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Shao Wanru took a step back and stared at Yan Xi in front of her in astonishment.

In the last life, she only took a glance at him from a distance and felt that he was merely a good-looking man.

But now when she looked at him carefully, she found that he had a heroic spirit in his eyes and eyebrows.

He didnt look like a Confucian scholar.

If suited up in a campaign gown, he would look more like a general!

She looked him up and down with her watery eyes, seeming to be thinking of something.

Shao Wanru had had slight sympathy for him since she knew that this Childe Yan once fell into someones trap.

“Was it because of me that he was set up Or for other reasons”

It was not until now that she started to realize that there were secrets behind this mystery in her last life.

Yan Xi was also astonished.

Summoned by Duke Xing, he had never thought of the possibility that he almost bumped into someone when he arrived.

It was a young Miss, who was not tall.

What first came into his sight was a pair of bright and watery eyes.

At first glance, they looked quite attractive.

But after careful observation, he felt that they were crystal clear and extremely beautiful.

On her snow-white and tender face were her delicate facial features, as well as her long eyelashes, the fluttering of which made her eyes look as gentle as water.

Her lips were as bright-colored as flowers with stamens, which made her a gorgeous beauty.

“First Miss Shao”

Although he was amazed, he immediately became clear-headed and denied the abrupt supposition.

First Miss Shao had been in the palace now and it was said that she had become the Emperors Secondary Consort.

“Then who was this girl” He had never heard of other peerless beauty except for First Miss Shao.

He lowered his eyes and stepped aside, cupping his hands respectfully to Shao Wanru and no longer fixing his eyes on her.

He was a respectable and well-behaved person.

When he saw her just now, there was nothing but amazement in his eyes.

It was like that he caught sight of a cluster of flowers and then felt amazed.

Nothing evil was in his mind.

His eyes were very pure and his behavior was polite.

It was hard to believe that such a disgraceful event had happened to him in her last life.

After making the above commons in her heart, Shao Wanru winked at Yujie, who understood it at once.

She took a step forward with her hands on her hips and head up, pretending herself as a stroppy servant girl.

Then she shouted, “Who are you How dare you stroll around Duke Xings Mansion What if you knock someone down”

“I am a scholar lodging in the mansion because my father is an old friend of Duke Xings.

I was summoned to come here by Duke Xing.

I feel so sorry! I didnt mean to offend you just now, Miss!” Yan Xi took a deep bow and said politely.

That made the little servant girl Yujie look very rude and irrational.

“The Duke is looking for you Did he send a man to get you It was our Miss who was the one he wanted to see just now!” Yujie was not convinced and rebuked, becoming more and more arrogant.

Such servant girls who bullied the weak and feared the strong existed in many mansions, especially those of first-class, who were sometimes even more difficult than their masters.

In order to curry favor with their masters, they always spoke first on half of their masters in a rude and arrogant manner.

Of course, they wouldnt do that unless they were favored by their masters.

At this moment, Yujie was a typical example.

Yan Xi felt quite helpless.

He had seen some fine servants in Duke Xings Mansion before, so he didnt expect to meet such an arrogant servant girl, whose question was even ruder than her attitude.

It sounded like that no one else but her Miss deserved to be summoned by Duke Xing.

Though displeased, Yan Xi didnt intend to argue with a servant girl.

He said calmly, “Duke Xing has sent someone to call me early before.

He needed to talk to me.

I should have come earlier, but I was delayed for a while.

So I walked here in a hurry!”

Shao Wanru slightly narrowed her eyes, in which there was a trace of deep suspicion.

If Yanxi had come earlier, she would have met him in Shao Jings study.

Of course, it was possible that he had to come late and happened to come across her here!

“If that was the case, then what was that for”

In the last life, she and this Childe Yan were tied up into a group, and neither of them had a good end.

Then what about this life

“Childe Yan, your father is an old friend of Second Uncles” her watery eyes slightly raised as she softly asked.

On hearing Shao Wanrus voice, Yujie stepped aside and made way for her.

Yan Xi raised his head and cast another glance at the elegant and charming Miss in front of him, with a little doubt in his eyes.

Though he was amazed by her at the first glance, he didnt have a good impression of Shao Wanru.

A servant girl was like her master.

How good could a master be if her servant girl behaved like that

But out of his expectation, Shao Wanru spoke in a soft and gentle voice, which was different from what he had imagined.

After the glance at Shao Wanru, he lowered his eyes and said, “My father has always been related to Duke Xings Mansion!”

“Not only to Second Uncle but also to other people in our mansion” Shao Wanru keenly grasped the point of his words.

Her heart pounded wildly as an idea was coming into being in her mind.

“Yes!” Yan Xi said emotionlessly.

He didnt think he should talk more about this to a boudoir girl.

Shao Wanru blinked her eyes.

She could see his indifference and understand that it was impossible to get more from him.

She nodded slightly at him and left with Yujie.

They were still outside the door of Shao Jings study, which was not a good place to talk in detail.

Watching Shao Wanru go away, Yan Xi frowned, very surprised to find that the Miss was not as obstinate as her servant girl, which was really confusing! He didnt suppose that it was so easy for him to get rid of the Miss, whom he had thought to be unreasonable.

