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Chapter 959 Unexpected Event, Whos More Unreasonable

Shao Wanru also saw the person above, but she couldnt react in time.

She watched the person above fall down.

She closed her eyes and tried hard to tilt her body.

Yujie, who was behind Shao Wanru, saw that the situation was off.

She hurriedly reached out to grab Shao Wanrus clothes and pulled back hard.

Shao Wanru staggered back a few steps and happened to avoid the person rushing down from above.

At this time, Madame Dong also reacted and grabbed Shao Wanrus hand.

The person bumped into Yujie, who also took two steps back and held the handrail of the staircase.

A few more people appeared at the stairway, among which was a gorgeous girl.

When she saw the scene in front of her, she was also shocked and hurriedly said, “Second Brother, whats wrong”

The person who bumped into Yujie steadied himself.

He was a young man in his twenties and good-looking, but his eyes were hollow.

At first glance, one could tell that he was a person who indulged in debauchery.

At this time, he stared at Shao Wanru with his eyes fixed on her.

Yujie flashed to the front of Shao Wanru.

She shouted angrily, “How dare you! Who are you How dare you offend our master!”

“Which family is your Miss from” The young man looked behind Yujie with a face full of amazement.

“Second Brother, how can you be so rude!” before Yujie answered, a woman above said angrily.

“Younger Sister, dont interrupt me.

I still have something to do.

When this matter is over, Ill take you to buy something good!” The young man reached out to grab Yujie and pulled her aside impatiently.

“Little girl, let me pass.

I have to apologize to your Miss.

I accidentally slipped just now and almost disturbed her!”

Although he sounded polite, Yujie could tell from his manner that he was not a decent person at all.

Yujie was so angry that her face turned red.

She pushed the young man away.

She was strong.

At this time, as soon as she used force, the man could not stand still and fell on the stairs with a plop.

Everyone who saw this burst into laughter.

“Brother, she is a female relative of some family.

How can you...” Seeing her brother ignore her, the woman above stamped her foot angrily and ordered, “Someone help the Second Young Master up!”

Two servant girls came down, helped the man, and pulled him back to the top of the stairs.

The man wanted to struggle, but he found that he could see the Miss standing behind the servant girl.

He was so happy that his eyes lit up.

He stared at Shao Wanrus beautiful face and exclaimed inside!

“Beautiful! Truly beautiful! Really beautiful! A beauty!”

This kind of dazed look was annoying no matter how one looked at it.

At first glance, one knew that he was a playboy in the capital city.

These playboys were a jinx to anyone who met them.

If they were unlucky, their reputations might be ruined.

These playboys all had powerful backgrounds.

If they really did something rude, it would be women who suffered losses.

Even, after the playboys spread the rumors everywhere, they would force the beautiful women to be their concubines.

There were also some women who had good status in their own mansions but could only marry these playboys because their reputations had been ruined!

Even when none of the two situations above existed, no one was willing to be the beauty these rich playboys talked about.

Their reputations would be ruined by their gossip.

“How rude you are.

You deserve a beating!” Shao Wanru looked up coldly and shifted her eyes from the young man to the seemingly anxious girl beside him.

She was indeed an acquaintance.

However, at this moment, she was staring at her second brother wholeheartedly and did not see Shao Wanru downstairs.

“Yes, Master!” Hearing Shao Wanrus words, Yujie, who had long wanted to slap such a lecher, immediately went up a few steps and loudly smacked the face of the man, who seemed to drool over Shao Wanru.

No one expected that a servant girl would suddenly rush up to him and slap him twice.

Whether it was the man or the woman who was surrounded by her servant girls, they were unable to react in time and could only watch as the man received a beating.

“How dare you! How dare you! Guards, seize her!” the man screamed in pain, pointed at Shao Wanru, and shouted.

From the looks of it, he was going to snatch her by force!

Two young servants immediately flashed out from behind the young master fiercely.

It seemed that this was not the first time that they had done this kind of thing.

Most of the customers in Butterfly Clothing Shop were female.

Seeing this, they stepped back a little bit and sighed for Shao Wanru.

Another beauty who had a hard life.

Although her clothes were good, they did not necessarily mean that she had power.

How could her large family compare with the rich and powerful young master

“Infanta Yuanan, if you dont stop your second brother, Im afraid that he will be carried back later!” said Shao Wanru coldly, and her cold eyes fell on the woman in the middle.

Infanta Yuanan, the future Princess Zhou!

With those identities, everyone knew that Infanta Yuanan was extraordinary.

Hearing that he was going to be carried back, Second Young Master Qu was furious and shouted, “How dare you talk big Well, well, well, I like such a beauty the most.

Compared with those fragile girls, this kind of beauty should be more...”

Speaking of this, he was interrupted by Yujie and slapped twice again.

This time, she slapped him even harder than before.

As Second Young Master Qu fell to the ground, blood immediately flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

“How dare you...” Second Young Master Qu cursed in a muffled voice, pointing at Yujie.

