their child.

To win over a woman with a relatively high status and be with that beloved woman, he abandoned her, who had been his warm and caring wife for years and who had fallen into a hopelessly shameful life to support him for study.

In her charges against him, Yan Xi betrayed her.

He was the ungrateful and heinous husband.

Shao Wanru was also implicated.

The woman claimed Shao Wanru to be an unchaste woman who had an affair with her husband for a long time.

After finishing accusing, the woman jumped down and died in front of everyone with her marriage contract floating down from upstairs.

It proved her marriage relationship with Yan Xi, which made her previous words more convincing.

Shao Wanrus words reminded the waiter, who instantly recognized the perilous situation.

He took two steps forward, grabbed the womans clothes, and dragged her inside with all his strength.

He pulled the woman, light and powerless, into the room.

Even after she fell heavily to the ground, her expression was still frenetic.

She fixed her eyes on the waiter, mumbling.


you abandoned me...

and the child, the child is dead...


Id rather die...


Yan Xi, Childe Yan Xi, I hate you...

Its all because of you...

I was a woman from an ordinary family, and you said that you would...

always be good to me...

Now you...

would pass the imperial exam...

So, you abandoned us.

Our child died of illness, but you had never come to see us...”

“Since it is so...


Why am I alive...

Why dont I die...

Yan Xi, I wont let you off even if I am dead...

What a disloyal husband! What a heartless lover!”

Zhang Qilan also found that the woman was not right, so she stepped forward to see the woman collapsing onto the ground.

“Is she crazy” she asked.


“She seems to be crazy!” Luo Xiaowan was a little scared and hid behind Zhang Qilan.

It was also because of Yan Xi.

The situation was precisely the same as in her previous life.

What was different was that the woman didnt hold a marriage contract in her hands.

Shao Wanru had reminded Yan Xi, so he must have been on the alert and didnt sign the marriage contract without himself knowing about it.

There was another difference that she didnt accuse Shao Wanru as she did in the previous life.

Her marriage with Yan Xi was originally arranged by Madam Di with the help of Madam Jiang, Marquis Xings wife.

However, it somehow became evidence that Shao Wanru and Yan Xi had an affair.

Yan Xi got no good results, and Shao Wanrus reputation was also ruined.

The people behind this sinister plot could put on a sympathetic face, staying safe and sound from the affair.

Chillness welled up in her eyes, piercing to the bone.

Sensing the devastating aura of evil in her eyes, Yujie quietly leaned toward Shao Wanru to block Zhang Qilans eyes.

Although she didnt know why her Miss suddenly became so angry, it would be best to keep the change from others.

When Yujie leaned a little closer to her, her move sobered Shao Wanru, who then looked toward the small side door before the window.

Outside there, she found a tiny balcony, which should be the womans chosen place.

“Report this to the yamen and let officials handle it.

Besides, you should find out where the woman coming with her before came from.

That woman must have fed her some medicine and made her crazy for a while.” Shao Wanru shifted her eyes from the woman.

“Okay, okay, please help me take care of her.

Ill go and get some helper right away!” Seeing the womans bizarre status, the waiter knew there was a big problem.

Looking at the small side door, he was even more scared.

This small side door was for the guests in this private room to get some fresh air after drinking a long time indoors.

Only this private room on the fourth floor had such a place, and the other private rooms didnt.

In the past, this side door was locked in case of any accidents.

At this moment, the side door was opened, plus this womans horrifying look.

Everyone on site could tell that she was so out of mind that she wanted to jump down.

Yujie nodded and said, “Go ahead.

Well watch here for you!”

The waiter hurried downstairs and soon brought a few people in.

One of them looked like the restaurants owner.

As soon as the owner entered the room, he asked someone to tie up the woman to prevent her from going crazy and getting them into trouble.

He walked up to Shao Wanru and bowed deeply to her.

“Thank you for your help, ladies.

Please help me and be the witnesses.”

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Of course, this matter could not be settled privately.

At first glance, the woman had been drugged.

Shao Wanru and the others were witnesses.

Later, people from yamen would come over, and the restaurant would be implicated.

It would be better if someone could prove their innocence.

“Our master is too occupied to stay as a witness for you, but this woman is crazy and still muttering about something.

You can check it out.

Our master knows about Yan Xi, the man she called repeatedly.

