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Chapter 940 Never Let Go!

The Empress struggled to stand up and walked out with several palace maids and eunuchs.

She saw the Emperor striding toward her with a gloomy face before she got out of the side hall.

The Empress stepped forward and knelt to the Emperor, who waved his hand and made no pause to help the Empress stand up.

The Empress felt awkward and stood up with a trace of anger flashing in her eyes, but she hid it in the depths subsequently.

“Empress, who wants to harm Prince Chen” The Emperor sat down with a darkened face.

How could he know nothing about such a serious thing

Furthermore, Chu Liuchen had sent people to inform him of this matter!

“I have no idea, Your Majesty.

I am about to investigate it!” the Empress said with a grievance, “Prince Chen has just sent two suspects here, one of whom is Empress Dowagers servant girl.

I was thinking about how to tell this matter to Empress Dowager!”

“You dont have to worry about Empress Dowager.

If she knows that someone intended to hurt Prince Chen, she must fall into a rage!” the Emperor said, “I heard that the other suspect is yours.

Is she”

A trace of hatred secretly came into being in the Empresss heart.

However, she had no choice but to admit it.

At first, she had intended to fool everyone by pushing all the blame on the palace maid of Empress Dowager.

“Yes, Your Majesty! Since Empress Dowager gave a palace maid to Prince Chen, I also sent one, wishing they could teach Prince Chen how to become an adult.

But… I didnt expect them to cause such a big trouble!” The Empress felt so wronged that her eyes turned red.

“It doesnt matter whose servant girls they are.

Just investigate them! You must find out the guy who intended to hurt Prince Chen.

This time, Princess Chen bore the pain for him!” the Emperor said with a cold face, “Empress, you are in charge of the Harem for me.

It should not be difficult for you to deal with such a small thing!”

Though Empress Dowager was the top in the Imperial Harem, the Empress was the one who took charge.

If anything happened in the Harem, the Empress had to deal with them.

Angry and annoyed as the Empress was, she could do nothing but grit her teeth to suppress the grievance in her heart.

“Yes, Your Majesty! But I have a doubt.

Did you just say that someone wanted to harm Prince Chen I thought it was Princess Chen…”

The Empress asked it because she understood that for the Emperor, there was a big difference between hurting Chu Liuchen and framing Shao Wanru.

“The two palace maids were given to Prince Chen! He is always in weak health.

Even Princess Chen fainted! What would happen to him if he was the victim at that time Send an imperial physician to check if Prince Chen is fine right now.

Dont let anything bad happen to him!” the Emperor said impatiently.

Shao Wanru looked much healthier than Chu Liuchen indeed.

On thinking that Chu Liuchen almost got targeted, the Emperor felt furious.

He couldnt believe that someone dared to plot against Chu Liuchen under his nose!

“Yes, Ill do that!” The Empress had to undertake it.

The Emperors expression told her that he was in a fury now.

She would annoy him if she refused and said anything more.

“Ill leave it to you.

You must find out the plotter behind it.

The two palace maids can no longer speak, but they can at least write with their hands.

Make them write down their confessions.

If they refuse again, cut off their hands!” the Emperor stood up and said coldly.

“Understood!” the Empress lowered her head and replied.

“Im going to inform Mother.

Otherwise, she will worry about Prince Chen!” The Emperor strode out.

The Empress respectfully walked the Emperor to the door.

Not until the Emperor was away did she return with a dark face.

She just made up her mind that she wouldnt let the person who had hurt Shao Wanru escape unscathed.

“Princess Chen is not agreeable either, causing such a storm in a teacup! His Majesty even doubted whether I can manage the Imperial Harem well because of her!”

Four imperial physicians came to take Chu Liuchens pulse one by one.

They were all relieved after checking him.

“He is fine.

Nothing is better than such good news!”

They also took Shao Wanrus pulse.

Of course, they did it after they had finished taking Chu Liuchens.

Shao Wanrus pulse was relatively stable.

The imperial physicians couldnt tell what was wrong with her.

They just said she was too tired.

Shao Wanru didnt embarrass these imperial physicians and sent them away politely!

Shao Wanru finally felt relaxed after seeing them off.

She lay on her side the bed and blinked her watery eyes.

She looked at Chu Liuchen, who was sitting by the bed with a cold face, and said with a smile, “I think Im fine now.

I probably fainted due to exhaustion!”

“You feel well now” Chu Liuchen frowned slightly and asked.

“Really! It may be an accident.

Dont worry! Its nothing serious!” Shao Wanru comforted him with a smile, “What if its just an accident”

The visit of the four imperial physicians had told Shao Wanru that the matter was inflated.

“How could the Empress be kind to send a servant to me She must have ulterior motives!” Chu Liuchen said with a trace of darkness across his eyes.

