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Chapter 898 Wang Shengxue Must Have Ulterior Motives!

When there was no sound at the door, Yan Xi opened it with a frown.

Seeing a young servant standing there, he was on alert immediately.

The servant took one step forward and said respectfully, “Childe Yan, my master invites you for a meeting!”

“Who is your master” Yan Xi asked.

He looked the servant up and down and became more cautious when he found he did not know this servant.

“Our master was the Fifth Miss Shao and is Princess Chen now.

She wants to ask you something.

Childe Yan, please come with me!” the servant replied.

He was Wang Feng, Nanny Yus son.

As Shao Wanru returned to Marquis Xings Mansion, Wang Feng came with her.

He usually worked in the outer court and inquired about some news there.

“Fifth Miss Shao” Yan Xi frowned and said, “I think its improper for a man and a woman to talk privately!”

“Dont worry, Childe Yan.

You will just exchange a few words.

No one will criticize that!” Wang Feng explained with a smile.

“So we will pretend to meet by chance

“Indeed, this will not arouse suspicion.

Moreover, she has a servant girl accompanying her.

It is because of this Fifth Miss Shao that I could find out about the affair between Miss Zhao and Wang Shengxue.

Could it be that the Fifth Miss Shao wants to give me some advice again Inexplicably, I think she is trustworthy.”

Thinking of this, he nodded and followed Wang Feng to the garden of Marquis Xings Mansion.

The garden of Marquis Xings Mansion was in the inner court, and men outside were not allowed to enter.

But Yan Xi was different.

He had been living in Marquis Xings Mansion.

Old Madam had once said that if he was tired of learning, he could go for a walk in the garden.

Therefore, it was not abrupt for him to go there.

The old maid at Chuihua Gate smiled and let him enter.

Wang Feng did not enter the inner court.

He only showed Yan Xi the way and then returned to the outer court.

It was normal for Yan Xi to enter the garden alone, but if he was accompanied by Wang Feng, servant of the Mansion, that would be strange.

Yan Xi entered the garden and walked forward casually.

Not long after, he met Shao Wanru also strolling in the garden.

He bowed to her respectfully.

He was indeed grateful to this Fifth Miss Shao.

“Childe Yan, you are too polite.

Is there any reason that makes others plot against you” Shao Wanru smiled and asked directly because they did not have much time together.

“When Wang Shengxue takes action, he must have ulterior motives!”

“Im just an ordinary scholar and I dont think I have anything coveted by others!” Yan Xi shook his head and blurted out.

In fact, he had been thinking about this question these days.

He thought that he had nothing coveted by Wang Shengxue.

Why did Wang Shengxue target him

“Since it is not because of Childe Yan yourself, it must be your family.

Wang Shengxue used to have a very bad relationship with my Second Uncle.

Originally, Wang was not allowed to enter Marquis Xings Mansion, but that day, I saw him enter the Mansion with no servant coming to stop him.”

Shao Wanru told Yan Xi calmly and looked at his face.

She could tell that Yan Xi was not the same kind of person as Wang Shengxue.

When they met, Yan Xi did not look at her casually.

He just glanced at her when bowing just now.

He was well-behaved.

Shao Wanru could tell whether he was truly well-mannered or not at a glance.

“My family” Yan Xis heart skipped a beat but he was also thinking about another thing.

“Does Marquis Xing know what Wang Shengxue has done”

Since Wang Shengxue had quarreled with Marquis Xing before, he should not be allowed to enter Marquis Xings Mansion anymore.

However, no one stopped him now.

Even though sometimes Yan Xi could tell that the servants in the Mansion looked down upon Wang, no one drove him away.

He could come and go freely in Marquis Xings Mansion.

His heart twitched and his eyes widened suddenly.

“Could it be possible that the affair between Wang Shengxue and Miss Zhao has something to do with Marquis Xing”

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Thinking that Marquis Xing, who had always been kind to him, was plotting against him in secret, Yan Xi felt inexplicably uncomfortable and could not believe it.

“How could Marquis Xing be such kind of person I must be wrong!”

However, things that he had never doubted in the past now became suspicious.

“Childe Yan, think about it carefully.

Is there anyone who wants to plot against you or your family Otherwise, Wang Shengxue will not target you.

As for other things, youd better check them out.

The Palace Examination is incoming.

At this time, you cant make any mistakes.

Its very easy for imperial censors of the Censorate to hear some news, especially about reputation!”

Seeing that Yan Xi was deep in thought, Shao Wanru knew that it was enough.

She gave him another suggestion, and then bowed slightly and turned to leave.

Yan Xi stepped aside and looked at Shao Wanrus back.

His face darkened.

Had he really forgotten something

“What makes Wang Shengxue plot against me”

Money It was impossible.

Although he had given Miss Zhao some money, it was not that much.

