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Supervisor Xiao was so panic that she couldnt even speak clearly.

Besides, her face hurt.

She lost her smart mouth after she got slapped on her face.

It all happened so fast that she couldnt react in time.

Her mind was still foggy and confused.

She didnt know why things had ended up like this.

“Madam, look, there are really two account books!” At this time, Mei Xue and Meiyan had already ordered several people to carry out the two boxes of account books.

The two boxes of account books were put in front of Supervisor Xiao.

She felt dizzy.

She would rather pass out than deal with the scene.

Mei Xue and Meiyan took out one account book separately from each box and handed them to Qin Yuru.

Qin Yuru flipped through the two account books that had the same date with a gloomy face.

One book recorded great revenue and the other recorded almost deficit.

At the end of the year, the latter even recorded a labor fee.

“Two account books, one is authentic, and the other is bogus.

Well, well, well! For so many years, you have been fooling me and telling me we have been in deficit.

Well, well, well! Come and bring these account books and this lackey to the government office to report the case!” Qin Yuru was so angry that she even laughed.

“Princess… Princess, its not what you think.

Its not me, but Madam who asked us to do this.

We didnt dare to embezzle the money.

We sent it all to Duke Yongs Mansion and gave it to Madam!” Supervisor Xiao shouted in a panic.

If she really got into the government office, she might not have the chance to say anything.

“People said that this Princess has no ability and couldnt even win her husbands heart.

Why is she acting so powerful Didnt Madam say that we could completely ignore this Princess” Supervisor Xiao thought.

“Did Madam ask you to do this” Qin Yuru snorted coldly and asked.

“I… I…” Supervisor Xiao hesitated again and looked around, hoping that Countess Yong would come over to save her at this time.

“If you dont tell me now, you wont have the chance to tell me in the future.

When you get into the government office, you will be tortured severely.

Dont rely on your Master to help you.

For so many years, you have been helping others plot against my mothers and my dowry.

Your whole family would not get away with it.

The evidence is irrefutable!” Qin Yuru said harshly with a gloomy face.

“These shops were originally the dowry of our Princess that she got from her parents, but they have been managed by Countess Yong.

Later, Princess married into the Duke Yongs Mansion but those shops were still managed by the Countess.

The Countess is the sister-in-law of Princesss mother, and now she is our Princesss mother-in-law.

How could she embezzle the dowry of her daughter-in-law For the past 20 years, you, the crafty servant, must have been churning out the fake accounts and deceiving your master!” Mei Xue rebuked loudly.

By the way, she echoed Qin Yurus previous words.

After all, Countess Yong was Princesss mother-in-law.

There were some things that others could say, but Qin Yuru could not.

“Embezzled her daughter-in-laws dowry

“Not only had she embezzled her daughter-in-laws property, but she had also embezzled her sister-in-laws property.

She had been embezzling the money for about 20 years.

Countess Yong was truly shameless and cruel,” people around thought.

Mei Xues words immediately made everyone around understand the situation.

At first, people who thought that Qin Yuru was too barbarous, now couldnt help feeling sympathy for her.

Her money had been embezzled for not just one or two years, but for twenty years.

This Countess was too shameless to do such a thing.

Embezzling her daughter-in-laws dowry was shameless enough, not to mention that Qin Yurus mother was also her sister-in-law.

Some people remembered the past of this Countess Yong and immediately understood that Mei Xue was telling the truth.

Duke Yongs Princess had married into her uncles family.

She married her uncles son.

Her reputation had been ruined at that time.

She was the daughter of Ningyuan Army General!

Ningyuan Army General used to be deployed in Jiangzhou and just returned to the capital city three years ago.

Since these shops were Madam of Ningyuan Army Generals dowry, they should also be the dowry of her daughter.

Because Madam of Ningyuan Army General went to Jiangzhou, although the shops in the capital city were owned by Madam of General, it was Countess Yong who had always been in charge of them.

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Later, this First Miss of Generals Mansion married into Duke Yongs Mansion, and the ownership of these shops was transferred to the First Miss and became her dowry.

Now it seemed that no matter the shops were owned by her or the former generals wife, Qin Yuru had got nothing.

Instead, these dowries had been embezzled by Countess Yong.

This was truly an astonishing matter!

As for Supervisor Xiao herself, no one would believe that she dared to embezzle so much money from her Master for so many years, not just one or two years.

Considering her age, she couldnt have been in charge of these shops for a long time.

There was no other explanation except that Countess Yong, who was in charge of these shops, embezzled the money.

Fanglan Embroidery Shop had a good business, and all the customers were Misses and Madams from aristocratic and rich families.

At this time, after watching the whole scene, they despised Countess Yong.

Some servant girls and old maids began to whisper.

“Princess, I didnt embezzle the money.

It was Madam.

