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Chapter 946 Duke Yongs Mansions Punitive Expedition Against Qins Mansion

The messenger from Qins Mansion arrived soon.

They were the servants of Old Madam Qin.

When they saw Shao Wanru, they said in a panic, “Something bad happened to Madam Di, Your Highness! Old Madam wanted to invite you to our mansion!”

“I can go now!” Shao Wanru nodded and went out with Yujie.

She had a good relationship with Old Madam Qin.

Shao Wanru had promised Old Madam Qin that she would be always available if Old Madam Qin needed her help.

When Shao Wanru arrived at Generals Mansion, Shui Ruolan came out to welcome her with a pale face.

“Who would expect such an accident!” In fact, Shui Ruolan was such a kind person that she had never complained about Madam Dis losing her temper and smashing things.

As long as Madam Di didnt make trouble in Generals Mansion, Shui Ruolan was relieved.

“Anyway, Madam Di is Qin Yurus mother.

It wont be any problem as long as Madam Di doesnt cause trouble!” Shui Ruolan had thought.

“Is the flame extinguished, Aunt Shui” Shao Wanru looked in the direction of Yulan Pavilion and asked.

“Yes, it is! But I am afraid that Madam Di… is gone!” Shui Ruolan frowned tightly and answered.

Without a powerful background, Shui Ruolan was always scared of Duke Yongs Mansion.

She was afraid that they would make a big deal out of Madam Di.

“Dont worry, Aunt Shui.

Everything will be fine!” Shao Wanru comforted her, and then they went to Old Madam Qins courtyard together.

Old Madam Qin was already waiting for them in the main room.

When she saw Shao Wanru, she hurriedly stood up and bowed to her.

Shao Wanru hurriedly took a step forward and held her up.

“Dont stand on ceremony with me, Grandma!”

Shao Wanru helped Old Madam Qin sit down.

Old Madam Qin reached out to hold Shao Wanrus hand and sighed.

Although she didnt like Madam Di, she never expected to see that Madam Di was burned to death.

After a long while, Old Madam Qin said, “Yuru has been here!”

“You can rest assured, Grandma! Duke Yongs Mansion wont be too aggressive against you!” said Shao Wanru softly.

She knew what Old Madam Qin was worried about and why she was invited to Generals Mansion.

“Grandma wants me to back them up!”

It might be really hard to end in peace if Duke Yongs Mansion made a big deal out of Madam Dis death.

“Duke Yongs Mansion always showed hostile attitudes when there was a trivial dispute between us in the past.

How can they be kind when Madam Di has been dead now” Old Madam Qin sighed again, “When Duke Yongs Mansions people come, you dont have to say anything but watch.

As long as you are here, they wont be too far! As for their conditions, they dont matter! We can pay!”

Old Madam Qin just wanted to settle peacefully without messing with people from Duke Yongs Mansion!

After all, the accident was nothing glorious.

The more people knew about it, the more embarrassed she would feel!

It deeply touched Shao Wanru that Old Madam Qin even considered her feelings in such a situation.

So she made up her mind to give Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion a hand to deal with the accident, for the sake of Old Madam Qins love and care she received in her childhood.

Moreover, Shao Wanru was worried that Shui Ruolan and Old Madam Qin couldnt handle it.

“Grandma, dont worry! Everything will be fine! Everyone said that Madam Di burned herself because she couldnt let it go after hearing Qin Yurus complaint about her miserable suffering in Duke Yongs Mansion!” said Shao Wanru.

“Chu Liuchen knows how the people interpret the story, but Old Madam Qin might not!” Shao Wanru thought.

Sure enough, not only Old Madam Qin but also Shui Ruolan was stunned by the rumor, according to which, Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion was innocent while Duke Yongs Mansion took all the responsibilities.

“Yes! it is all Duke Yongs Mansions fault, isnt it”

“Who… who spread it” Shui Ruolan immediately asked with her eyes wide open.

She was not stupid.

“If someone hadnt made it up, how could there have been such an explanation”

“I dont know either.

Anyway, lots of people hold such an opinion and it is spread rapidly!” said Shao Wanru casually.

Then she went straight to the point.

“Grandma, does it have anything to do with Qin Yuru”

“The… the fire broke out after Yuru left! Maybe… it was just an accident!” Old Madam Qin replied with difficulty.

It was hard for her to believe that her granddaughter was a murderer! “How vicious a person would be if she killed her mother!”

“Grandma, Qin Yuru did it, didnt she” Compared with Old Madam Qin, Shao Wanru was very firm with it.

She said bluntly, “Grandma, Aunt Shui, I am sure that you know about Madam Di well.

She is not the kind of person who will commit suicide.

As for Qin Yuru, she has been wanting to kill her mother since three years ago! What else did she not dare to do”

“But… thats her biological mother!” Shui Ruolan gasped.

She also didnt want to believe that Qin Yuru was the murderer.

“If Aunt Shui and Grandma dont believe it, General will accept the truth!” said Shao Wanru calmly.

Qin Huaiyong must be in a rage if he knew that Qin Yuru was not his biological daughter.

He raised Qin Yuru for so many years, but it turned out to be worthless.

He essentially raised for his wifes lover a kid who even shamed the whole Generals Mansion.

No man could bear it!

Moreover, Qin Huaiyong was a general.

“Old Madam, people from Duke Yongs Mansion have arrived!” An old maid rushed in with a panicked face.

They didnt come with kindness!

A large group of people came with aggressive faces.

“Mother, Ill go and take a look.

