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After her slender figure disappeared behind the moon-shaped arched door, Yan Xi slowly looked away.

As he lived in Marquis Xings Mansion, he had little contact with the people there, except for Wang Shengxue, the cousin nephew of Marquis Xing.

Did she refer to Wang Shengxue

Wang Shengxue was the first person that came to Yan Xis mind.

He had felt that Wang Shengxue was weird.

After being warned by Shao Wanru, he was more sure about his supposition.

After all, he was not a stupid man.

He didnt ignore Shao Wanrus admonition, because he didnt believe that Shao Wanru, as a girl in the boudoir, and who was the future Princess Chen, could make irresponsible remarks, and there was no need for her to do that.

Seeing Yan Xi standing still, the servant behind called him, “Master!”

He was the young male servant Yan Xi brought from his home.

Two servants were sent by Yan Xis family to take care of him, one to look after his daily life and the other to serve when he was studying.

Because he was a guest in the mansion, Yan Xi was very polite.

He never asked his servants to inquire people there for messages, in case that some unnecessary misunderstandings would be made.

“Go and inquire about Childe Wang.

Find out why he didnt take the imperial examination!” Young Yan raised his head and made up his mind.

He remembered that once in a talk about the Spring Imperial Examination, Wang Shengxue told him that he had the official qualification to take the exam, but he was delayed because of his sisters health, and he couldnt take the exam for the time being.

Yan Xi didnt care about it at that time, but now he remembered it and wanted to know the details.

“Yes, Master! Ill go and inquire about it later!” The clever servant said.

Since they had been living in Marquis Xings Mansion for a period of time, it was not hard for him to find a few people to inquire about it.

It didnt take long for Yan Xis servant to get the information.

“Sir, all the servants in the mansion say Childe Wang is a scoundrel.

When his sister died, he extorted a lot of money from the mansion.

I heard that though Childe Wang is a distant nephew of Marquis Xing, he has a bad character.

He once wronged Fifth Miss several times.

His official rank was removed because he annoyed Fifth Miss.

Now he is unqualified to take the exam!”

The servants of Marquis Xings Mansion didnt like Wang Shengxue at all.

Although they didnt know the details of what Wang Shengxue had done before, they knew that Wang Shengxue had benefited a lot, while Marquis Xings Mansion had suffered a loss.

In their opinion, Wang Shengxue should be driven out directly and stopped from coming to Marquis Xings Mansion again.

However, when he came to the mansion again, they were told by their masters to turn a blind eye to Wang Shengxue.

After all, he was the Marquiss nephew, so they couldnt be estranged from him.

How ridiculous it was to consider the relationship after he had caused such trouble to them!

However, as servants, they didnt know what was behind it and did not dare to gossip about it either.

All they could do was to despise Childe Wang in secret.

“Childe Wang has such a bad character” Yan Xi was shocked when he heard that.

Although he didnt approve of some of Wang Shengxues behaviors, he had always regarded Wang as a decent and righteous gentleman who would never hesitate to do what was right.

He had never thought that Wang had such a bad character.

After pondering for a moment, Yan Xi asked, “Is the information you gathered exactly accurate”

“Yes, Master.

I have specially asked several different people, and all the information was learned from indirect inquiries.

It was also not eye-catching.

But everyone I inquired said the same about Childe Wang!” The servant said with confidence.

Yan Xi was silent.

He was already starting to believe it.

In the past, when he went out with Wang Shengxue, he could always sense something strange in the servants eyes, although they bowed to them respectfully.

He could even sense a little pity from the servants who were looking at him.

At that time, he couldnt tell what it meant, but now he seemed to understand it.

If Wang Shengxues character was indeed as bad as he had heard, was there any secret behind his enthusiastic help to save Miss Zhao

“Go to Miss Zhaos home, monitor the back door, and find out whether Miss Zhao contacts with anyone secretly, and especially see whether Childe Wang goes there in private!”

When he doubled one thing about Wang Shengxue, he started to doubt everything about him.

Yan Xi immediately thought of the Miss Zhao whom Wang Shengxue had helped enthusiastically.

When Miss Zhao couldnt find her relatives and encountered harassment from a playboy, she was lucky to meet Yan Xi.

Was it just a coincidence or an arrangement by Wang Shengxue The enthusiastic Wang Shengxue did not seem to be a person with a bad character, but the person the servant inquired about was the real Wang Shengxue.

If that was the case, there was something unbeknown to him in the matter between him and Miss Zhao.

And Yan Xi strongly felt that Miss Zhao was the key.

Yan Xi was enlightened by a word of Shao Wanru.

So he immediately sent someone to secretly investigate the Miss Zhao he met in the capital city.

Shao Wanru went to the Chuntang Courtyard, and Old Madam had waited there early.

After Shao Wanru reported what had happened in Phoenix Palace in detail, Old Madam darkened her face and said nothing for a long time.

Shao Wanru sat aside and lowered her head, waiting for Old Madams response.

“Fifth Girl, do you think the Empress was discontented with you or Marquis Xings Mansion” Old Madam asked slowly after a while.

Shao Wanru raised the corner of her mouth and showed a cold sneer on her face.

