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Infanta Qinghua had a dowry, and it was not regular-scaled at all.

It was the emperor who granted the marriage, so it was natural for her to have such a splendid dowry.

And even the royal members added many things to it.

It could be said that it was the most extravagant dowry in the capital city.

However, after Infanta Qinghua left, the second branch became the supervisor.

So old Madam didnt dare to ask how much the dowry had been left.

It was not only the second branch but also herself.

After the death of Infanta Qinghua, Old Madam wantonly obtained a share of the dowry.

Now there were not many left in the warehouse, and almost all the good ones were in others pockets.

Some of them were in her hands, and Madam Jiang of the second branch still had some dowry, which couldnt compare with the dowry of Infanta Qinghua.

When she was married, she didnt bring many dowries.

The Jiang family was not a very rich aristocratic family.

Moreover, there was a reason why she was raised in Duke Xings Mansion.

Old Madam coughed in a low voice and said, “How can I trouble you with this matter, Great Elder Princess The Fifth Girl is the Miss of our Duke Xings Mansion, so she should follow the rules of Duke Xings Mansion.

Whats more, she is married to Prince Chen.

So its natural for us to prepare a sumptuous dowry!”

She had intended to do so anyway.

Shao Wanru was about to be married to Prince Chen and chose to help Duke Xings Mansion at this time.

Old Madam did not dare to neglect this matter.

However, it was just a luxury dowry, which was different from that of Infanta Qinghua.

Old Madam meant that she would prepare a new dowry for Shao Wanru– one that would not be considered shabby.

And it had nothing to do with the previous dowry of Infanta Qinghua.

Or some things once belonged to the dowry of Infanta Qinghua, but not all of them.

She thought that Ruian Great Elder Princess would agree with what she said.

After all, she had expressed her good intentions.

Unexpectedly, Ruian Great Elder Princess darkened her face and said, “Old Madam, what do you mean Why dont you give Zhuozhuo Qingers dowry Haoer is a boy.

He and Zhuozhuo can share this dowry!”

“Its not that we dont want to give it to Wanru.

I mean that we will add something to his share!” Old Madam said euphemistically.

After Shao Yanrus incident, it became inappropriate for her to confront Ruian Great Elder Princess.

“Thank you, Old Madam.

Since Im here now, please ask the Third Madam of your mansion to come over and check Qinghuas dowry.

I will divide them into two parts for the brother and the sister so as not to make them hate each other in the future!” Ruian Great Elder Princess nodded and said with reason.

Old Madam opened her mouth, suppressed the anger in her heart, and explained gently, “Great Elder Princess, what I mean is that we will give Infanta Qinghuas dowry to Wanru.

If we dont give Infanta Qinghuas dowry to them, who else can we give it to However, since Great Elder Princess intends to divide the dowry, it seems that we have done something to Infanta Qinghuas dowry.

People might laugh about it!”

Her tone was completely different from the way she talked to Ruian Great Elder Princess in the past.

She sounded mild as if she didnt want to argue with Ruian Great Elder Princess, which was not like her at all.

If it were in the past, Ruian Great Elder Princess would not cross the line if Old Madam wanted to compromise.

But when she thought of what Nanny Gao had said on the note and that ring, she felt angry.

For so many years, she had only paid attention to Haoers affairs, but she didnt expect that the people in Duke Xings Mansion were so shallow that they were even greedy for their daughter-in-laws dowry.

Originally, it was for Haoer.

The main branch only had Haoer, who was raised in Duke Xings Mansion and was also very close to Old Madam.

As long as Haoer was happy, Great Elder Princess would not go too far.

Originally, she thought that Old Madam would not touch Qinghuas dowry.

She had always kept an eye on it, and Haoer was to use it in the future, she once believed that Duke Xings Mansion would not do such a thing.

Unexpectedly, not only did Duke Xings Mansion do this, but they also went too far.

Great Elder Princess remembered the ring because she added it on purpose when Qinghua said that she liked this ring.

Unexpectedly, it was wrapped in a piece of paper and sent to her.

As long as she thought that the old woman in front of her not only hurt her daughter and son-in-law but also embezzled her daughters dowry and even intended to ruin the future of her grandson, Great Elder Princess became furious and almost couldnt control herself.

Thinking of what her granddaughter said to her in the letter, Great Elder Princess suppressed her anger hard, but she couldnt show any joy on her face.

“Old Madam, I just want to see Qinghuas dowry.”

She looked as if she had no choice but to see the dowry today.

“Great Elder Princess, its inappropriate!” Old Madam couldnt keep her smile on her face.

“Inappropriate I just want to see the dowry I gave to my daughter and you think that is inappropriate Have the people in Duke Xings Mansion used the dowry” Great Elder Princess snorted and looked at Old Madams face sharply.

“The people in Duke Xings Mansion are reluctant to see my daughter living in the mansion but take my daughters dowry for granted Ive never heard of such a thing like this before!”

“Even if my daughter is gone, Zhuozhuo and Haoer are still here.

It is not up to you to deal with the dowry, right” Ruian Great Elder Princess became angrier as she spoke.

She suddenly stood up and glared at Old Madam coldly.