He didnt bring a lot of money when he came to the capital city, so he didnt have much spare money.

But if it wasnt because of money, then what was the reason Did it have anything to do with his incoming Palace Examination

Yan Xi wanted to stop Fifth Miss Shao from leaving, but inexplicably he couldnt open his mouth and could only see her back disappearing from view.

This matter was very strange.

He had to find out more about it.

He turned around and decisively went to the outer court.

Originally, he didnt care about Wang Shengxue and Miss Zhao and didnt want to inquire about anything.

But now he felt that it was better to check it out; otherwise, the consequences would be grave.

Since Shao Wanru had given him suggestions before, he believed in her now.

The old maid guarding Chuihua Gate saw he left very soon, but she didnt pay much attention to him and just bowed slightly.

“The scholar is strange.

As soon as he has inspiration, he must go back to study.”

The old maid was not a scholar.

She did not understand where the inspiration came from and why it could happen at any time.

Arriving at the outer court, Yan Xi called his servant and a carriage from Marquis Xings Mansion.

He asked the coachman to head to Miss Zhaos courtyard situated at the city gate.

This time, he must find out what was going on and what they were after.

The carriage forged ahead.

After making a few turns, it arrived at the back door of Miss Zhaos courtyard.

Yan Xi and his servant jumped out of the carriage.

He asked the carriage to return first and didnt need to wait for him since he still had something to do later.

The coachman just nodded and drove the carriage away.

He didnt find anything strange.

Yan Xi looked around and saw the tree beside Shao Wanrus carriage that day.

He immediately climbed up the tree and climbed over the wall with his servant.

He was born in a family of military officers.

Therefore, although he didnt learn about kung fu, his physical fitness was much better than that of ordinary people.

The servant was also a nimble person.

After entering, he lent Yan Xi a hand.

The two sneaked in the courtyard quietly.

The yard was empty, and there were no outsiders.

Only Miss Zhao and her servant girls lived here.

In fact, this place was rented temporarily by Yan Xi because he pitied this Miss Zhao before.

The door of the main room was ajar.

He heard voices coming from inside, not only a womans voice but also a mans voice.

After getting closer, he could hear the mans voice clearly.

That was Wang Shengxue.

As expected, he came to Miss Zhao after leaving Marquis Xings Mansion.

Yan Xi and his servant crept to the window and stood by it, listening to what was happening inside.

It was already Spring and the flowers were blooming.

Two windows of the room were wide open and happened to block Yan Xi and his servant hiding by each side.

They could listen to what was happening without being noticed by people inside.

The sobbing voice of the woman inside sounded quite touching and pitiful.

It was Miss Zhaos voice.

Normally, her voice sounded more graceful, but now it was delicate and sweet.

“Okay, okay, dont cry.

My sweetie, dont be upset.

Everythings gonna be okay!” Wang Shengxue comforted Miss Zhao.

Yan Xi and the servant couldnt see what was happening inside, but judging from the sound, they could tell that the two must act improperly.

Wang Shengxue once said that he already had two concubines, but now he had an affair with Miss Zhao.

“What should we do now If he doesnt take the bait… and doesnt come now, how can we continue our plan” Miss Zhao sobbed.

Her eyes were slightly red, which made Wang Shengxues heart itch even more.

He couldnt help kissing her fair face and red lips.

They moaned and whimpered.

Even though Yan Xi didnt see it, he could imagine such a scene in his mind.

He was so angry that his face turned pale.

Of course, it was not because he cared about Miss Zhao, but because he heard what they said and knew that they joined forces to plot against him.

He was in a rage.

If it werent for hearing what they were talking about more clearly, he would have rushed in and beaten them.

After a while, they stopped kissing.

Miss Zhao leaned against Wang Shengxues arms as if she had no bones.

She was breathless and her clothes became messy.

“This… this is not good.

My sister will be angry!” Miss Zhao said gently with a hint of affection and anger in her watery eyes, which flustered Wang Shengxue.

He reached into her clothes and said, “Whats wrong with this After this matter is over, you should also marry me.

Its a good thing for both of you sisters to become my women!”

“But, my sister… wont agree.

She… she will hit me…” Miss Zhao said softly with tears in her eyes.

“It doesnt matter if she disagrees.

She is just a concubine.

If she doesnt agree, I will let her go home.

Now, I only like you, and I care about you the most!” Wang Shengxue coaxed her, which made Miss Zhao feel happy.

She didnt stop his moving hands in her clothes.

She just made eyes at and leaned against him shyly.

“But… but what should we do now Yan Xi is not easy to be fooled!” Miss Zhao said worriedly.

Speaking of this matter, Wang Shengxue was no longer in the mood.

He pulled his hand back and said angrily, “This Yan Xi doesnt know how to appreciate my kindness.

He even didnt care about such a great beauty as you.

Does he want a princess or a queen”

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