Yujie slapped him again.

Her action was so fast that people couldnt believe that a servant girl was so bold that she attacked again and again.

She didnt take the other side seriously at all.

“Princess Chen, youve gone too far!” Infanta Yuanan was also annoyed and said harshly.

“This one from Infanta Yuanans mansion has gone too far.

How can he slander a member of the royal family” Shao Wanru raised her head and walked slowly upstairs with Madame Dongs help.

When she reached the top of the stairs, she glanced coldly at the shocked Second Young Master Qu, who couldnt even speak for a moment.

Standing still, she slightly lifted the corners of her mouth and said with a gorgeous smile, “You are Second Young Master Qu, right Ive heard Prince Chen mention you before!”


Princess Chen” Second Young Master Qu felt a chill in his heart.

He was the legitimate grandson of Great Elder Princess, so of course, he had seen this Prince Chen.

Not only had he seen him, but he had also suffered losses when he was a child.

So when he grew up, he had been avoiding Prince Chen in the Palace.

This Prince Chen was a ruthless person.

Although he couldnt get up from his illness and looked like he was dying, he was definitely a cruel and merciless person.

Not only was he vicious, but he was also good at reporting.

When Second Young Master Qu was a child, he had suffered a lot at the hands of Chu Liuchen.

At this time, when he saw Shao Wanrus expression, he immediately panicked.

When Chu Liuchen smiled, he was also extremely handsome, absolutely like a noble and handsome young master in a painting.

But when he was angry, he almost tortured him to death.

“Princess Chen, my second brother just bumped into your servant girl accidentally.

You dont have to treat him like this.

Princess Chen, you are too arrogant and domineering!” Infanta Yuanan looked at Shao Wanru coldly and said with anger, “Were both related to a Great Elder Princess; how can you bully me!”

“Im bullying you” said Shao Wanru coldly.

She raised her watery eyes slightly and looked into Infanta Yuanans eyes calmly.

She replied without giving in, “In this case, lets go to the Palace to ask the Empress Dowager to uphold justice for us, lest Infanta Yuanan think that Im bullying you!”

“Infanta Yuanan, Im afraid your words arent fair.

This young master has done this to our princess.

Are we just going to let it go like this” Yujie chided.

If she hadnt reacted quickly just now, this person would have bumped into her princess.

According to this persons character, if he bumped into her princess, he would definitely make trouble.

At that time, her princess wouldnt be able to explain it clearly even if she was in the right.

“You are just a servant girl, but you dare to be so presumptuous.

Princess Chen, you are really something!” Infanta Yuanan was very angry and moreover felt ashamed to be scolded by a servant girl.

“Infanta Yuanan, if you think what I did is wrong, do you dare to report it to the Palace with me” said Shao Wanru coldly.

“Its just a small matter.

Sister, its not a big deal anyway.

Theres no need to make a fuss in the Palace!” Second Young Master Qu, who was the first to give in, pulled Infanta Yuanans hand and said in a low voice.

He really didnt dare to enter the Palace.

Every time he entered the Palace, he was scolded by the Empress Dowager.

Moreover, the person in front of him was Princess Chen.

Although he felt it was a pity in his heart, he didnt dare to show it on his face.

It was a pity that such a beautiful woman had married a heartless invalid.

She was doomed to be a widow.

However, the future was the future, and maybe he still had a chance.

He had to wait until Chu Liuchen passed away, right It was good for him to save her face and not fall out with her now!

“Second Brother, she has bullied you so much.

How can you let her go so easily!” Infanta Yuanan pulled his sleeve angrily and snapped.

“Sister, forget it.

Its our fault!”

“How could it be our fault You fell down accidentally and didnt intend to bump into her.

How could she ask a servant girl to slap you Her grandma is a Great Elder Princess, and so is our grandma!” Infanta Yuanan was so angry that her eyes turned red.

“Younger Sister, dont cry.

When we return, well tell our grandma and ask her to reason with the Empress Dowager!” Although Second Young Master Qu was not a good person, he was still good to his sister, so he comforted her in a hurry.

“Second Brother!”

“Okay, okay, its all my fault.

Ill buy you four sets of clothes, no, 10 sets of clothes; what do you think” Second Young Master Qu looked like he wanted to settle things peacefully!

Shao Wanru looked at the scene in front of her with cold eyes.

Seeing this, even she herself suspected that she might have bullied this pair of brother and sister.

Her long eyelashes fluttered a few times, and her eyes were deep.

What a coincidence! He happened to fall down when she came up.

Shao Wanru knew very well about the staircase here and that it was impossible for him to rush over and fall down under normal circumstances.

Just now, she was downstairs, but the people upstairs could see her.

From the look of Infanta Yuanan, she should want to go downstairs.

Even if they went upstairs together, the people upstairs always saw people downstairs first, and there was a landing.

So Infanta Yuanan did it on purpose...

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