“Lets go into the palace and talk to the Empress Dowager.

I will tell Her Grace that you embezzle Qinghuas dowry and Zhuozhuos dowry.

Lets see how the Empress Dowager will deal with it!”

Seeing that she was about to drag her, Old Madam panicked, hurriedly stepped back, and said, “Great Elder Princess.

Why cant we just settle this in peace”

“If I dont do something, will your family return the dowry” Great Elder Princess said in a sharp voice.

Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion was also angry and said to Great Elder Princess coldly, “Great Elder Princess, dont make irresponsible accuses.

Dont talk nonsense without evidence.

Even if I go to Empress Dowager, I will say the same thing.

Is it wrong for us to add dowry to Wanrus dowry How dare you talk that nonsense!”

Her words sounded reasonable.

In front of Empress Dowager, she just needed to insist that it was true.

Madam Dowager secretly made up her mind.

“Old Madam, let me ask you again.

Is my daughters dowry in the warehouse” Great Elder Princess asked firmly.

“Of course its in Qinghuas warehouse.

Great Elder Princess, if you dont believe me, you can ask the supervisor.

When Infanta Qinghua left, the supervisor was still the servant from your mansion.

Great Elder Princess should have great trust in the people in your mansion!” Old Madam said coldly.

She had prepared for some things in case that Ruian Great Elder Princess would hear some rumors and come over to make trouble.

“Bring her here!” Ruian Great Elder Princess said coldly and sat down again.

Old Madam breathed a sigh of relief and winked at Nanny Yu.

Nanny Yu nodded and went outside to call the old maid guarding Infanta Qinghuas private storehouse.

The old maid came quickly.

After bowing to Great Elder Princess and Old Madam, she stood aside.

Great Elder Princess looked at the old maid from head to toe but did not recognize her.

However, Nanny Gao whispered in her ear to let her know that this old maid was indeed the one who accompanied Infanta Qinghua.

Her whole family was devoted to Infanta Qinghua, and she followed Infanta Qinghua to Duke Xings Mansion.

However, after staying in Duke Xings Mansion for so many years, she had long forgotten who her former master was.

It could be seen from her indifferent face when she came up to Great Elder Princess.

“Are you at the service of Qinghua or Duke Xings Mansion” Great Elder Princesss cold eyes fell on the old maid, making the old maid feel scared.

She hurriedly lowered her head and said, “Your Highness, I am the servant of Infanta Qinghua.

I came here with Infanta Qinghua.”

“So, your contract is still with Qinghua” Ruian Great Elder Princess asked again.

This question made the old maid tremble.

Of course, her contract was not with the main branch and had been taken over by the second branch.

But she didnt dare to say this and could only nod.

Ruian Great Elder Princess ignored the old maid and turned to Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion, saying coldly, “Old Madam, do you still have Qinghuas stuff Lets see how many contracts of servants she has left.

If not, we can treat them as escaped servants!”

The old maids face immediately turned pale.

If she was regarded as a deserter, she would be punished.

For a moment, she looked at Old Madam with pleading eyes.

Old Madam coughed in a low voice and said unhappily, “Great Elder Princess, Qinghua has been gone for so many years.

Even if we look for the contracts she brought with her at that time, it is not likely to find them in a short time.

Please allow us to sort out Qinghuas belongings first.

We cant make a mess just because there is nothing for the time being!”

Old Madam of Duke Xings Mansion intended to delay it for a while.

After all, Ruian Great Elder Princess was not a member of Duke Xings Mansion.

She couldnt keep an eye on her mansion all day long.

If she delayed it, again and again, she assume Ruian Great Elder Princess would forget about this.

“Are they lost” Great Elder Princess said coldly.


We just cant find them for the time being!” Old Madam coughed again.

“If so, gather the people that Qinghua brought with us.

Lets go to the government to prepare the case and offer them a new contract!”

Ruian Great Elder Princess still sounded unyielding.

If she did it, these people would certainly return to Great Elder Princesss control.

By then, even Old Madam had no right to ask how Great Elder Princess would deal with these servants.

The old maid staggered and almost fail to stand.

Her eyes became more and more anxious.

They came here with Infanta Qinghua.

After so many years, few of them were still loyal to Infanta Qinghua.

Most of them had sworn fealty to Duke Xings Mansion and became servants of the Jiang family of the second branch.

How could they be willing to return to Ruian Great Elder Princesss Mansion

Moreover, Great Elder Princess came aggressively.

At first glance, they knew that she was here to demand justice.

If Great Elder Princess knew the truth, they might not be able to keep their lives.

“Great Elder Princess, its not that we cant find her.

Its just that we cant find her for the time being.

Why do you have to be so aggressive Is it because you are dissatisfied with Yanrus marriage that you made such a big scene and let the people in the capital city laugh at her” Old Madam said coldly and firmly.

At this time, she had to be tough.

If she blindly obeyed Great Elder Princess, things would become out of her control.

Infanta Qinghuas servants were members of Duke Xings Mansion and knew some things about Duke Xings Mansion.

If they returned to Great Elder Princesss hands, she would inevitably find many problems.

So Old Madam would not let go of these people.

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