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“Yes, we are!” Yan Xi thought for a second and said.

He had things to do.

It was luck that Duke Xing had just advised him to go out of the mansion sometimes.

“Then lets go now, Master.

Childe Wang is still waiting for us,” the servant nodded and said with a smile.

As Yan Xi went to meet Childe Wang, a feeling of displeasure came through his head.

He didnt have a good impression of Wang Shengxue, another nephew of Duke Xings, who seemed to be a wretched and evil person in Yan Xis eyes.

But Wang was very kind to Yan Xi, so it was hard for the latter to say out his wish of cutting off contact with the former.

Wang Shengxue had been wandering at an intersection of the corner.

When he saw Yan Xi, he rushed over with joy and yelled, “Childe Yan!”

“Childe Wang!”

“Hurry up! We have to go now.

If we are late, we will lose the chance to save her and that is really bad.” Wang Shengxue said with a very happy smile.

“Thanks for waiting for me, Childe Wang!” Yan Xi bowed to Wang Shengxue and took a deep look at him, confused with his unreasoning happiness.

“Childe Yan, youre too polite and humble.

It is you who are so warmhearted to offer help when encountering such things.

I happen to be free and I am just intolerant to see that a foreigner is bullied.

Lets go, lets go! We cant delay anymore or there will be big trouble!”

Wang Shengxue patted his chest with a serious look, and then put down his hand again.

Finally, he reached out with intimacy, wanting to grasp Yan Xis sleeves.

Yan Xi, feeling uneasy, raised his hand and perfectly avoided Wang Shengxues catching, and then he said with indifference, “Lets go!”

He didnt like very much the various accidents resulting from a good deed and his “friendship” with Wang Shengxue.

But once he had taken action to help someone, he had to make it.

Actually, even Yan Xi was baffled about what had caused such a thing.

And Wang Shengxue, as a “passer-by”, was even more serious about it than he was, which drove Yan Xi to think that Wang Shengxue might not be as bad as he thought.

They finally set off in a hurry after a few words.

On a rockery, Shao Wanru stood high and watched them leaving with cold eyes.

She didnt expect that Yan Xi and Wang Shengxue had such a good relationship that they almost didnt need to stand on ceremony.

“It was strange,” Shao Wanru thought, believing that there must be something covered.

She still remembered that Wang Shengxue had the goods on Madam Jiang, Madam of Duke Xing, the evidence that she murdered Wang Yishu.

But the “goods” were completely useless now because Madam Jiang had been disgraced and kicked out of Duke Xings family.

Even if he made her crime public, it would not do much harm to the reputation of Duke Xings Mansion.

“Therefore, Wang Shengxue is no longer a threat to Duke Xings Mansion now” Shao Wanru thought, “Wang Shengxue was certainly not a good person.

There must be a reason for him to be so interested in the matters of Duke Xings Mansion like this!”

In her last life, both she and Yan Xi had almost been ruined in their lives.

Was it because of her or Yan Xi What made him so special that he was aimed and then framed

Who it was that conspired with Duke Xings Mansion and plotted against her and Yan Xi at that time If it didnt exist, could it be that someone of Duke Xings Mansion was the only enemy Before, she didnt know that Yan Xi was living in Duke Xings Mansion, nor did she know why he lived there.

Now, after careful contemplation, it seemed that only people of Duke Xings Mansion would have the intention to plot against him!

Who on earth was the real schemer

“Take a shortcut and ask the coachman to give them a ride,” Shao Wanru ordered, because Wang Shengxue was not a man who preferred walking somewhere.

She had an intuition that their destination was where she saw the City Gate that day.

It was far away from Duke Xings Mansion, and it would take a while to get there even by carriage.

“There must be something behind! Though she was just a servant girl, it was not an easy thing to make her sacrifice herself voluntarily to set someone up.

Who was the person behind”

The coachman Shao Wanru had just mentioned was brought by her from Ruian Great Elder Princesss Mansion.

Now he was a registered servant of her, so he could be regarded as a coachman of Duke Xings Mansion.

“Yes, Miss! I am going to do as you said right away.” Receiving her masters order, Yujie nodded, ran down the rockery, and went to the parking lot through a shortcut.

Wang Shengxue with Yan Xi went to the parking lot ahead of Yujie.

Yan Xi didnt want to trouble the people in Duke Xings Mansion.

Although Shao Jing had given them the instruction of taking good care of him, he preferred not to trouble anyone.

After all, he was just a lodger in the mansion, so it was really embarrassing for him to ask for services all the time.

But Wang Shengxue was different.

He repeatedly emphasized that it was trivial.

“Moreover, there are a lot of carriages available.

It will be fine to use one of them.

Look, it will take a long time either to go there or come back.

It will be very inconvenient if we walk.”

After hearing his persuasion, Yan Xi thought that it did make sense.

Thinking that he might have to save time for his study, he made up his mind and went to the parking lot with Wang.

As soon as they arrived there, a coachman happened to be feeding fodders to the horses which were about to pull the carriage.

What the right time!

“Get a carriage and give me and Childe Yan a ride,” instead of picking a good carriage carefully, Wang Shengxue casually pointed to one as he said to the coachman.

