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Qin Wanru supported Old Grandma to go into the flower hall, and then she came out again.

She took a rest outside the flower hall.

There were many visitors today, and Old Grandma\'s health was not in good condition.

Qin Wanru was worried that Old Grandma couldn\'t make it through, but fortunately, it was about noon and the wedding lunch was starting soon.

After the dinner, most of the guests would go back.

Jiangzhou had a different tradition compared with other places.

Wedding Lunch started in the noon, and only best friends and close relatives would stay until evening, so there were fewer people in the night.

“Second Miss, Second Miss.” Someone was pulling her sleeves and Qin Wanru felt surprised, she turned around and found a servant was behind her.

A servant, wearing the uniform of General\'s Mansion, added a red coat on him, which could tell his difference with other servant brought by other guests.

This servant looked familiar.

“Second Miss, our Sir asked you to go see him.” The servant said in a low voice, and he pointed to his right side in front of him where Qin Wanru could see another servant.

Seeing that beautiful lad\'s face which seemed to only appear in the ink-painting, Qin Wanru\'s eyes concentrated on his cloth… what is he wearing

“Second Miss, please hurry up, our Sir will be angry!” Xiao Xuanzi lowered his voice and pointed his childe whose face was bulging slightly.

Qin Wanru looked around her and turned around reluctantly.

Chu Liuchen was standing in the corridor where a not large fake mountain was there, and it hid half of his figure, and he was wearing the servant uniform of General\'s Mansion, so it was not weird for him to walk in the inner yard in today\'s bustling condition.

He lowered his head slightly when he was walking, and Xiao Xuanzi was answering flexibly, so n.o.body found there were two outsiders here.

“Childe, why you\'re here” Qin Wanru stood in front of him and asked him in a lower voice.

“What So I can\'t come What did you hide in the General\'s Mansion and you didn\'t want me to see” Chu Liuchen pulled Qin Wanru to sit next to him impatiently.

Standing by the rail in the corridor was at leisure.

Qin Wanru didn\'t expect he could reach out his hand all of a sudden and she was dragged to stagger for a few steps before she sat down.

Her sitting movement was too swift that she felt a little bit painful, and her beautiful slender eyebrows were wrinkling together.

“What You\'re not happy and dared to show your impatience to me” Chu Liuchen sneered and lifted his beautiful face, and he looked at Qin Wanru\'s unhappiness.

“Childe, I\'m occupied now There are only my grandma and me treating the guests in the backyard!” Qin Wanru whispered with patience.

“I\'m not a guest” Chu Liuchen said with unhappiness.

His question made Qin Wanru speechless, and she turned to check his servant\'s uniform after a while, and she thought the person who wore a servant\'s cloth was not her guest.

“Childe, where did you get this outfit” Qin Wanru knew she couldn\'t leave for a while.

“Ask Xiao Xuanzi to get it!” Chu Liuchen answered naturally, and he pulled his clothes with detestation, which made it messy and skewing, and this really didn\'t look like a well-behaved servant.

“If childe wanted to watch the wedding, why you didn\'t tell father Won\'t my father allow you to watch it” Qin Wanru looked at him and asked in confusion.

Although it was a secret that Chu Liuchen came to Jiangzhou, her father surely knew.

The reason that she said this childe was for watching the wedding for fun was that he didn\'t seem to do any dangerous things, so he was watching the show! He always found a broad and opened place early for watching the show, and this time could be the same.

“I want to watch it secretly.” Chu Liuchen leaned back and look lazy, the servant\'s outfit showed certain elegance and simplicity on him.

Anyway, how could he manage to sneak into the yard without getting found by anyone Qin Wanru found it weird, and how could he look like a servant

“So childe meant” Qin Wanru bit her pinky lips and asked carefully.

He was here already and the point was how to send him home after he finished watching the wedding show.

“I want to see the wedding bedroom.” Chu Liuchen flipped his sleeves naturally and squinted at Qin Wanru.

His smiled contained mildness and courtesy.

However, the implication in the sentence didn\'t show anything regarding courtesy!

Xiao Xuanzi\'s eyeb.a.l.l.s were bulging due to astonishment, “Sir, you… you can\'t violate the rules, you can\'t go.”

“Obeying the rules Then when can I take a look at the wedding bedroom following regular rules” Chu Liuchen smiled, and his voice fraught with sarcasm was floating in the air.

Qin Wanru didn\'t know how to continue this conversation.

He was so determined to watch the wedding bedroom and the wedding show, and he even felt wronged if he couldn\'t.

“Are you taking me there or not I remembered you promised to take me to travel through Jiangzhou!” Chu Liuchen blinked his beautiful eyes, and his facial expression implied his blaming, “are you breaking your promise”

Breaking promise Qin Wanru dared not!

Even she wanted to say that, she dared not to speak it out directly.

She was moaning in her heart.

Today was busy enough, and he still found trouble with her.

