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Chapter 966 Play Safe and Seek Only to Avoid Mistakes

“Please, Your Highness!” Shao Wanru nodded.

Wen Xichi led the way, and Shao Wanru followed him with two servant girls.

They entered the teahouse together.

When the people in the teahouse saw Wen Xichis clothes, they knew he was from the Ministry of Justice.

Shao Wanru looked either rich or noble.

These people didnt know what had happened, and they didnt dare to make any noise.

They ordered a private room, and the store assistant led them upstairs.

When she sat down, Shao Wanru didnt drink the tea.

Instead, she went straight to the point and asked, “whats the matter Please tell me!”

Wen Xichi reached out and poured a cup of tea for her.

Then he pushed it to her and poured a cup for himself.

He picked up the tea and took a sip before slowly putting it down.

“Princess Chen, you are the owner of Butterfly Clothing Shop, arent you”

“Dont you know it” Shao Wanru said coldly.

Her eyes were deep, and she looked right into him.

Others might not know about this, but Wen Xichi was involved in this matter.

He helped her buy this shop.

“Have you done anything else through the Butterfly Clothing Shop” Wen Xichi asked after a moment of silence.

“What are you referring to” Shao Wanru looked even calmer.

Wen Xichi was stunned by her question.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Prince Yue noticed your Butterfly Clothing Shop.”

He gave the news straight to her.

“The shop is just for business.

How could it get involved with Prince Yue” said Shao Wanru, composedly.

Wen Xichi looked directly at Shao Wanru and asked, “the Fanglan Embroidery Shop had been in a lot of trouble.

It had a serious mishap when doing business with the Butterfly Clothing Shop.

I heard the matter of Duke Yongs Mansion was revealed from there!”

“There are many business shops.

Almost all the shops related to the capital city are doing business together.

As for Fanglan Embroidery Shop, I only learned about what had happened to it later.

If I had known about it, I wouldnt have done business with it at that time!” Shao Wanru said calmly.

“But Prince Yue may not think the same way as you do!” Wen Xichi hesitated for a moment.

“So what” Shao Wanru raised her eyebrows.

She was no longer the Second Miss Qin who had just arrived in the capital.

“Prince Yue may deal with Butterfly Clothing Shop.” Wen Xichi said gently without hiding anything.

It seemed that he had been quite frank since he came here today.

Dealing with a small shop was a piece of cake for a prince.

Shao Wanru raised the corner of her mouth slightly and said with a light and cold smile, “Prince Yue is so self-centered.

Many shops have been doing business with the Fanglan Embroidery Shop.

Is he going to seal up them all”

If Chu Liuyue did that, she neednt care about it anymore.

It would not do him any good if he made it a bigger trouble.

If Duke Yongs Mansion involved him in the future, Chu Liuyue would be in trouble!

“But the Butterfly Clothing Shop is different!”

“Whats the difference Is it because I am the owner” Shao Wanru asked.

“Prince Yue doesnt know that its yours!” Wen Xichi shook his head and denied it.

Shao Wanru raised her eyes and observed Wen Xichis expression carefully.

She didnt think he was lying.” Thank you!”

Since Wen Xichi didnt say it, it was good for her.

No matter what reason Wen Xichi had for this, Shao Wanru had to thank him.

Wen Xichi didnt say it, and then Chu Liuchens plot could be carried out.

Yesterday, she met the supervisor that Chu Liuchen found, and they arranged everything.

“Prince Yue will handle Butterfly Clothing Shop.

You should be careful!” Wen Xichi stood up, cupped his hands to her, and strode away.

“Princess, is he here only for this” With surprise, Yujie looked at the slightly closed door.

Third Young Master Wen seemed to come here for investigation.

However, he just brought them this message.

“What did he mean”

Yujie did not think that he was very familiar with her master!

“I dont know!” Shao Wanru shook her head suspiciously.

His conduct was also a mystery to her.

His appearance here puzzled her just like what happened yesterday.

“Should we send someone to keep an eye on him” Qu Le suggested.

Since Prince Chen was not in the mansion now, they should pay more attention to serving Princess Chen.

“No, he is from the Ministry of Justice.

If we keep an eye on him, he will find out!” Shao Wanru said.

The officials of the Ministry of Justice had their unique way of doing things and were sensitive to some things.

Before figuring everything out, Shao Wanru did not intend to let anyone spy on Wen Xichi.

He didnt make her feel threatened.

Maybe it was because of the previous life! Chu Liuchen had told her that Wen Xichi and Chu Liuyue were very close.

It seemed that Wen Xichi offered Chu Liuyue some plots, like the rumor about the “disaster,” which almost killed her.

Nevertheless, she didnt hold much hostility toward Wen Xichi.

But Shao Wanru could clearly distinguish between her previous life and the present one.

“Lets go!” Shao Wanru also stood up.

Yujie hurriedly asked the shop-boy for the check, but she was told that Wen Xichi had paid the bill when he left.

They got out of the teahouse and got on the carriage parked on the side.

The carriage took a turn, intending to head for the Prince Chens Mansion.

Unexpectedly, it was held up in traffic halfway.

