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Chapter 799 Forced to Grow Up

If it were in the past, Eunuch Liu would have told his master some nonsense to get them out of the situation, but today he didnt dare to do that.

He could only carefully follow his master and wait there for more than two hours.

For such a long time, his master just stood there with a gloomy face, so he didnt dare to move at all.

Shao Wanru didnt know what Chu Liuyue meant at the moment, so she hesitated for a moment and asked, “Big Sister is fine now.

She is now designated as the Secondary Consort bestowed by the Emperor.

Prince Xin, do you want to… know the place where she lives”

Although she didnt think it was likely, she had to ask.

“She didnt die Duke Xings Mansion has a lot of power!” Chu Liuxin said with a sneer.

It was hard for Shao Wanru to continue this topic.

She lowered her head and looked at the hem of her skirt.

For a moment, she didnt know what to say.

“Why isnt that woman dead” Chu Liuxin looked at Shao Wanru and asked in a sharp voice.

He looked at Shao Wanru aggressively as if he wanted Shao Wanru to tell him everything.

“Your Highness, this… is not something I can make any judgment about!” Shao Wanru sighed and said helplessly.

Chu Liuxin stretched out his hand as if he was intending to grab Shao Wanrus hand.

Yujie pulled Shao Wanru aside quickly and happened to avoid Chu Liuxins hand.

“You shall testify for me and say that I was framed!” Chu Liuxin failed to catch Shao Wanru and didnt step forward to pull her.

He just said with a pair of gloomy eyes.

Shao Wanru sighed in her heart.

She knew that what had happened today had shocked Chu Liuxin so much that he still couldnt accept it.

However, how could someone be that innocent when he was born in the royal family In her last life, she didnt know how Chu Liuxin died specifically.

Was it also because of his innocence

In this life, they had known each other for a long time.

Chu Liuxin had never done anything bad to her.

“Your Highness, its over.

Both the Emperor and the Empress know that you have been wronged!”

Shao Wanru comforted him softly as if she was comforting her younger brother Haoer.

She raised her watery eyes to look at Chu Liuxin, and there was a hint of tenderness that could be sensed in her gentle voice.

Chu Liuxins eyes turned red, and he felt that his nose was sour.

Inexplicably, he felt that his heart seemed to be pulled hard by something.

It was very painful and saddening, and he felt like crying.

When he was scolded and punished by his mother, he didnt feel so wrong.

But now when he looked at the mild girl in front of him, he somehow wanted to hold her and cry.

He took a step back and suppressed the urge in his heart.

He knew that he couldnt be impulsive at this time, and he shouldnt bring her any trouble.

Nothing more should happen to Duke Xings Mansion again.

Shao Yanru had smeared the reputation of the entire Duke Xings Mansion.

If something happened to her again, no one would be able to protect her.

“Your Highness, please go back.

Its okay now!” Shao Wanru comforted Chu Liuyue.

She could see that Chu Liuyue was very sad and almost lost control of himself.

She sighed inwardly.

She had no malice toward Chu Liuyue and hoped that he could let go of everything that had happened today.

“I… Im leaving…” the young man turned around in a panic.

He waved his sleeve, wiped away the tear in the corner of his eyes, and strode back.

It was as if someone was chasing after him.

Eunuch Liu looked at Shao Wanru and then looked at his master.

He hurriedly cupped his hands toward Shao Wanru and chased after his master hurriedly.

It was not easy for his master to calm down.

He had to keep an eye on this man at all times so that nothing could happen to him.

Shao Wanru frowned slightly and looked at Chu Liuyues back.

She was speechless for a while.

This incident had hurt Chu Liuyue a lot.

But it might be a good thing because Chu Liuxin could learn from it and grow up and would not have to experience the deadly situation in the last life again.

The imperial palace had never been a peaceful place.

With so many women fighting for one mans favor, it was destined to be bloody.

It was just that Chu Liuxin had been too naive to notice it in the past.

Now that she had fallen into it, so how could she not be clear about it Naturally, she could not be the same as before.

Since he let go of her and left just now, she knew that he had controlled his temper.

She surmised that this should be a good thing.

But it was also sad.

Being forced to grow up was not something anyone would crave.

For example, Chu Liuchen and herself…

“Miss.” Yujie gently pulled her sleeve.

“Lets go!” Shao Wanru turned around and entered the gate of Chuxiu Palace.

“Miss, did Prince Xin come here to ask about First Miss He must hate First Miss very much!” Yujie looked back with sympathy, then chased after Shao Wanru and whispered.

“Its not the First Miss, its the Secondary Consort!” Shao Wanru had calmed down at this time and corrected her maiden.

“I know.

That woman has done a lot of harm to others!” Yujie nodded and couldnt help cursing.

Prince Cheng was such an innocent young man, but he had been ruined by that woman.

She felt that woman was really hateful.

Shao Wanru remained silent.

She was very clear about Shao Yanrus character in the last life.

