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Chu Liuchen pressed for few more times on her long hair and looked at her moist eyes which were lifting and staring at him.

She looked like his cat so much.

Since he left the capital city for a while, he missed his cat a lot.

This angry girl resembled the cat, with her light-colored lips bending up and her slender smiling eyes.

Qin Wanru opened her water-like eyes widely because she felt she was insane to consider that this Prince Chen was warm when smiling.

Childe, gloomy, cunning, and capricious, gave her the impression that he was smiling warmly.

She thought she was dazzled.

So she closed her eyes and reopened.

The voice inside stopped, and they heard Qin Huaiyong was leaving.

He stormed out in heavy steps and left them tranquility in every step he was moving.

“Childe, can we go now” Qin Wanru said, and she moved her tightly held hands.

It was a large vat, and it was not necessary for them to stay so close to each other.

This made her feel uneasy.

“Why do you in such a hurry.

It\'s nice here!” Chu Liuchen leaned back to the vat\'s wall lazily, and he looked up at the sky.

It was noon, and it was windless while the suns.h.i. ne brought them certain warmth.

Moreover, it was a great place for bathing the sunlight.

Qin Wanru lifted her head and squinted her eyes, “what to look at, the stars in the evening were better!”

“Hiding in a vat and watching the stars” Chu Liuchen laughed and raised his eyebrows.

He thought it was a good idea, and he would put a vat outside his palace when he went back.

In the evening, he could hide in it and watch the stars.

A vast sky of stars could be seen in the vat, which made it look less lonely than the entire sky of stars, “have you ever tried”

“I… I didn\'t!” Qin Wanru blushed and fought back.

She tried, and she tried many times.

After her rebirth, she had insomnia, so she sneaked out and curled her body in the vat in the yard where she felt so secure.

When she huddled up at the bottom of the vat, she felt very safe and realized that she had rebirth already and was complete and was not cut half on the waist.

“Next time you came to my mansion, I\'ll prepare you a large vat.

I can carry it to the top of the roof where stars look more beautiful.”

Chu Liuchen said with a lad\'s complacency and laziness.

In the backdrop of the solemn palace, a large vat, sitting on the sharp edge of the stone lion in the high palace, allowed them to look up into the starry sky.

Qin Wanru had to stop her imagination because the scene was so weird to her and she couldn\'t bear it.

If he were found doing something like that, how would the rumors spread

The future emperor of the magnificent country harbored a hobby to hide in the vat in the middle night, and this would lead this future emperor to a weird road for sure.

It was hard to imagine this, but Chu Liuchen looked grave when he turned around, so Qin Wanru slightly lowered her head as if she understood him and was endeavoring to hide the smile in her eyes.

“Then thanks, childe!” She said reasonably and had to thank him not matter she had the opportunity to see that happen.

“Did your father manage to render all of these things only because he liked that bride inside” Chu Liuchen played his smooth chin and continued their previous subject.

“Don\'t say nonsense.” Qin Wanru felt nervous about what he said and suddenly lifted her head.

“Nonsense” Chu Liuchen lifted his eyebrows, and a trace of a smile was floating on his face.

While he raised his eyebrows, coldness penetrated Wanru\'s bones, “you\'re bold now, and you dared to say the word \'nonsense\' to me!”


I dared not!” Qin Wanru\'s face turned pale, and she defended for herself with her head lowering.

Maybe she forgot his cold and scheming characteristics temporarily since they were both in the vat.

“Is that bride inside your father\'s cousin” Chu Liuchen didn\'t further her accusation, and a glimmer of gloom was flas.h.i. ng in his eyes.

At this moment, he looked like the n.o.ble prince she was familiar with.

He was now a cold, emotionless, and powerful prince, rather than a beautiful lad who was sick and arrogant.

“She is my father\'s cousin.

Aunt Shui grew up in our mansion and grandma raised her.

Later, she married someone but she didn\'t give birth to any sons, so grandma took her back and since then, she kept living in a corner in the backyard in tranquility.

If Madam didn\'t plot against her, she was still my Aunt Shui.”

Qin Wanru explained and she had to do so in case Chu Liuchen misunderstood Shui Ruolan, and this would be disadvantageous to her in the future.

“So your father didn\'t do anything before” Chu Liuchen smiled with satisfaction and implied laziness in his words.

“No, my father could rarely see Aunt Shui because he was a well-behaved and courtesy man.

Although they grew up together, they didn\'t have further relations.h.i. ps under the ground.” Qin Wanru weighed her words carefully, and her small white face looked very serious.

“So it was the Madam in General\'s Mansion made their dream come true, and it seemed that Ningyuan Army General is the one who won the game as the gainer!” Chu Liuchen said randomly.

His a.n.a.lysis made Qin Wanru\'s heart pounding as if something was sprouting from the soil desperately, but she halted it immediately, ” childe, you\'re kidding me.

childe, it\'s time for us to leave now.

If we were found to stay together by anyone, it wouldn\'t be good, right Additionally, you\'re wearing a servant\'s uniform!”

Qin Wanru persuaded him as she didn\'t want to get crammed into the vat with Chu Liuchen anymore.

“What, you\'re scared that someone would see you staying with a servant” Chu Liuchen loosed his grasp and set Qin Wanru\'s hands for free.