Qu Le lifted the curtain slightly, and Shao Wanru looked through the gap.

The road ahead was clogged with carriages.

The carriage before her could not move at all.

“Go and see whats the matter!” Shao Wanru said.

Yujie jumped out of the carriage and ran forward.

After a while, she ran back breathlessly and said, “Lets take a detour.

The intersection in front of us is blocked.

Its said that we need to make way for the imperial exam.

The road over there is blocked.”

“Why didnt the carriages ahead turn back” Shao Wanru rolled her watery eyes and asked.

Since the road was blocked, they could just come back.

How could all the carriages get stuck here

“The road barrier was not tightly closed.

A carriage got stuck there when trying to pass.

Then, the following carriage, not knowing what had happened, bumped into it.

Im afraid that they cant come back no matter how much they want to!” Yujie said as she lifted the curtain.

At this time, there were carriages coming from the back.

However, they noticed the accident in front of them and didnt try to push through.

Since they were all retreating, the road behind hadnt yet been tightly blocked.

“Lets go!” Shao Wanru nodded.

The carriage turned around, squeezed through the crowd, and moved to another street outside.

It took them a long time to take this detour.

By the time they returned to Prince Chens Mansion, it was almost lunch.

After dressing up, Shao Wanru sat down on the couch by the window and asked, “Is Madame Dong here”

The matter of the Butterfly Clothing Shop had been arranged yesterday, and the news had been spread out.

They had offered a good deal to a supervisor of Prince Chens Mansion.

So, Madame Dong certainly had to contribute some gold and silver.

“Yes, she is drinking tea in the flower hall outside.” Yujie came in with a smile.

“Let her in!” Shao Wanru ordered.

Yujie answered and left.

After a while, she came in with Madame Dong.

After bowing to Shao Wanru, Madame Dong looked at her with concern and asked, “I heard what happened yesterday.

Are you all right”

Things that happened yesterday were all in the palace, and then the news was sealed.

An ordinary citizen like Madame Dong could never know it.

“Dont worry, Madame Dong.

Our princess is fine.

Second Young Master Qus hand was broken by our prince!” Qu Le felt relieved as soon as she thought of this.

Infanta Yuanan had been trying to plot against her master, but in the end, she was the one who suffered.

Even her brothers hand had been broken by the prince.

She deserved it.

“Second Young Master Qus hand was broken by Prince Chen” Madame Dong took a deep breath.

She could tell that Shao Wanru was fine, but she did not expect Prince Chen to be so powerful.

Second Young Master Qu was useless, but he was the legitimate grandson of Ruiping Great Elder Princess after all.

“Since his hand is broken, Infanta Yuanan should live a more peaceful life!” Shao Wanru said lightly and asked someone to serve tea,” Prince Yue would deal with Butterfly Clothing Shop secretly.

You should be careful recently.

Play safe and seek only to avoid mistakes!”

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

I will be very careful!” Madame Dong looked serious.

“I guess...

Prince Yue wont use official means.

He is also afraid that the Emperor will check up on him.

However, he couldnt bear his failure.

No matter whether Butterfly Clothing Shop is innocent or not, Prince Yue must have decided to vent his anger on it!” Shao Wanru said, tapping gently on the table.

This was the only possibility she could think of just now.

Chu Liuyue didnt dare to use officials above board, so he had to go underground.

It meant that he would use dirty tricks.

“If you cant deal with him, meet me at Prince Chens Mansion!” Shao Wanru reminded Madame Dong, who was obviously no match for Chu Liuyue.

Even if Madame Dong could prepare some good plans, it would not be easy to deal with him.

“Dont worry, Your Highness.

I will report to Prince Chens Mansion!” Madame Dong was also cautious and said seriously after thinking for a while.

She would never force herself to do something beyond her ability, which would result in failure.

Such an action was never valiant but foolish.

Shao Wanru nodded, thinking that this was the best way.

After that, she told Madame Dong about something she needed to pay attention to.

After listening to everything carefully, Madame Dong left.

Shao Wanru planned everything down to the last detail, but in fact, she was wrong in thinking like that.

No one had expected that this matter was caused by something else.

It was about a matter and a person that had nothing to do with Butterfly Clothing Shop!

The second day after Chu Liuchen left, the Palace Examination began.

As soon as the candidates entered, the whole capital city quieted down all of a sudden.

There were many descendants from aristocratic families, and some of them would take the exam.

One after another, those candidates for the Palace Examination from outside the capital city also entered.

At this time, even the most prosperous streets in the past seemed to have lost their lively atmosphere.

The first thing people talked about when they met would be the Palace examination this time.

All the top three winners of the Palace Examination three years ago had an outstanding appearance.

No one knew who would be the winners this time.

Many daughters of aristocratic families were waiting to get a husband from the candidates of the Palace Examination.

They usually would have a bright future and would be much better than many rich playboys who lived in disgrace, idling away their life.

Even worse, some were in favor of making scandals and stirring up trouble, just like the four masters in the Grand Princes Mansion.

They were nothing but first-class trouble-making masters who were well-known for those humiliating things they did!

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