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Normally, if the broken-bow accident happened on others wedding day, it would not be blamed on the bride.

But she was different from other brides.

She had once been called the “bane” because of Shao Yanrus plot, though the Emperor was infuriated and had been persuaded by her to decree a forbidden order—everyone was banned to call her as a “bane”.

However, many people had heard about it.

They might think it was not a big deal at that time.

After all, it had caused a great sensation and lots of responsibilities had been pushed to her, which had made the Emperor angry.

“Who did that” Shao Wanru stopped her hands and asked.

“It had been damaged before being awarded to me in the palace.

I have already sent it to the Emperor!” Chu Liuchen said lazily.

Did he intend to bring it to the imperial palace

“Did many people see that” Shao Wanru frowned slightly and gently dried Chu Liuchens hair again.

“Dont worry.

No one else had noticed that there was something wrong with the bow.

I found it as soon as I pulled it, so I changed to another bow.

The bow is not completely broken into two pieces.

Theres only a crack in it!” Chu Liuchen said with a smile.

Shao Wanru let out a sigh of relief after hearing his words.

No one noticed it, so there would not be any rumors.

Chu Liuchen had been occupied with all kinds of troubles.

If more troubles were added because of her, he must be haunted by more annoying gossip.

“Why… why did we take one more bow in the wedding hall just now” Shao Wanru suddenly remembered it after she let go of the broken bow accident.

With a red veil covering her head, she was flustered when she was asked to take one more bow.

Fortunately, she made no mistakes under Chu Liuchens guidance.

“I am on the list of princes, so I have to take a bow to Uncle the Emperor!” Chu Liuchen said with a confusing expression on his face.

Though Shao Wanru couldnt see his face, she could hear some sarcasm in his voice.

She knew that this reminded him of his family.

He was the son of the former Emperor, the same as Commandery Prince Qing.

He shouldnt have been on the list of the Emperors sons, but he became Third Prince due to the Emperors grace.

Chu Liuchen must feel very uncomfortable with it…

Now, he had to address himself as the Emperors son though they were nephew and uncle, which must remind him of his family background.

Who knew whether it was the Emperors or Empress Dowagers idea Wasnt it cruel that he was always reminded of his family background from time to time

Although Shao Wanru knew that it might infuriate Chu Liuchen, she asked carefully and softly, “Then… what should we do to deal with it in the future”

Since she had married Chu Liuchen, she had to pay more attention to everything related to the royal family.

Moreover, she couldnt avoid facing it at all.

She needed to know Chu Liuchens attitude towards the royal family and then she could cooperate with him.

“You dont have to know my attitudes.

Just do what you want!” As his hair was almost dry, Chu Liuchen turned around, stood up, and walked to the door to call the servants.

Yujie answered and came in.

She helped Shao Wanru sit down at the dressing table and dry her hair.

It was very quiet in the room, and there was only the sound of Yujie drying Shao Wanrus hair.

Shao Wanru looked at the big bed behind her through the mirror.

Chu Liuchen reclined on the bed and flipped through a book.

He was silent.

Finally, Yujie dried her hair and left quietly.

Shao Wanru could sense there was a blush on her face.

She lowered her head and her long eyelashes fluttered from time to time.

She was too bashful to move closer to the bed.

While she was staring at her fingers in a daze, an arm suddenly wrapped around her waist.

“Why dont you come and rest Is there anything attractive to my princess”

The mans scent rushed to her, which made her become hot in the body and turn red in the face again.

She bit her lip and stood up with his gesture.

Being held tightly in Chu Liuchens arms, she slowly walked to the bed.

When she reached the bedside, Shao Wanru rushed into the side against the wall.

It should be that the groom slept inside and the bride outside, but she couldnt care about the rule right now.

Her heart beat faster and faster and her fingers began to twitch.

Since she was living a second life, she was much tougher and calmer than she had been in the last life.

But she didnt expect that she would be so flustered now that her heart seemed to be about to jump out of her chest.

She was especially nervous when being stared at by Chu Liuchen.

She had never experienced such a scene in her two lives.

In her last life, her wedding with Wen Xichi was just a formality.

She entered Wen Xichis room, which was without any decoration except a red paper-cutting character “happiness” stuck on the door to indicate that it was a day of great joy.

When she came into his room, Wen Xichi was lying on the bed, looking extremely weak.

All the servants in his room were concerned about Wen Xichi.

But none of them cared about the bride, who was allowed to marry Wen Xichi for the sake of counteracting the bad luck.

Therefore, Shao Wanrus wedding night was that she sat on the bedside alone and looked after Wen Xichi, who had fallen asleep after taking medicine, without any servants staying to help her.

At that time, no one cared about who she was.

However, after that night, she was no longer in a state of utter stupefaction as she had been at the wedding night.

They added a bed for her in the room so that it was convenient for her to take care of Wen Xichi.

Shao Wanru was heavily pulled into his strong arms.