Then he pulled his clothes and said proudly.

Qin Wanru regained free now, and she was speechless when she looked at her red and swollen wrist.

“Did you say you would take me to somewhere funny And you said it was something I never played before, take me there!” It seemed like he wanted to stand up and follow her reluctantly, “then I\'ll follow you there and have a look.”

Qin Wanru held Chu Liuchen because she was just coaxing him to go to the back window and see the wedding bedroom, how could she have something funny to play and something he never played before!

She rolled her water-like eyes, “childe, did you ever play in a vat”

“No!” Chu Liuchen shook his head and looked at Qin Wanru with detestation.

He followed everything by rules, and how could he do something to break the rules!

“Since not, then this is something you never played before, right” Qin Wanru laughed smugly, and a smile showed on her cherry lips with some child-like proud.

Chu Liuchen smiled in a low voice, and his gesture was so attractive.

“Won\'t you want to say that the place you\'ll take me to for fun is this vat”

“This… childe didn\'t think this is fun” Qin Wanru mumbled.

“Qin Wanru, you are very smart, much smarter than my cat.” Chu Liuchen laughed, and his laugh contained profound meaning.

But his praise made Qin Wanru scared a little bit, and she started to sweat on her back.

She looked at this lucid and harmless lad with alarm.

“Childe, doesn\'t it count”

“Yes, you can, I\'ll let you go this time!” Chu Liuchen raised his eyebrows in a good mood, and he stood up and jumped out of the vat.

Seeing him get out of the vat finally, Qin Wanru felt relieved and she climbed to the edge of the vat.

Although it was a high vat for her, she still jumped out of it within a single cling as if she has done this for many times.

Finding both of them get out of the vat, Xiao Xuanzi and Qing Yue followed them to jump out of it as well.

They sneaked out through the backdoor again.

“Childe, are you tired Do you need to go back and take a rest” When they took a corner and came to a quiet place, Qin Wanru could finally stand still and check Chu Liuchen\'s face which looked worse than minutes ago.

“Master, you need to go back and take medicine, you can\'t stay here any longer!” Hearing her words, Xiao Xuanzi got stunned, and he stepped forward and found his master who looked so weak as his lips were almost as pale as snow.

Xiao Xuanzi reached out his hands and supported him.

“Go back!” He nodded his head and was rare that he was so easy to get persuaded, “Qin Wanru, you send me to the back door of your mansion.”

So that meant his carriage was at the back door

Qin Wanru thought reluctantly, but according to his health condition, it seemed that he really couldn\'t support himself.

Without any hesitation, she took them to a path.

After some detours, they came to the back door.

The back door was left ajar, and because the mansion was very busy today, the old woman who guarded the entrance went to treat the guests and was absent.

They were pus.h.i. ng the back door, a wide and large carriage waiting outside went into their sight.

It looked like an ordinary wagon, but it was too large, hanging carriage curtain and window curtain which embroidered dark patterns.

Those patterns were made with golden silks; if one didn\'t check them carefully, people wouldn\'t tell that and would think they were dyed with colors.

It was in low-key but looked luxurious.

Xiao Xuanzi supported Chu Liuchen to get on the carriage, and Qin Wanru could tell that he was weak so she reached out her hand and helped Xiao Xuanzi to support him getting on the carriage.

After Chu Liuchen got on the carriage, Qin Wanru was relieved when she saw cart driver turned around deftly and left slowly.

She was too scared that childe made any accidents in the mansion, because n.o.body could afford to be responsible for that.

She went back to the mansion with Qing Yue until the carriage disappeared utterly, and she closed the door from inside.

The carriage was driving slowly, Chu Liuchen, who was leaning back in the bed, reached out a hand and took the bowl filled with dark and thick medicine from Xiao Xuanzi\'s hands.

He took it and drank all of it, then he put it down and rubbed the place between his eyebrows.

“Sir, are you exhausted” Xiao Xuanzi took the bowl and looked at the master\'s face carefully and asked.

Chu Liuchen closed his eyes and answered with a “huh” in a low voice.

“Master, we\'ll go visit Jingxin Monastery master a while later.

I think it worked.

Normally, if you didn\'t rest for such a long time, you would feel terrible! Don\'t you think so”

Xiao Xuanzi asked his opinion after he took medicine carefully.

“What\'s the use It\'s only for temporary!” Chu Liuchen closed his eyes, and his jade-like face looked calm as if he was talking about another person\'s body, which he didn\'t care at all.

“Sir, even it\'s temporary, we still need to give it a shot.

Maybe we\'ll find the person doctor Qi has mentioned before, and by then you\'ll recover!”

Xiao Xuanzi said.

For this time, he didn\'t make any sound at all, and he waved hands to make Xiao Xuanzi shut up.

Xiao Xuanzi hesitated but couldn\'t help and ask, “so according to your willingness, are we going to Jingxin Monastery”

“Go!” He replied in an indifferent voice.

“Yes, I get it!” Xiao Xuanzi felt thrilled because his master didn\'t refuse him this time.

He nodded his head continuously, and was so happy that he almost cried.

Doctor Qi has mentioned before, if his master wanted to have good health, he had to use external forces, and he should rely on himself and try his best.

If he didn\'t pay any attention to his own body and unwilling to follow doctor\'s prescriptions, how could he recover…


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