The coachman, heading up and looking at the two Childes, nodded without hesitation and drove the pointed carriage over.

“Get in, please!” he said to them respectfully.

Every time the coachmen in the mansion saw Wang Shengsue, they were very indifferent to him.

It was known to all that Old Madam didnt like him, nor did Duke Xing want to talk with him.

It was said that he had created a tremendous uproar in Duke Xings Mansion before and it became an unpleasant memory.

The coachmen knew little about the details, which, however, didnt stop them from knowing that their masters were not fond of Childe Wang.

However, he was not forbidden to come to the mansion.

Therefore, Childe Wang was quite an embarrassing person in the mansion, and he was even not popular with the servants there.

Today, however, there was a polite coachman who showed respect to him.

And being respected, Wang Shengxue felt very comfortable when enjoying it, so he specially patted the coachman on the shoulder as a reward.

Both of them got on the carriage, and Wang Shengxue said an address.

The coachman waved his whip and drove the carriage out of Duke Xings Mansion.

Then he turned at the corner of the street and went toward the City Gate.

Shao Wanrus supposition was proved.

Their destination was indeed beside the City Gate.

As the carriage was running all the way forward, they made several turns and took detours via a few paths before they reached the destination, which was Wang Shengxues idea.

And the road they went along was very familiar to Wang Shengxue.

They stopped at the back door of a courtyard.

Wang Shengxue jumped off first, walked to the back door, and knocked on it gently.

The coachman noticed that there was a certain rhythm in his knocking.

Yan Xi also got out of the carriage and stood behind Wang Shengxue.

Behind the door came the sound of footsteps, and then the door was opened.

They saw a servant girl with slightly wet eyes.

Wang Shengxue stepped aside, and the servant girl saw Yan Xi.

“Childe Yan!” the maid cried.

The moment she saw Yan Xi, she showed a complicated expression of happiness and sadness on her face.

“Whats wrong Is your Miss well” Yan Xi asked.

“Childe Yan, why dont you come in and see her first Our Miss would rather die than give in.

If… if there is no way…” the servant girl wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

The coachman was sitting high on the carriage, from which he could see that the servant girl was not crying, but she was pretending to be by wiping her face with the handkerchief.

“Lets go in first!” Wang Shengxue glanced at the coachman warily and said in a low voice while giving way for Yan Xi.

Yanshu nodded and stepped into the courtyard.

The servant girl fell behind him.

When she saw Wang Shengxue beside her, she also bowed to him and then turned around to follow behind Yan Xi.

It was clearly seen by the coachman that the servant girl had eye contact with Wang Shengxue when she bowed to him.

It was subtle, and they seemed to be very familiar with each other, about which the coachman was not very sure.

But he could tell that the servant girl behaved as if she met an acquaintance because she didnt hide from him the fact that there were no tears on her face.

The coachman paid close attention to them because he had received an order of keeping an eye on Childe Wang and Childe Yan, which was delivered by the servant girl of Fifth Miss.

This was also the reason why the two Childes could meet him.

“Wait here until Childe Yan and I come out and then we go back together,” Wang Shengxue ordered before he went inside.

The coachman nodded and then watched the three of them disappear into the courtyard.

The whole thing did not make sense.

Childe Yan was the one mainly involved in the issue and also the one to whom the servant girl asked for help just now.

It turned out that the Miss of this courtyard should be someone related to Childe Yan.

Strangely, the servant girl seemed to be related to Wang Shengxue.

When they looked at each other just now, it seemed that they had a tacit understanding.

At first, the coachman was a servant in Ruian Great Elder Princesss Mansion.

Thanks to his cleverness, he was sent to serve Shao Wanru.

At this time, the more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that theres something fishy in it.

“There was something wrong with the servant girl, so was there with Wang Shengxue.

But the whole thing was the biggest mystery.”

Looking around, the coachman decided to park the carriage in a corner where there was a tree by the side of the road.

Some of its branches reached inside the enclosing wall of the courtyard which Childe Yan and Childe Wang had just entered.

After the carriage was parked, the coachman found that part of it was covered by the branches from the sight.

The branches even blocked part of the courtyard wall.

That was a small lane through which few people would pass.

Getting off the carriage, he climbed up the wall with the help of the branches.

The carriage happened to block him from the passer-bys sight.

High on his position, the coachman found it only a small courtyard that had nothing different from others.

It was the same as most of the small courtyards in the capital city.

Looking around, he saw that the door of the main room was half-closed, and heard some sounds of a womans crying and complaining in broken words.

The coachman couldnt hear clearly what the woman was saying.

There were also mens voices from time to time.

He could tell that most of the time it was Childe Wang who was speaking, and sometimes Childe Yan cut in.

It sounded that they were comforting the woman.

That was all he could hear.

From his position, he could not see the situation inside the main room.

The coachman looked around, only to find it a bad idea for him to sneak in.

After crying and speaking for a while, the woman sounded soft and calm.

Wang Shengxue was persuading her with heart.

Childe Yans voice could be heard from time to time.

After a long time, the coachman saw some figures moving out from the door of the main room, so he jumped down from the wall nimbly and got back on the ground.

He stood casually beside the carriage and waited for them to come out.

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