For the first time, Shao Wanru had realized that Chu Liuchen was not as skinny as he looked as if he was seriously sick.

He had muscles.

On the bed covered by the gauze curtain, Chu Liuchen held Shao Wanru in his arms and leaned against the cushion at the head of the bed.

Their breaths intertwined in the air.

Under the cover of the bed curtain, they looked particularly intimate.

Shao Wanru didnt know what to say at this time.

She leaned on Chu Liuchens shoulder, feeling that the breath of the man was so heavy that he didnt look as elegant as he did in public.

Shao Wanrus breath couldnt help becoming heavier with Chu Liuchens breathing sound in her ears.

She clasped the hem of her pajamas tightly and only felt that her palms were sweating.

Chu Liuchen suddenly laughed in a low voice and said, “I dont think it is a good idea!”

“What” Shao Wanru asked subconsciously.

“Ive asked several imperial physicians before, and they all said that you havent come of age yet and cant sleep with a man.

But now I cant stand it anymore.

What should I do” Chu Liuchen rolled his beautiful eyes and looked at Shao Wanru.

The petite girl lay in his arms.

Her light and soft body touched the bottom of his heart.

Her bright and watery eyes looked more charming with the gauze curtain as the background.

It had only been a few years, but this girl grew more beautiful and became more to his taste.

He smiled and then gently kissed her on the pink and tender lips.

After a moments thought, he controlled himself.

He had never paid attention to other women.

And he had never thought that he would lose his composure or self-control when facing any woman, even Shao Wanru.

But now Chu Liuchen had to admit that he had overestimated himself.

Shao Wanru didnt expect that Chu Liuchen would say such words in such a serious voice.

For a moment, she was both moved and shy, and she didnt even know where to look.

Recalling his gentle kiss in her mind, she bit her lip and looked up at Chu Liuchen at a loss.

Her bashful look almost eradicated the last self-control of Chu Liuchen.

“Dont you think the imperial physicians are wrong” Chu Liuchen said in a serious tone.

Shao Wanru was awkward and looked away.

“How unabashed he is! How could he enquire more than one imperial physician about such shameful questions He is Prince Chen!”

“Zhuozhuo, do you think the imperial physicians are wrong” Chu Liuchen asked again.

It seemed that he wouldnt stop until he gained an answer from her.

“Your Highness!” Shao Wanru was too ashamed to answer such a question.

“I am not as shameless as you! Never wish that I will talk about such dirty topics with you!” Shao Wanru thought in her mind.

“Alas, if I had known it earlier, I would have married you a bit later!” Chu Liuchen sighed, with his eyes falling on her petite body.

There was such a good girl in the world whose body grew just the way he liked.

And now he married her!

Thinking of these, Chu Liuchen could not keep calm and started to feel a little melancholy.

He couldnt help murmuring to himself, “Why didnt you grow up faster”

Shao Wanru could no longer stand his thirsty words, which had greatly shocked her.

“Shouldnt Prince Chen be cold and aloof When did he become so childish Is he still the same crown prince in her last life, who was standing on the high platform with rage on his face”

Each word he said was more childish and thirsty than the last.

What was more helpless was that he never stopped making fun of her and spared no efforts to make her blush.

Her body was stiff and she did not dare to move.

She felt her entire body was on fire as if she were being steamed in a cage.

Her body was tightly held in his arms.

She wanted to push him away.

Her hand was caught by Chu Liuchen.

Then he asked, “Are you rejecting me”

Chu Liuchens voice was full of surprise, and there seemed to be other meanings in his words.

“Your Highness, please loosen your arms… I feel hot!” Shao Wanru begged with anxiety.

However, her words sounded so ambiguous that they could easily be misunderstood, especially at this time.

She did not want Chu Liuchen to think that she had agreed on something.

“Are you hot” As soon as Chu Liuchen loosened his arms, Shao Wanru hurriedly rolled away and stayed from him.

Fortunately, the bed was big enough so that she did not hit the wall when she turned over.

“Yes, I am!” Shao Wanru lowered her head and said in a very low voice.

“Well, I happen to feel cold.

You can help me warm my feet!” Chu Liuchen said naturally, without a blush or a panic.

Shao Wanru wanted to roll her eyes to show how speechless she was.

How could she not know how hot his body was How dare he say that he was cold

She couldnt help but move close to the wall again.

Fortunately, Chu Liuchen didnt reach out his arms to hug her.

Instead, he lay on the bed still.

Then he pointed to the place next to him and said, “Its getting late.

You should lie down and sleep!”

As he didnt catch her into his arms again, Shao Wanru breathed a sigh of relief and lay down obediently.

She would be willing to do everything he asked as long as he didnt hug her.

Moreover, he had said that she was not old enough to…

Although she had sensed that he was very thirsty just now, she believed that he would not do anything to her tonight as he had promised.

With her watery eyes glancing at his handsome face, she felt sweet and soft in her heart…

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