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“Brother Baiyu, what are you doing” Qin Wanru laughed when she saw him.

She squatted and picked up a stone near her and leaned to a side, throwing the stone back like a naughty kid.

“Qin Wanru, what are you doing I came here to report to you.

Don\'t bite the hand that feeds you!” The lad shunned away from the flying stone and hid aside, but he didn\'t speak in a high voice.

He lowered his voice on purpose.

When he jumped off the tree, he waved to Qin Wanru and walked into an empty yard nearby.

Qin Wanru followed him and walked in.

“Brother Baiyu, what do you want to report to me” Qin Wanru clapped her hands and asked while laughing.

“Of course to ask you to be cautious about Qi Rongzhi.

She cried out to come here this afternoon, but she fell over, so she had to come tomorrow.” Qi Baiyu raised his head with smug.

Therefore, Qi Rongzhi was supposed to come this afternoon, which meant she would arrive at the same time with those newly sent medicines.

Based on routine, if she went up to the mountain, she should come to visit grandma, and the medicine accident could be hard to explain.

Madam Di was so tricky!

“Did you brother Baiyu ask her to fall over” Qin Wanru understood, and she started to smile like a flower.

“Of course it was me.

It seemed that she didn\'t have a good purpose of going up to the mountain.

So you be careful if you didn\'t have anything essential to do, don\'t meet her!” Qi Baiyu told her.

“Thanks, brother Baiyu, I understand.” Qin Wanru smiled and bowed to him.

They grew up together, and they were both naughty, so they got along with each other.

“I heard… “He paused, and hesitation showed on his face.

“What do you want to ask” It was the first time that she saw Qi Baiyu didn\'t speak directly to her, so she crooked her head and asked in a smile.

“Are your family leaving Jiangzhou soon” Qi Baiyu got blushed by a glimpse at her beautiful and attractive posture, so he stood up and stamped his foot.

The young lad didn\'t think this was an unspeakable thing.

“Maybe!” Qin Wanru replied.

Based on her previous life experiences, she was about to leave for the capital city, but she left for avoiding her terrible reputation in Jiangzhou.

For her current life, she swapped her ident.i.ty with Qin Yuru, and it was now Qin Yuru\'s turn for leaving for the capital city due to her terrible reputation in Jiangzhou.

“If you left, I wouldn\'t have any good playmate!” Qi Baiyu said sadly.

“You have Qi Rongzhi as your companion!” Qin Wanru said humorously.

“She doesn\'t like to play with me, she likes having fun with boys in other mansions!” Qi Baiyu pouted his mouth because he understood what kind of person Qi Rongzhi was, and so did Qin Wanru.

“By the way, you should be careful tomorrow.

What I overheard was that she was gossiping about you with Chun Yi, and she said she would make you doomed this time for sure! I don\'t know what she is plotting, so you better don\'t see her if it\'s possible in case she made you troublesome.” Qi Baiyu warned her.

Qi Rongzhi stood to lose this time, and she was considered being too arrogant, which was not so much better than Qin Yuru, and she was still angry about this.

Now she had a significant chance to throw her temper on Qin Wanru.

“Ok, I\'ll be careful.

Will brother Baiyu come tomorrow” Qin Wanru asked.


It was said that Qi Tianyu was absent, so I\'ll have to keep her accompany as her brother.

In the evening, she made a sensation in the mansion for crying out to refuse me to go with her.

Who wants to come with her” Qi Baiyu scorned.

Qi Rongzhi didn\'t take him as the brother, then he didn\'t take her as the sister, and he thought Qin Wanru was a better sister.

She was well-behaved and obedient, and she liked having fun like himself.

Moreover, they got along with each other.

But after the accident, Qi Baiyu knew that he should avert suspicion.

But he didn\'t forget how that elegant brother scold Qin Wanru.

His brother even said that she had private relations.h.i. p with him under the ground.

The hypocritical Qi Tianyu dared to vilify others\' reputation.

Usually, Qi Tianyu felt inconvenient to ask Qin Yuru out for a date, so he invited Baiyu to ask Qin sisters all come out.

Then he asked Baiyu to watch out for Qin Wanru because he needed private time with Qin Yuru for somewhere.

At last, Qi Tianyu and Qin Yuru were safe and sound, but Tianyu dumped troubles on Qin Wanru and Baiyu.

Qi Baiyu finally knew Qi Tianyu\'s true colour this time!

Tianyu pretended to be a good brother in daily life, and Baiyu himself regarded Tianyu as a good brother, and thought he was different from Qi Rongzhi.

“So brother Baiyu is coming with her” Qin Wanru asked, and she was pondering on the word.

If she had Qi Baiyu as her companion, she couldn\'t make a considerable sensation.

Otherwise, she could explain to Qi Baiyu.

Tomorrow, what a coincidence!

Jingxin Monastery master told her that tomorrow would have significant religious activity, and many people would a.s.semble for it.

Many country women were coming from all directions and people who lived far away already arrived here tonight.

They were working as a male in daily labour, and they were very experienced because they met many people.

Compared with misses whose everyday life was confined within a room, they were more bold and vigorous.

Some prost.i.tutes came to watch the scene as well!

“Yes, but it\'ll be fine.

By that time, I\'ll make her fall again and go back home earlier!” Qi Baiyu kicked a stone by his side and looked at Qin Wanru from the corner of his eyes.

It was precious that he finally behaved and thought like a young lad, and then he sighed unexpectedly.