Dont go out!” Shui Ruolan stood up and said, though she was a little flustered.

“Aunt Shui, Ill go with you!” Shao Wanru looked very calm.

“No, I have to go!” Old Madam Qin didnt rest assured.

She took Shao Wanrus hand and was about to stand up.

“Since it has been a big deal now, I have to go to settle it!”

“General Qin will handle it!” said Shao Wanru.

“It is not appropriate for a man to deal with this kind of thing!” Old Madam Qin shook her head, believing that her son couldnt handle it while women in charge of the inner court were more suitable to deal with Madam Dis problem.

He shouldnt intervene unless the women failed.

After all, Madam Di was his legal wife.

Since Shui Ruolan had no background, Old Madam Qin was afraid that people from Duke Yongs Mansion would target Shui Ruolan.

“Shui Ruolan is too gentle to deal with Countess Yong,” Old Madam Qin thought.

Since Old Madam Qin insisted, Shao Wanru quit persuading her.

Then, three of them went out to see the people from Duke Yongs Mansion.

On the other hand, Qin Huaiyong wouldnt stand it anymore after hearing that people from Duke Yongs Mansion had come.

He happened to have nowhere to vent his anger.

How could he bear to stay calm when Duke Yongs Mansions people came

The people from the two families met at the second gate in Generals Mansion.

Countess Yong was the head of the group of Duke Yongs Mansion, accompanied by Qin Yuru and Duke Yong.

They looked very hostile!

Duke Yong did not go to find Qin Huaiyong but followed his wife to the inner court to get even with Old Madam Qin and Shui Ruolan.

On catching sight of Old Madam Qin and Shui Ruolan, Countess Yong pointed at Shui Ruolan and ordered the old maids behind her.

“Go and beat that woman to death! As a secondary legal wife, she even dared to frame my sister-in-law and forced her to kill herself.

What a vicious woman! Today, we are here to revenge ourselves on my sister-in-laws murderer.

Beat her hard! I will be responsible for the result!”

Several old maids immediately raised their sticks and rushed to Shui Ruolan on hearing Countess Yongs order and promise.

Qin Yuru took a step back calmly and looked at Shui Ruolan with a sneer.

Though she had known that she was not Qin Huaiyongs daughter, she still hated Shui Ruolan.

“It will be best if Countess Yong can beat her to death.

If Shao Ruolan dies, no one can oppress me from now on!

“If Countess Yong finally causes big trouble, will she get retribution and be beaten to death too I dont care! Anyway, I dont like either side!”

Of course, Qin Yuru hated Shao Wanru most.

Shao Wanru looked so delicate and beautiful, with her skin as white as snow, and her complexion and appearance were much better than Qin Yurus.

All of these indicated that Shao Wanru lived a happy life, made Qin Yuru lose her confidence in front of Shao Wanru, and reminded Qin Yuru every minute that there was a huge difference between them two.

“I was the most beautiful woman at that time! And Shao Wanru was just a toy I could play with as I wanted!

“Fortunately, I have been confirmed to be also one of the royal family members now.

Whats more, I am much closer to the Imperial Clan than Shao Wanru, who is just the granddaughter of Great Elder Princess! In the future, I will have more opportunities to hook up with one of the princes, go higher and then trample on Shao Wanru…” Thinking of this, Qin Yuru felt her heart burning with excitement.

“It will be best if Shao Wanru also gets involved later.

At least, make her disfigured if they dont make her dead or disabled!”

Qin Yuru looked around and saw a branch on the ground, and then an idea entered her mind.

“I am going to destroy Shao Wanrus face with that branch when the chaos breaks out later.

Anyway, no one will notice who destroys her face when so many people are fighting!” Only when Shao Wanru was disfigured could Qin Yuru feel happy.

Qin Yuru always felt that everything Shao Wanru had should have belonged to her.

“I should have owned everything she has!”

Qin Yuru was taking notice of Shao Wanru, and so was the latter.

Shao Wanru gave a glance at Qin Yuru and saw the evilness in Qin Yurus eyes.

She sneered in her heart, “Does Qin Yuru really think that she has got a good father and become a swan from an ugly duckling”

“Protect Princess Chen!” Yujie shouted as soon as she realized that things were about to be out of control.

The two guards of Shao Wanru unsheathed their swords and pointed them at the old maids rushing over.

There seemed to be blood dripping off the blades reflecting cold light.

No matter how fierce those inferior old maids were, they did not dare to rush to the swords.

All of them stopped and stood still on the spot.

Some of them with sharp ears heard the word “princess” and then their eyes couldnt help falling on Shao Wanru!

“Is that… Princess Chen”

“Princess Chen, this is the family business between our mansion and Generals Mansion, so it has nothing to do with you.

Please ask the guards of Prince Chens Mansion to get out of the way.

Moreover, it doesnt benefit Prince Chen if you get involved in the trouble.

After all, it is just a family matter.

As a prince, Prince Chen should not intervene in any family business of an official, should he” said Countess Yong coldly.

After all, Countess Yong came here to make trouble and get benefits.

“If I can force Qin Huaiyong to put a good word for Duke Yongs Mansion, Di Yan might get the position of Heir of Duke Yong back!”

At first, Countess Yong planned to do so with an excuse.

But now, she got one directly.

On hearing the news about Madam Dis death, she was ecstatic and immediately came to ask for benefits with Qin Yuru, who had just returned to Duke Yongs Mansion at that time.

Countess Yong didnt live a good life either…

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