He didnt expect that she would ask such a question and then leave without hesitation! Surprised, he couldnt help looking back at her distant figure again and suddenly got an idea.

“Second Uncle If she calls Duke Xing Second Uncle, she must be the Miss of the first branch, who has been lost in the outside world before.

She is the granddaughter of Ruian Great Elder Princess! After being recognized, she spent three years in observing mourning for her parents in the nunnery, which made her have a good reputation.”

Or in other words, she was the future Princess Chen!

“If my supposition is right, then everything that happened just now would make sense!”

“She is a decent master while her servant girl relies on her power and bullies people.

Its said that she lives a difficult life in Duke Xings Mansion, so thats why she had such a servant girl to protect her”

“Childe Yan!” seeing he was deep in thought, the following servant reminded him of the time.

It had been late since they got here.

“Lets go!” Yan Xi nodded.

Stopping thinking about Shao Wanru, he turned around and strode toward the study of Duke Xing.

In the study, Shao Jing was sorting out the books with his head down.

Receiving the servants report, he nodded to show his permission of letting Yan Xi come in.

After entering the room, he bowed to Shao Jing and stepped aside with respect.

“Sit down, please! My dear nephew,” Shao Jing said politely.

After Yan Xi sat down, he said again with a smile, “Your father sent a letter saying that he would like to arrange a marriage for you in the capital city.

After all, you are not naive anymore.

If you can pass the imperial exam and then find a partner suitable for yourself this time, your father will no longer worry about you!”

Shao Jing, with a smile, showed him a letter by waving it in his hand.

Yan Xi had just received a letter from his father too.

So obviously Duke Xings letter was delivered together with his.

Thinking for a while, he stood up, cupped his hands toward Shao Jing, and said, “Anything you say, Uncle Shao!”

Shao Jing waved his hand, asking him to sit down.

Then he said with a smile, “The marriage will be a good alliance between two families.

But I havent found out a suitable family in the capital city for your marriage.

However, it has always been the case that parents are keen to get a candidate as their son-in-law.

If you pass the imperial examination and become an official in the future, I assure you that many families will ask for marrying their daughters to you.

How about I pick one for you at that time”

“Your wish is my command, Uncle Shao!” Yan Xi said gently.

Masculine though he was, he looked very mild when smiling, leaving a good impression on others.

In addition, he didnt intend to refuse Shao Jings kindness at all.

Before he left home, his father had told him that he needed to ask for a marriage in the capital city.

However, with two weddings to be held, Duke Xings Mansion was so busy dealing with them that it indeed had no time to help Yan Xi with his marital affair now.

“But if you take a fancy of some girl, you tell me! Ill ask around for you!” Shao Jing said.

Yanxi did not answer immediately but kept silent for a moment.

He seemed to be hesitating.

“Might it not be true that you do fall in love with a Miss” Shao Jing asked with curiosity.

Yan Xi remained silent for a more while.

Then he shook his head and denied, “No, I dont fall in love with any Miss.

I just suddenly remembered something my father has said before!”

He sounded very depressed and frustrated.

He had been in the capital city for a long.

And he hardly went out for a trip because he had to prepare for the exam.

It was not until now he was reminded that he hadnt seen his father for a long time.

“Provided that you pass the exam and become an official in the future, you will have to live in the capital city.

Even if your father cant stay with you, he will surely be proud and happy for your achievement,” Shao Jing comforted him and then changed the topic, “I heard that you are good at martial arts.

But you choose to strive for the position of a civilian official, which is actually against your fathers wish, right However, your father is a reasonable man who will never force you to join the army!”

“In fact, my father did want me to be a military general at the very beginning.” Yan Xi said, “Its just that I do like studying, so he made a concession.”

“Your father is rational,” Shao Jing sighed with relief, “Youll be a civilian official, and your father is a martial one.

Both will bring out the best in each other perfectly.”

“Ill have to trouble you this time, Uncle Shao!” Yan Xi stood up and took a deep bow once more.

Shao Jing smiled and said, “You are too polite, my dear nephew! If you need anything in the mansion, just tell me, or ask for help from the housekeeper to whom I have already given the instruction.

Dont worry about anything but your preparation for the imperial exam.

I hope that you can get a good mark and achieve your goals this time, which will also make your father rest assured!”

“Thanks for your luck words, Uncle Shao!” Yan Xi said respectfully.

“Then you can leave now.

Remember that just tell me if you are in need! Dont stay up late, and it is good to go out for a walk sometimes!”

“You have my permission!” Yan Xi nodded and became more respectful to Shao Jing.

Before Yan Xi came to the capital city, his father had said that he did not know much about Duke Xings personality and asked his son to be cautious and not to be reckless there.

Now as he was living in Duke Xings Mansion, he found that Duke Xing was a kind person who always took good care of him.

But it was confusing for Yan Xi that such a good person had a sinful wife and an unfilial daughter.

Yan Xi left the study with such confusion in mind.

He stood still outside the study and looked back at it.

He thought that though Duke Xing was really a good person, he was somehow a little odd.

“Childe, are we still going out today” the servant asked.

They had been delayed before because of it!

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