“If you went into the capital city, will I meet in the future” They were playmates in childhood, and as long as they had a good time, they could always share a bond, and that had nothing to do with relations.h.i. ps between a male and female.

“I think we\'ll.

Brother Baiyu should work hard too, and then you could go to the capital city and have a promising career.

Don\'t make others beat you!” Qin Wanru smiled and comforted him.

She was grateful to him all the time.

In her previous life, she knew Qi Baiyu went into the capital city, and he kept helping her secretly.

He lent a hand to her and trusted her all the time in the darkest moment.

He helped her to get rid of all the troublesome issues in Qin Mansion, and he even wanted to marry her when her wedding engagements were broken for many times.

Unfortunately, Madam Di wanted to establish a relations.h.i. p with chancellor\'s mansion and sent her to marry for a good fortune.

Qi Baiyu was smart.

But she bothered him for so many times in her previous life which compromised his reputation too.

“Ok, then I leave.

Be careful tomorrow.

Don\'t talk to me too much if you saw me tomorrow.

Ignore everyone in our mansion!” A young man\'s worry came fast and disappeared fast as well.

He thought Qin Wanru was words were reasonable so that he would work hard, and it was possible for him to surpa.s.s Qi Tianyu in studying.

Getting a good result in exam and staying in the capital city, he could play with Qin Wanru again!

“Ok, brother Baiyu, be careful too!” Qin Wanru nodded her head.

Checking around, Qi Baiyu jumped on the top of the wall.

He then went to the corner of the wall and jumped off to get on the path which led to the outside of the Jingxin Monastery.

His servant was watching for him with his horse outside the wall.

Checking the right direction, Qi Baiyu jumped off the wall swiftly and climbed to another wall.

After several jumps and climbs, he reached to the last one outside, and he could see his servant\'s surprising eyes from it.

Qi Baiyu supported himself with one hand on the wall and was ready to jump off from it, but suddenly he got hit by something, and he loosed his grasp and fell from the wall.

The servant went into a panic and reached out his hand to support him, but both of them fell over in a heap.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Master, are you alright Did you break anywhere” The servant stood up and asked in a hurry.

Qi Baiyu sat up and rubbed the place that he got hurt by the fall, “I\'m fine.

That\'s weird, why did I fall”

He raised his head and checked the high wall.

It was high in other people\'s opinion, but it was nothing for him.

Usually, he liked learning martial arts with a guard in his yard so that he could move flexibly, but how could he fall from the wall

“Alright, that\'s great.

Let\'s go down mountains.

If lord knew you were here, I would get punished!”

The servant was in pressure because Qi Baiyu made many troubles in usual, and he was punished because of this.

Sometimes Qi Baiyu did get beaten, and he would get hit.

“Fine, fine, let\'s go, n.o.body will know!” Qi Baiyu knew what the servant was concerned about, so he laughed out, and he didn\'t care about his fall anymore.

He patted his cloth and took the rein of the horse, jumping on it while his servant jumped onto the other one.

The two horses went down the mountain one after another.

When they left, Chu Liuchen jumped from another tall tree where a servant was standing next to it and looking at his young master with tension because he was afraid his master would get hurt.

Although Chu Liuchen was wearing a pale face, he was in good spirit.

He coughed in a low voice for several times and sneered at the direction where Qi Baiyu disappeared.

A decent person wouldn\'t climb the wall in the middle of the night.

Growing like a bad guy at a young age, how could he be useful when he became an adult.

He would surely grow into a thief.

Qin Wanru was blind because she even called someone like him as a brother!

“Sir, are we going back” His guard asked him carefully and supported the weak Chu Liuchen, feeling scared if he went wrong.

“Go back!” Chu Liuchen said in a bad temper.

Turning around, with his hands behind his back, he suddenly turned around his head and sneered to the direction of the wall.

After that, he strides away in the guard\'s cares.

n.o.body knew what his intention was because he was leaving for the capital city tomorrow, and he said he wanted to have a look at Jingxin Monastery in the middle of the night.

But he threw a few glances at it after he walked in and even climbed out of the wall following others.

Now he stopped and looked at it deliberately.

What was for looking at the Jingxin Monastery\'s wall

But the guard seemed to know that he found some unprecedented secret as well.

Of course, he couldn\'t tell anyone because the more he knew, the faster he would die.

He didn\'t want to die at a young age.

So he would take this secret as a secret!

Chu Liuchen left the next day\'s morning.

It was a secret for him to come to Jiangzhou, only Qin Huaiyong knew it.

His leaving was even a secret, and even Qin Huaiyong didn\'t know it.

Since now everything was settled, he took the secret announcement from the palace and jumped onto the carriage.

They both headed for the capital city.

Qi Rongzhi arrived on the mountain the next morning, and she woke up early as well.

She even went to the yard of Old Grandma politely and bowed to her with deep respect.

If they shared a good relations.h.i. p like what they had in the past time, it wouldn\'t look weird.

But according to the current situation, their two families stopped communication and were standing against each other.

The day when Qin Huaiyong got married, only one person from Jiang Magistrate showed up for a while, and now Qi Rongzhi posed a respecting gesture to grandma who left grandma no good impression!

They chatted for a while and grandma she was tired, implying her intention to see her off.

Qin Wanru sent the guest of Old Grandma to the corridor and was about to leave, but Qi Rongzhi\'s words stopped her!

“Second Miss, please wait for a second!”


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