To achieve her purpose, Shao Yanru viciously wiped out all the people standing in her way.

In her last life, she had become one of the people Shao Yanru must get rid of, so she got such a miserable ending.

“First Miss, will Prince Xin…” Speaking of this, Yujie looked around and saw that no one noticed them.

Then she lowered her voice and said, “Will Prince Cheng ask for marriage”

Prince Xin specially came here because of the First Miss Shao, but Yujie had seen that he wanted to hold her Misss hand while he was out of control just now.

It seemed that he was looking for Shao Wanrus support, which was not a good sign.

Prince Xin had always been in love with Miss, so she didnt want him to make any trouble.

Prince Xin was never a calm person.

It would be bad if he did such a thing on impulse.

The First Miss Shao had caused the fight between the two brothers.

If Prince Cheng went to ask for marriage, he would put her Miss in an awkward situation.

“He wont!” Shao Wanru shook her head and said with iron certainty as she thought of Chu Liuxins look just now.

If it were in the past, Shao Wanru would not know if he would do it or not.

But at present, she assumed that he probably wouldnt do it.

After this incident, Chu Liuxin was much calmer than before.

Even if he couldnt control his emotions, he would leave by himself and come back after stabilizing his emotions.

When she returned to her residence, it was getting late.

She stood in the corridor and looked at the four rows of rooms.

They used to be the residence of the four Misses of Duke Xings Mansion, but now she was the only one.

She had an inexplicable feeling that she should stand still in the corridor and instead of entering the room immediately.

Yujie had already opened the door.

Seeing that Shao Wanru stood in the corridor with a serious look, she knew that Shao Wanru must have thought of something unhappy.

So she fetched a stove, handed it to Shao Wanru, and asked her to hold it in her arms.

The little stove was very warm.

Holding it in her arms, Shao Wanru slowly used it to warmed her tired body and mind.

She chose a place where there was no wind and sat down.

Leaning against the railing, she began to recall what had happened today.

Han Dan came in early in the morning and told her that Shao Yanru didnt sleep well at night.

She knew that it had been carefully arranged step by step.

She was sure that Shao Yanru, who lived alone in the Fengyi Palace, could not have such power.

It was certain that someone was helping her secretly.

Then there was another question.

She either poured out the aphrodisiac herself or asked Shuqi to pour it.

It was true that someone did it when Shuqi asked the palace maid who decocted the medicine to fetch water.

From the creases on the medicine pack, it was certain that it had been prepared for a long time.

Who gave her this medicine Or did she prepare it before she entered the palace

After thinking for a while, Shao Wanru felt that it might be the latter.

Shao Yanru was determined to win after entering the palace.

If she failed, she would naturally have other means.

This aphrodisiac was one of them.

Who was most likely to meet and help her in the palace There were many people in the palace, but Shao Wanru couldnt figure out who it was at the moment.

She felt that there was no clue, but at the same time, she felt that there seemed to be thousands of clues.

Its just that she had not found them yet.

“Miss, lets go in.

It will be cold!” Seeing that her master had been silent, Yujie lowered her head slightly and spoke worriedly.

Although it was not windy here, it was getting late.

Even if there was a little sun, it was not as warm as before.

It was just cold light.

“Im not cold!” Shao Wanru shook her head and still held the stove tightly.

She raised her head and looked at the door opposite her.

It happened to be the room where Shao Caihuan had lived before.

“Miss, do you want to go to Third Misss room to have a look” Yujie misunderstood her master and advised her, “Miss, youd better not go.

That room may still smell.

When I went in that day, there was a little smell left.”

Both the master and the servant knew what the smell was like.

Shao Caihuan had been sent out with a face full of pus because she had been trapped and the trap was meant to hurt Shao Wanru.

“The amulet” After staring at Shao Caihuans door for a while, Shao Wanrus eyes suddenly lit up and she suddenly sat up straight.

Yujie looked at Shao Wanru in confusion and asked subconsciously, “Miss, what amulet”

Suddenly, she came to a realization.

“Youre talking about Third Miss, right Third Misss incident is related to the amulet.

Didnt you already know about this”

Yujie didnt understand why Shao Wanru mentioned it at this time.

Wasnt it over for so long

Shao Wanru suppressed the excitement in her heart, took a deep breath, pondered on her impulsive words just now, stood up, shook her head at Yujie, and said, “Thats not what I meant! Sis, I suddenly remembered another important thing.

Lets go to Third Sisters room!”

Han Dan had stolen the key and given it to Yujie.

Now it was in Yujies hands!

Although Yujie did not understand what Shao Wanru meant, she still took out the key and went to open the door of Shao Caihuans room.

Shao Wanru was about to go to Shao Caihuans room when she suddenly saw a familiar figure standing at the corner of the wall.

She couldnt help stopping and turning to that person.

She didnt understand why this woman was here at this time!

Didnt they pretend not to know each other even if they met before

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