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“What Your master was so heavily sick” Qing Yue was in a panic.

“He didn\'t wake up until now if anything terrible happened to him, it… was horrible!” Xiao Xuanzi stamped his foot.

“Then you hang on a second, I\'ll find my Miss!” Qing Yue couldn\'t delay anymore, and she said in a hurry.

She asked Xiao Xuanzi to wait there, and she walked out.

Qu Le dared not to ask more even though she noticed that Qing Yue\'s countenance changed dramatically.

“Miss, Xiao Xuanzi\'s master was so sick that he didn\'t eat anything for a whole day!” Qin Wanru was picking out a well-shaped maple leaf from her book when Qing Yue rushed in.

She was preparing to make a bookmark.

Her maple leaf was punctured by scissor while she was tr.i.m.m.i.n.g the edges.

“What happened” asked Qin Wanru without even looking up.

“I don\'t know either, Xiao Xuanzi ran towards me and invited you to go and have a look.” Qing Yue said.

“Go, let\'s have a look!” Qin Wanru put down her scissors and maple leaf, lifting her dress and walking outside.

She happened to meet Qu Le holding a lunch basket in her hands.

“Miss, are you going out at this time” Qu Le put down the lunch basket in her hands and asked.

“I need to go out with Qing Yue now for some business, and I\'ll eat my lunch later.

You clean up the maples leaves in the room.” Qin Wanru replied randomly.

“Yes, Miss!” Qu Le accepted her order and she stepped aside to clear the way for them.

Qin Wanru was rus.h.i. ng outside, and Qing Yue caught up with her by trotting forward.

Leading the way, she took Qin Wanru to find Xiao Xuanzi.

“Second Miss Qin, I… “Xiao Xuanzi was so thrilled when meeting Qin Wanru that he was about to cry.

“Come, let\'s go and have a look at your master!” Qin Wanru whispered.

If anything happened to Chu Liuchen in Jiangzhou, then the whole Jiangzhou would fall into disaster.

Regarding his social status and ident.i.ty, the emperor in the capital city had to do something for compensation in a high key because the consequence equaled to a.s.sa.s.sinating the future emperor.

Otherwise, n.o.body would believe the truth, and the history would record this event.

If he were not so young, he would be the one wearing the crown and living as the emperor.

Theoretically, he was the genuine prince.

Therefore, though there were some other princes, none of them were confirmed as the official prince who could inherit the throne in the future.

All the officials in palace were observing and watching.

If anything happened to Chu Liuchen now, the emperor had to punish some people and convict someone, if not, the entire country would be reduced to the tumult.

And for those who would get punished, officials working in Jiangzhou would be first taken into consideration, and Qin Huaiyong would be the first one on the list.

The yard didn\'t change, but the large lounge chair disappeared.

Xiao Xuanzi took Qin Wanru inside, and after they took a turn at the nine folding screens, they went into the inner room where Chu Liuchen was lying in his bed, wearing a bloodless face.

Qin Wanru felt panicking of seeing this.

He couldn\'t have any accident.

If any accident came down to him, Qin Huaiyong would get into trouble, and maybe all his relatives and kins.h.i. ps would be killed!

Taking a deep breath, she stepped forward and pulled his hand on the quilt.

After she calmed her mind, she started to feel his pulse carefully.

His pulse was trembling slowly as something was blocking it.

She immediately knew he had severe sick.

Qin Wanru opened her eyes and saw a bowl of medicine was put on the table.

The liquid inside turned to as cold as stone.

“Why did you give your master cold medicine” Qin Wanru touched the bowl, and it was freezing, and then her facial expression looked terrible.

“Second Miss, it\'s my master he didn\'t want to take medicine, so it was put to cold.

There was some new medicine boiling on the stove, and I\'ll serve him another one.” Xiao Xuanzi took the bowl and cried, “Since this morning, he didn\'t want to eat medicine or food!”

“Who gave him this prescription” Qin Wanru was frowning, and her slender eyebrows were tangling together.

She didn\'t mean the medicine was terrible, but it was Chu Liuchen who didn\'t take it on time.

“It was Jingxin Monastery master.

It worked actually, but he didn\'t want to take it!” Xiao Xuanzi has tried all the methods, but Chu Liuchen kept ignoring him.

Without any solutions, he came up with Qin Wanru.

In Jiangzhou, only Second Miss Qin had a good relations.h.i. p with his master, so he could only try everything he thought of.

“Go get another bowl of medicine!” Qin Wanru trusted Jingxin Monastery master\'s prescription.

Although she thought Jingxin Monastery\'s prescription was less detailed and comprehensive than Mingqiu Nun\'s prescription occasionally, it was a good one to a large extent.

“Yes, I\'ll go now!” Xiao Xuanzi retreated.

Qin Wanru held Chu Liuchen\'s hand again.

It was a big hand which could wrap her two small ones, and she then checked his tightly closed eyes.

Qin Wanru didn\'t even hesitated but used her sharp fingernails and scratched on the point between his thumb and forefinger severely.

She must have used a lot of strength on it!

“Ah!” The one in bed screamed due to the pain, and his long eyelashes fluttered.

Chu Liuchen opened his eyes where coldness was still haunting, and people could feel a kind of gloomy sensation in him that refused everyone to approach him.