Although Qi Jue couldnt find out anything, Chu Liuchen felt something unusual.

“There must be something hidden behind it!”

“What should we do now” Shao Wanru looked at Chu Liuchen with her clear eyes and asked.

“If it gets inflated, so be it.

Anyway, they are not kind people!” Chu Liuchen said casually, “When I am not here with you, take good care of yourself.”

“Your Highness, take Qi Jue with you! I have Mingqiu Nun with me!” Shao Wanru said.


Qi Jue had better stay with you.

He has good medical skills.

He can help you when you feel unwell!” Chu Liuchen shook his head and disagreed.

“Its inconvenient for me if Doctor Qi stays.

If you leave with him, I can have a reason to ask Mingqiu Nun to come here.

Its more convenient for me to have her as a company.

Besides, I havent seen Mingqiu Nun for a long time!” Shao Wanru held Chu Liuchens hand and said coquettishly.

She was also worried that her husband would get ill when he was on his way abroad.

“Okay!” Chu Liuchen held Shao Wanrus hand and said with sparkles in his eyes, “You wont be bullied again even if I am not here with you.

What happened today will make them think twice before they take action against you!”

“If it was not an accident, who did it” Shao Wanru asked after thinking for a second.

She blushed because Chu Liuchen was holding her hand.

In fact, she never thought it was an accident.

Since the person behind the scene dared to set the trap in Prince Chens Mansion in this way, it was not that easy to dig it out.

She didnt feel unwell at this moment, as her current pulse state was different from that just then.

She knew her own health best! She was always in good health!

“You should be more careful from now on.

You can refuse to meet anyone if you dont want to.

Ill support you!” Chu Liuchen said with a gentle look and reached out to hold Shao Wanru in his arms.

“I know what to do.

Dont worry!” Shao Wanru leaned on his chest softly and answered with a sweet smile.

“Ive prepared the gifts for Imperial Grandmothers birthday, and Qinger has some guards.

If you are summoned to the Palace again, lie that you feel ill if you dont want to go!” Chu Liuchen urged her anxiously.

Shao Wanru felt a warmth in her heart.

Her long eyelashes fluttered as she closed her watery eyes.

“It feels so good to be doted on by a man.”

In her last life, she had no one to rely on.

So when her reputation was ruined, which made her feel inferior and timid, and when she was bullied and forced to a dead end until her parents lost their lives, she could do nothing.

The blood of her whole family dyed the road to the happiness for their enemies.

In this life, no one could ever destroy everything she had again.

She would protect her family and those who had helped her and push those who had ruined her last life into hell! For the sake of this, she got tough!

But she wasnt alone anymore with Chu Liuchen.

She couldnt help becoming tender every time she thought of him.

They had met each other in her last life.

“It is so good to meet him again in this life!”

She subconsciously buried her face in Chu Liuchens chest with coquetries, “I will! Dont worry!”

“I will become a strong support behind him and keep him away from the despair he fell in the last life!”

Chu Liuchen couldnt help smiling more and raising his eyebrows when he sensed her coquetry.

He held Shao Wanru more tightly in his arms, with his eyes fixed on her face as if it would never be enough no matter how long he looked at her.

Of course, he knew that the girl in his arms was not as weak as she looked.

But he wished her to rely on him more so that he would not be so anxious.

If she had not experienced so many things, she would not have been so sensible.

“Dont be scared.

You are mine, so you dont have to be afraid of anyone!” Chu Liuchen said in a soft voice.

However, that was an arbitrary declaration.

His handsome eyes looked full of affection, but he hid a cold world in his heart.

No matter who hurt the girl in his arms, he would not forgive him!

In order to protect her, he would go higher and further with her!

“Including the Empress” Shao Wanru raised the corner of her mouth and made fun of him.

He said that in such a childish and arbitrary tone, but it sounded warm and sweet to her.

She couldnt believe he was real when she looked at his charming eyes.

She touched the corner of his mouth gently.

“It feels warm and real!”

“Of course! You are my princess.

My princess needs not to be afraid of anyone, including the Empress!” Chu Liuchen immediately answered her in a lazy tone.

In the past, he didnt care about anyone and his future.

However, he was different then as he had the apple of his eye.

If the Empress dared to harm his girl, he would cut the Empress into pieces!

Now that he had made a decision, Chu Liuchen was not about to show any mercy to anyone who would become his enemies.

It was doomed to be a lonely journey towards the goal in his heart, but he would never give up for the sake of her!

His eyes fell on her delicate red lips.

He lowered his head and gently kissed her.

He had been knowing what he wanted and what he didnt, so he would never let her go unless he died.

Once she belonged to him, she belonged to him forever!

No one knew how paranoid he was…

That was his only obsession at the moment…

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