But how could a servant girl like her have anything to do with Childe Yan” Yujie stepped forward and said, according to Shao Wanrus hint.


you know this Childe Yan” The owner was overjoyed.

The woman was still muttering to herself, and they could hear the name Yan Xi from time to time.

It was not long since the owner arrived here, but he had heard it many times.

Even so, he had no idea how to deal with this tricky matter.

The waiter didnt see the woman who had left earlier clearly.

Because she wore a curtain hat, no one could recognize her.

Only one time, the waiter saw the womans profile when he came in to deliver the dishes.

She was good-looking.

But when the waiter brought some dishes in again, the woman had already put on the curtained hat again.

Until she left, she hadnt exposed her face the second time.

When officials from the yamen came and they couldnt answer any of their questions, they would arouse suspicion.

That was why they were overjoyed upon hearing from Yujie that they knew Childe Yan.

Every wrong has its cause and every debt has its debtor.

Since this matter was related to Childe Yan, they didnt need to shoulder the responsibility.

Sure enough, the side door over there had to be blocked up to prevent any accidents.

Any incident involving death could pull the restaurant out of business.

The candidates who wanted to take a cup for luck would never choose such an unlucky restaurant.

“I dont know if Childe Yan she mentioned is the one I know.

Hum, well, Childe Yan is an honored guest of the Marquis Xings Mansion.

He cant have anything to do with a maid.

Not to mention a maid, even her mistress is unlikely to have anything to do with Childe Yan!”

Yujie asked in confusion, looking up and down at the woman who was tied up.

It seemed that she was full of doubts.

It looked like she was whispering to herself.

But the shopkeeper strained his ears to catch her words, fully aware that what he heard might be strong evidence.

Therefore, he couldnt miss anything!

As Marquis Xings Mansion was mentioned, he breathed a sigh of relief, his heart thumping with excitement.

Finally, they found someone to take responsibility for this.

“A distinguished guest from Marquis Xings Mansion” Zhang Qilan also heard it and asked in surprise.

“Yes, he had been living and preparing for the exam in the Marquis Xings Mansion for a long time.

I have never heard that he had any wife or child.

My Second Uncle has sent someone to check it before!” Shao Wanru said.

She didnt mind using Shao Jing to make her words sound more convincing to them.

“Thats strange.

This servant girl repeated his name like mad.

It seems that someone used her against Childe Yan.

After all, no one cares about the life of a servant girl.

But if someone used her death to frame up him, he would be in big trouble!” Zhang Qilan said.

Looking at the still frantic eyes of the servant girl, she felt something was terribly wrong.

It was just a servant girl.

If her death could successfully frame someone, it would be a big deal to kill her!

If they had come a little late, the maid would have jumped down and died without any witnesses.

No one would know she was a servant girl and was in a bad state before the jump.

“We have to leave.

If officials from the yamen want to inquire about something, they can go to the Marquis Xings Mansion.

Childe Yan must have been a candidate for the Palace Examination.

I dont know who was trying to frame him and let a servant girl make such a scene!” Shao Wanru said.

After that, she turned around and left.

Zhang Qilan and Luo Xiaowan followed up closely.

Although they had encountered this incident, it was not convenient for them to get involved in this kind of thing.

“Young Madams, please...” The owner wanted to stop them, but a few maids unceremoniously stopped him.

“You cant keep our Miss here.

She has helped you a lot today.

The following things have nothing to do with her, do you understand”

Zhang Qilans servant girl said rudely.

“Its not convenient for our Miss to get involved either,” Luo Xiaowans servant girl said in a brisk, matter-of-fact tone.

The wife of Duke Yangqus son specially chose this girl for Luo Xiaowan because the firm demeanor of this maid was very similar to hers.

Yujie glared briefly at the owner and said, “If our master wants to leave, no one can stop her!”

After that, they turned around and left.

The owner no longer dared to stop them.

Obviously, they were noble ladies with high status.

It was understandable that they were unwilling to be involved in this kind of thing.

In addition, he got an explanation and knew who might be behind this matter.

Later, when the people from yamen asked about it, he had something to defend himself.

If he insisted on keeping them here, he might not bear the anger from those noble ladies from aristocratic families.

On second thought, he quickly asked his people at the door to get out of the way and then respectfully sent them to the gate.

Watching them leave, he came back to deal with things and waited anxiously for the people of yamen to come over...

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