Old Madam still hoped that the Empress hated her instead of Marquis Xings Mansion.

Shao Wanru raised her head, with the sneer on her face disappearing.

She shook her head calmly.

Old Madam carefully looked at her eyes and found they were bright and pure.

They were charming but simple.

After all, she was still young.

When she said nothing and just shook her head, she looked a little confused.

“Fifth Girl, now the title of nobility of Duke Xings Mansion has become Marquis Xings Mansion.

I am ashamed to face your grandfather and father.

But the title still needs to be inherited.

Haoer is not a kid anymore.” Old Madam sighed and looked depressed.

Since Old Madam passed out last time, she had lost her energy and looked very weak after she woke up.

As she said that, she suddenly felt sad, and her eyes got moistened.

Then she wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief.

Shao Wanru lowered her head.

It was hard to answer, and she didnt know what to say.

So she kept silent and simply waited.

Haoer was not young anymore It sounded like that Haoer had gained the position of the Heir of Marquis Xing.

And it was the first time that Old Madam had mentioned it in front of her.

She pursed her red lips and didnt respond to Old Madam.

Shao Wanrus silence displeased Old Madam a lot.

She raised her eyebrows and suppressed the anger in her heart.

Her voice became lower and gentler.

She said, “When I think that your father was the last Duke Xing, but now the title of Duke has been degraded to Marquis… I am ashamed to meet your grandfather and father after I die… Everything has always been fine, but who has ever expected that…”

Old Madam became sadder.

She looked like an ordinary old lady, sorrowing when thinking of her son who died early.

Nanny Yu had begun to comfort her in a low voice.

Old Madam mentioned Shao Wanrud father again and again.

Shao Wanru clenched the handkerchief in her hand tightly and could not hide the cold sneer in her lowered eyes.

When Old Madam was in need, she would mention her father, and when she wasnt, she would even harm her life.

At this time, Old Madam talked about the title of nobility again and again.

Needless to say, she had come up with some new tricks.

She must want to rely on her strength or Chu Liuchens.

What a wonderful idea!

Old Madam was sad.

Nanny Yu tried to comfort her again and again, but Shao Wanru just sat there like a block of wood and didnt respond at all.

Old Madam was too irritated to keep pretending.

She suddenly pushed Nanny Yu away and was about to get angry.

Seeing her grandma be sad for so long, Shao Wanru, as a granddaughter, just sat there without any reaction! Of course, Shao Wanru was not brought up by Old Madam and didnt have any feelings for her grandma at all.

Old Madam was extremely annoyed.

Realizing that Old Madam was going to lose her temper, Nanny Yu hurriedly grabbed her hand to stop her.

She shooked her head and motioned for Old Madam not to get angry with Shao Wanru.

Old Madam tried hard to suppress her anger.

She didnt want to beat around the bush anymore and said bluntly, “Fifth Girl, the restoration of our title depends on you! After all, you will be a daughter-in-law of the royal family, the future Princess Chen.

If you can say something good for our mansion in front of Prince Chen, it will definitely be effective!”

As expected, Old Madam wanted her help.

Shao Wanrus watery eyes became deep.

She slowly raised her head with a little shock in her eyes and said, “Grandma…”

Old Madam cut Shao Wanru and said impatiently, “You dont have to feel awkward to ask for it.

Marquis Xings Mansion belongs to you juniors.

I will live for few years at such an old age, and what I want is to restore the title of the Duke.

Even if I die now, I will never turn over in my grave!”

“Grandma, Prince Chen is not that capable,” Shao Wanru said lightly.

“How do you know whether he has the ability or not without a try It is said that Prince Chen is the most favored prince of the Emperor and Empress Dowager.

He can get whatever he wants.

How do you know he cant help if you dont try to persuade him” Old Madam waved her hand and refused to listen to Shao Wanrus refusal.

She directly drove her away.

“You must be tired.

Go and have a rest.

Think about how to talk with Prince Chen about this matter.

The title cant be lost in our hands!”

This meant that Shao Wanru must mention it to Chu Liuchen in any case, and he must help to restore the reputation of Marquis Xing.

After Old Madam finished her words, she went into her bedroom to have a rest with Nanny Yus help, leaving Shao Wanru alone.

Yujie showed an angry expression on her face.

Old Madam was too much, pushing the matter to her Miss, as if her Miss would be to blame if it didnt succeed.

Shao Wanru still looked calm and was not surprised by Old Madams irrational conduct.

She turned around and walked out of Chuntang Courtyard with Yujie and went back to Piaoyun Courtyard.

The Piaoyun Courtyard had been very busy recently.

Everyone was busy preparing the dowries for Shao Wanru.

Except for Yujie who had to accompany Shao Wanru, several trusted servant girls were so busy that they could rarely be seen in the courtyard.

When Shao Wanru came back, large pieces of furniture in Piaoyun Courtyard were being sorted off.

Nanny Yu was carefully moving them out with several strong old maids.

Seeing Shao Wanru, Nanny Yu hastened to come over and bowed.

Then she pointed at that large pile of furniture and said, “Miss, what do you think of these”

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