Its her order…” At this point, Supervisor Xiao couldnt take the responsibility for todays matter anymore.


Why would Madam do this Why would she embezzle my mothers dowry” Qin Yurus face became gloomier.

She had no intention to avoid the topic and interrogated her in front of everyone.

“Princess… lets… lets go inside to talk about it…” Supervisor Xiao said with drifting eyes.

“There is nothing that cant be discussed publicly.

We can talk about it here.

I dont think there is any reasonable explanation for this kind of fraud!” Qin Yuru said.

After living in Duke Yongs Mansion for three years, Qin Yuru was no longer who she was before!

“Princess…” Supervisor Xiao pleaded.

She didnt dare to say it out loud in front of so many people!

However, the more she acted like this, the more people believed that this matter must have something to do with Countess Yong, and the more people despised Countess Yong.

In the past, it was said that this Princess had a bad reputation, but now it seemed that Countess Yong was not so good either.

An old maid shoved into the crowd hurriedly, walked to the front of Qin Yuru, bowed respectfully to her, and then said with sweat all over her face, “Princess, Old Madam asked you to go to the mansion to talk about something!”

“What is she going to tell me Is she going to tell me that my mothers and my dowry belonged to Duke Yongs Mansion” Qin Yuru sneered and stood still.

Since it was dowry, even her parents family couldnt mess with it.

“Princess, Old Madam said that this matter is very important.

Please go there and have a talk!” The old maid was anxious and panicked.

She had no choice.

Old Madam had ordered that Princess must go there, otherwise, Old Madam and Madam would not spare her.

“Ill go after dealing with this matter here!” Qin Yuru remained unmoved.

“Princess…” the old maid said again.

“Princess, lets go there.

We cant actually interrogate her here, can we” Mei Xue rolled her eyes and said in a low voice.

Anyway, Old Madam was a senior.

Besides, this matter had something to do with Countess Yong but had nothing to do with Old Madam.

“Old Madam wanted to deal with it properly, so she asked me to go there,” Qin Yuru thought.

It would be unreasonable for Qin Yuru not to go.

“Well, have someone send this lackey and these two boxes of evidence to the government office and let them find out what is going on!” Qin Yuru ordered.

When Qin Yuru finally got up, Supervisor Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

But before she could take a second breath, her heart became heavy again.

“Even when Old Madam stood out, Princess was unwilling to stop!” Supervisor Xiao thought.

“Yes, Ill arrange it right away!” Meiyan answered sharply and knocked over the old maid who came here.

She asked two old maids to tie up Supervisor Xiao and had someone to carry the two boxes.

“Princess…” Supervisor Xiao still wanted to say something but was pushed away by Meiyan.

She was forced to take a few steps back and could not get close to Qin Yuru.

Seeing Meiyan had left with witnesses and evidence, Qin Yuru stood up and went back to the Duke Yongs Mansion with a group of servant girls and old maids.

After they left, all the people in Fanglan Embroidery Shop began to talk about it.

They said that Countess Yong was too greedy to do such a thing.

If she had married into a strictly regulated family, she could be divorced.

No one knew how Duke Yongs Mansion would deal with her!

The matter had something to do with both the Duke Yongs Mansion and the Ningyuan Army Generals Mansion.

Although Ningyuan Army General had just moved to the capital for a few years, the Emperor favored him very much.

When something like this happened to his only daughter, he should do something…

The people were talking about this matter.

Duke Yongs Mansion, which had been inconspicuous for three years, was brought back to the spotlight again.

When Qin Yuru returned to Duke Yongs Mansion, she saw Di Yan there as soon as she got out of the carriage.

Seeing her get out of the carriage, he even helped her.

This had never happened to her in the past three years.

“Why are you here” Qin Yuru asked in an unkind tone.

“Grandma asked me to wait for you here!” Di Yan said with a cold face.

He was fooling around with the innocent maids just now and didnt expect that he would be called over by his grandma and mother.

Now he had to wait for Qin Yuru here.

He and Qin Yuru hated each others guts.

“You dont have to wait for me here.

I will go in and ask mother-in-law what is going on!” Qin Yuru said with a gloomy face.

“When will you stop Is it a big deal Is there anyone in our mansion who treated you badly Do you have to make a scene like this and embarrass my mother” Di Yan said impatiently.

He had just heard about what Qin Yuru had done from his grandmother and felt that Qin Yuru was a troublemaker.

“Its not a big deal Where is the money from my shop Did you spend it on your concubines Di Yan, you are so shameless to spend your wifes money on your concubines.

If this news comes out, you will lose face in the capital city!” Qin Yuru sneered, no longer hiding her contempt for Di Yan!

“You…” Di Yan was so angry that he raised his hand and tried to slap Qin Yuru.

No man could bear it when he was called “living off his wife”!

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