He stared at Qin Wanru without any warmth or countenance.

His facial expression scared Qing Yue to lower her head in panic.

Even though Chu Liuchen could only stay in bed because of his illness, he still gave people an impression of coldness and fear, which were flowing on people\'s backbones.

“You are sick, so you must take medicine.

If you didn\'t, how could you recover” There was a stool by his bedside, so Qin Wanru took it and sat down, and she also put down his hand.

Chu Liuchen looked at Qin Wanru with any emotion, his thin and bloodless lips were pressed together.

It was the coldness that no life was able to survive in it, and it was much weirder than his usual bitterness, and that triggered people\'s body numbing.

The whole room\'s temperature decreased.

“Xiao Xuanzi will bring you medicine soon, and you drink some and then eat lunch!” Qin Wanru put on a face as if she didn\'t see Chu Liuchen\'s emotionless expression or his gloomy face.

She took his waist and felt his pulse again.

Just like what happened, he was not faint at all, he didn\'t want to open his eyes.

“I don\'t want to!” Chu Liuchen looked at Qin Wanru coldly, and this atmosphere made Qing Yue even lower her head and dared not to move.

“Why you don\'t want to eat” Qin Wanru opened her eyes and lifted her smiling face.

Her face was pinky, and the pink color set a contrast with her white skin and made it more attractive.

Smiling was flowing in her eyes, carrying a sense of appealing.

But she was still a kid, and her appearance looked more childish than beautiful.

“Your skin color looks so healthy!” Chu Liuchen whispered, and n.o.body expected that he would raise his hand and touch her tiny face.

He could feel her face\'s warmth and smooth, and it was so comfortable and energetic that he got stunned.

His long eyelashes fluttered several times, and it seemed that he was still in astonishment.

Qin Wanru didn\'t know he would pinch her face slightly, so she watched him stunningly.

His face, which looked emotionless just now, looked lazy and relaxed, thus injecting more vivid facial features on his face.

An ink painting\'s native intelligence replaced his gloomy and beautiful face.

Yes, it was exactly that facial expression which looked so gloomy!

“That is nice!” Squinting his eyes, Chu Liuchen reached out his hand and pinched Qin Wanru while she was still in astonishment with her eyes widely opened.

His smile became more evident on his pale lips.

“You… “Qin Wanru slapped his hand hard because she understood if he did it on purpose.

His last touch was unconscious, and for this time, he did it on purpose.

She used much strength but missed his hands because he managed to escape, and his face looked lazy and relaxed.

“Sir, you finally wake up, sir… “Xiao Xuanzi held a bowl of hot medicine and came in.

When he saw the dynamic expression on Chu Liuchen\'s face, he was so happy that he was about to cry, and he almost dropped the bowl.

“I don\'t take medicine!” Chu Liuchen turned around with his face facing inward.

“Sir, if you didn\'t take medicine, how could you get better, if you… “Xiao Xuanzi started his persuading and preaching painstakingly, putting the bowl on the table and wearing a worried look.

“Annoying, leave me alone!” Chu Liuchen was unhappy, and he sneered.

“Sir…“Xiao Xuanzi prolonged his voice because he was so anxious.

Without taking any medicine for a whole day, his condition was deteriorating and that made Xiao Xuanzi was worried.

“Sir… ”

“Why you were still here, are you annoying me on purpose!” Chu Liuchen didn\'t only sound cold but angry.

He interrupted Xiao Xuanzi\'s words instantly.

“Sir…”Xiao Xuanzi\'s eyes were red because of anxiety.

Although the content of his moaning was about his master, he was actually looking at Qin Wanru hopefully.

“Xiao Xuanzi, Qing Yue, you two leave first!” Qin Wanru thought for a while, and she waved her hand.

“Miss…”Xiao Xuanzi got relieved, but Qing Yue was in a panic.

“I\'ll be fine.

You leave with Xiao Xuanzi!” Qin Wanru took a deep breath, and she thought it would be better to have Qing Yue and Xiao Xuanzi staying alone.

What she was planning to do may make Chu Liuchen unhappy, and he could even be angry.

Therefore, she asked them to leave in case he blamed Qing Yue.

“Yes, Miss!” Because of Qin Wanru\'s insistance, Qing Yue had to retreat.

When she came to the entrance of the door, she looked back inside with deep worry.

Qin Wanru waved to her again, and Qing Yue finally went out of the room.

“Childe, why you didn\'t want to take medicine There has to be a reason, right” After everyone left the room, Qin Wanru wrapped her hand with the handkerchief and took the bowl from the table.

Then she stepped back to the bed and blew to the liquid inside the container while squinting at the arrogant lad in bed and asked.

“None of your business!” Chu Liuchen sneered with unhappiness and his voice sound angry.

“Actually, I don\'t want to intervene in your issue, but I have something for help, and if you left me like this, then n.o.body could help me!” Qin Wanru frowned and her pink lips pressed together.

She looked embarra.s.sed, “this concerns about the Queen\'s disease, and I feel insecure if I asked others to do it.

I\'m also worried that others would steal my contribution! What should I do!”

This thing was concerned about the news she heard from her previous life…


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