She couldn\'t get rid of him by coaxing, and now she was dragged here, if she didn\'t take him there, he wouldn\'t let her go smoothly.

Actually, she would instead accompany grandma in treating guests than stay with this arrogant, beautiful lad who seemed harmless because of sickness and weakness, but who knew when he would make troubles, and perhaps he could ruin father\'s wedding ceremony!

“Fine, if you were willing to do so, I won\'t force you, and I\'ll go have a look myself!” It seemed that Chu Liuchen did feel her respond unexpectedly.

He stood up and shook his skewed servant\'s outfit, and then he was walking forward to insert himself into the busy crowds in front of him.

Qin Wanru got astonished and pulled his sleeves back unconsciously.

“Childe, hold on!”

“What You don\'t allow me to go” Chu Liuchen squinted at her, and his voice sounded lazy.

“Childe, I\'ll go with you.” Qin Wanru bit her teeth and made up her mind.

She should have an eye on him in case this childe made any troubles in her own mansion or other accidents.

It was better for her to stay there than not!

Understanding this, Qin Wanru stood up and she dragged Chu Liuchen\'s sleeves to walk backward, “we go this way, it has fewer people and it leads to the wedding bedroom.”

“OK!” Chu Liuchen smiled and said, and he looked more obedient like a well-behaved lad.

Certainly, Qin Wanru knew all of these were only his presentation.

He was not a quiet and obedient person!

No matter how beautiful and gentle he showed on his face, he was misleading people, and if someone annoyed him, he would be extremely vicious.

She pulled Chu Liuchen to hide at the back of the corridor, even people standing outside the corridor couldn\'t find them.

“Childe, you can just go have a look.

But after that, you must leave, Ok” Qin Wanru was still worried, so she exhorted deliberately and listed out the requirements.

“Fine, I\'ll all listen to you!” It was hard to talk with Chu Liuchen when he was easily to get persuaded.

He kept smiling, indicating his good mood.

“Childe, do you think it would be fine to have a look at the back of the room It… it\'s inappropriate to have a servant stepping into the wedding bedroom!” Qin Wanru looked at Chu Liuchen up and down and said.

Usually, servants were not allowed to enter the backyard.

They could only enter it with the command of its master even in particular conditions.

For masters, Qin Wanru was excluded because she was too young to be experienced.

In the past, when she asked Nanny Yu\'s son w.a.n.g Feng to do errands for her, she had to ask Nanny Yu or Qing Yue to deliver her message to the yard outside.

“Back of the room Then what to see!” Chu Liuchen was not happy again, so he pulled back his sleeves and wanted to leave.

Qin Wanru pulled his sleeves back in a hurry, “if you could wear girl servant\'s dress, then maybe I could take you into the wedding bedroom from the front door.”

“What You asked me to wear a woman\'s dress” Chu Liuchen \'s beautiful face was shrouded in grey.

Suddenly, Qin Wanru felt if this childe could wear a girl\'s dress and makeup, he could have the beauty to overthrow the entire nation.

His bloodless lips may make him transform into a super beauty which could appeal to people\'s cheris.h.i. ng heart.

Thinking of this, she had a smile on her face, and she couldn\'t help but smile laugh out.

It was suitable for him, a beautiful childe, to dress up like a woman.

“What You want to look me dressing like a woman” Chu Liuchen laughed gently, but carrying with his own dignity and elegance.

“No, how dare me.

I thought if you wanted to enter from the front door, this was the only way.

If my father caught you, I\'m afraid that you would be embarra.s.sed and rude!” Qin Wanru returned to her stern expression and said seriously.

But her slender beautiful eyes were smiling, and her smile was lucid, it made people understand that she was still smiling.

Her lips were bending up, and her eyelashes were fluttering, reflecting on her pinky and jade-like skin, her smile came from the bottom of her heart and was different from her normal one.

People felt it comfortable when looking at it!

Xiao Xuanzi was standing by the side of his sir, and was afraid that he would be angry.

When his master became angry, n.o.body could stop him, and maybe he would only listen to the Queen in the palace.

But now they were not in the palace, and the Queen was nowhere to be found.

He was terrified that he would make chaos recklessly.

“What can I see at the back” Chu Liuchen smiled, and his eyes squinted as well.

Unexpectedly, he was not angry, which made Xiao Xuanzi on guard by his side got relieved.

“You may see many things, and you\'ll not be afraid of getting discovered.

After you finish checking the wedding bedroom, you could even hang around in other fun places!”

Qin Wanru lifted her head and said seriously.

She mentioned other funny places randomly.

“OK, I\'ll follow you and take a look at the wedding bedroom! For other funny places, you could take me to have a look later!” Chu Liuchen smiled, and he approached Qin Wanru\'s ears and whispered, “you must ensure that other fun places I have never experienced before!”

Suddenly, Qin Wanru didn\'t want to take him to have a look at the wedding bedroom at all…


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